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(edit) @14662   6 years mikedld #6042: Remove dead code now that we build for OS X 10.7+ (patch by …
(edit) @13434   9 years livings124 silence several warnings related to printing ints in strings
(edit) @13251   10 years livings124 reverse r13248-r13250, since ARC doesn't support 32-bit.
(edit) @13248   10 years livings124 #4822 Enable Automatic Reference Counting
(edit) @13162   10 years livings124 bump Mac copyright to 2012
(edit) @13159   10 years livings124 consider the corresponding torrent when comparing tracker nodes
(edit) @13158   10 years livings124 #4713 (Lion) animate removing rows from the tracker table
(edit) @12991   10 years livings124 Silence some new warnings with LLVM 3.0/Xcode 4.2
(edit) @12977   10 years livings124 (trunk) "Tier name" in the inspector is editable by double clicking it
(edit) @12940   10 years livings124 We now require Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Make that change and all the …
(edit) @12325   11 years livings124 when removing trackers, handle hidden duplicates
(edit) @12218   11 years livings124 #4063 Adding a tracker before last failed add causes lockup
(edit) @11879   11 years livings124 change the add/remove tracker buttons in the inspector to the rounded …
(edit) @11617   11 years livings124 update the copyright years in the Mac code to 2011
(edit) @10494   12 years livings124 make sure that the inspector is fully reloaded, specifically for when …
(edit) @10389   12 years charles (trunk) update svn properties for $Id$ in the new macosx/ files
(edit) @10373   12 years livings124 set the inspector views' titles in each view's class
(edit) @10371   12 years livings124 move the code for remembering resize information for the info views …
(edit) @10369   12 years livings124 add an optional clearView method to the InfoViewController? protocol
(edit) @10335   12 years livings124 avoid setting views in the inspector until necessary
(edit) @10314   12 years livings124 make sure a info tab is loaded the first time it's shown
(add) @10309   12 years livings124 Refactor the info window, so that each view is in a separate xib and …
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