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(edit) @13259   6 years livings124 #4825 update libnatpmp to libnatpmp-20110808
(edit) @10286   8 years livings124 update miniupnp and libnatpmp makefiles
(edit) @10284   8 years livings124 update libnatpmp to 20100202
(edit) @9942   9 years charles (trunk third-party) ensure that dht, miniupnp, and libnatpmp are …
(edit) @8811   9 years titer Fix missing files in tarball because of bad case
(edit) @8798   9 years charles (trunk third-party) #2273: update to latest libnatpmp and miniupnpc …
(edit) @8735   9 years charles (trunk third-party) update miniupnpc and libnatpmp to the 2009-06-05 …
(edit) @8052   9 years charles (trunk libnatpmp) update to new version
(edit) @7837   10 years charles (trunk libT) update to the newest versions of miniupnp and libnatpmp
(edit) @6967   10 years charles update to miniupnpc-1.2 and libnatpmp-20081009
(edit) @6706   10 years muks (win32) Add includes for natpmp
(edit) @6705   10 years muks (win32) Don't use dllimport/dllexport (part 2)
(edit) @6704   10 years muks (win32) Fix case of included header filenames
(edit) @6333   10 years charles remove the ENABLE_STRNATPMPERR ifdefs to see if that'll make hudson happy
(edit) @6332   10 years charles better nat-pmp error logging. (this will very briefly break the mac build)
(edit) @6304   10 years charles add libnatpmp's new header "declspec.h" to svn
(edit) @6303   10 years charles Update to the 20080707 version of libnatpmp and the 20080703 version …
(edit) @6271   10 years charles possible fix to the getgateway.c build error -- let's see what hudson …
(edit) @6268   10 years charles upgrade to libnatpmp-20080630
(edit) @5970   10 years charles #972: Update to the 2008/05/29 snapshot of libnatpmp
(edit) @5743   10 years charles update to the miniupnpc-20080427 snapshot update to the …
(edit) @4151   11 years charles update to libnatpmp-20071213
(edit) @4141   11 years charles fix minor udp/tcp mixup in libnatpmp -- …
(edit) @4139   11 years charles break things in a new, different way
(edit) @4138   11 years charles try merging joshe's BSD implementation of tr_getDefaultRoute() into …
(edit) @4101   11 years charles until the next release of libnatpmp, use Chinstraip's patch from …
(edit) @4099   11 years charles add #include <sys/time.h> to libnatpmp/natpmp.h
(add) @4095   11 years charles add libnatpmp by Thomas Bernard
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