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(edit) @7639   13 years livings124 #1668 Groups: filter torrents by evalutating a multivalue property …
(edit) @7572   13 years livings124 remove deleted files from
(edit) @7542   13 years charles (trunc macosx) #1643: more tweaks
(edit) @7538   13 years charles (trunk mac) #1643: leftover dependency on CTGradient
(edit) @7426   13 years livings124 get rid of an unnecessary class
(edit) @7290   13 years livings124 #1395 - patch from Waldorf: Bonjour support for Web Interface
(edit) @7226   13 years livings124 add GroupsPrefsControllerto?; add a warning
(edit) @7225   13 years charles remove GroupsWindow? from to get the linux build working again
(edit) @7111   13 years livings124 make sure sparkle_dsa_pub.pem is copied to the tarball
(edit) @7015   13 years charles (macosx) sync the with the source tree s.t. all the macosx …
(edit) @6929   13 years charles small fixes to get "make distcheck" working
(edit) @6682   13 years livings124 ability to auto-update the blocklist automatically weekly (mac)
(edit) @6672   13 years livings124 add BlocklistDownloaderViewController?.[hm] to the makefile
(edit) @6660   13 years livings124 trunk: update the list of mac files to include in the tarball
(edit) @6326   13 years charles bring the mac up-to-date
(edit) @5868   14 years charles (#954) rpc: add "torrent-remove" method. rename tr_torrentDelete() as …
(edit) @5789   14 years charles mac: remove it.lproj from
(edit) @4901   14 years charles #679: packaging fix for mac client
(edit) @4434   14 years charles remove GradientCell? from the automake file
(edit) @4433   14 years charles tweak the translation subdirs
(edit) @4383   14 years charles get the automake file in sync with file changes in macosx/
(edit) @3558   14 years charles remove the old make system, move to macosx/
(edit) @3542   14 years charles don't package .svn and .deps directories underneath macosx/
(edit) @3536   14 years charles don't require the user to have svn installed when building from tarball
(edit) @3528   14 years charles get "make distcheck" working again
(edit) @3524   14 years livings124 trunk: update mac makefile
(edit) @3523   14 years charles trying to get "make distcheck" to work right
(edit) @3083   14 years livings124 this better work
(edit) @2610   14 years livings124 add spanish to the makefile
(edit) @2592   14 years livings124 readd Greek
(edit) @2572   14 years charles oooh, does the same thing but it's shiny clean instead of ugly hacky
(edit) @2570   14 years charles this one's a little more disgusting, but works
(add) @2569   14 years charles second attempt at getting autoconf to be aware of the macosx directories
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