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(edit) @168   16 years titer Set click point before displaying so that mouse up on a button …
(edit) @167   16 years titer Makes stringForFileSize: always show 3 significant digits
(edit) @166   16 years titer Finder-independent trashPath: method
(edit) @165   16 years titer Fixed the info panel and refined its look
(edit) @164   16 years titer Adds non-blocking (threaded) DNS resolution
(edit) @163   16 years titer Fixes OS X build with Jam
(edit) @162   16 years titer Merge from branches/new_api:r161
(edit) @135   16 years titer Fix for non-Darwin systems
(edit) @134   16 years titer Started to switch to a Makefile-based build system (still very …
(edit) @133   16 years titer Quick fix for the 'getting unconnectable' problem (adds a timeout on …
(edit) @132   16 years joshe libtransmission: Lazily bind the listening port to avoid spurious …
(edit) @131   16 years joshe GTK: Adjust the number of decimals shown with sizes based on the …
(edit) @130   17 years joshe Display --:--:-- instead of 00:00:00 as the ETA.
(edit) @129   17 years titer Now 0.6-svn
(edit) @127   17 years titer 0.5
(edit) @126   17 years titer When both torrent and non-torrent files are dropped, only open the …
(edit) @125   17 years joshe Improve libintl.h search and add a --gettext-prefix configure option. …
(edit) @124   17 years titer Reject dropped files which aren't .torrent files. "Retarget" the drop …
(edit) @123   17 years titer Simplifications
(edit) @122   17 years titer Prepare for 0.5
(edit) @121   17 years titer Updated description
(edit) @120   17 years titer Simplification
(edit) @119   17 years titer Cleaner icon caching
(edit) @118   17 years titer Cleaner stringFittingInWidth
(edit) @117   17 years joshe Display an unknown number of seeders or leechers as ? instead of -1.
(edit) @116   17 years titer Fixed --openssl-prefix
(edit) @115   17 years joshe Rewrite the drag and drop code to handle multiple files (oops), as …
(edit) @114   17 years joshe Fix ratio calculation to not truncate to a whole number.
(edit) @113   17 years titer Optimized stringFittingInWidth
(edit) @112   17 years titer Cache icons in NameCell? (fixes #1)
(edit) @111   17 years titer Reverted the bottom of the window to the way it was before. Minor …
(edit) @110   17 years joshe Recognize openbsd as a valid system. When using GTK, try to make sure …
(edit) @109   17 years titer Added optimistic choking
(edit) @108   17 years titer Randomly choke and unchoke peers who upload less than 0.1KB/s to us, …
(edit) @107   17 years titer Update the torrent history as the app runs, so it won't be lost if it …
(edit) @106   17 years titer Removed 'BadgeCompleted?' option - who'd want to disable it anyway?
(edit) @104   17 years joshe Save resume information when a torrent finishes downloading.
(edit) @103   17 years titer Updated badging
(edit) @102   17 years titer Fixed fastResumeLoadOld
(edit) @100   17 years joshe Merge the version 1 extensible resume file format, as well as …
(edit) @99   17 years joshe Whoops, use download and upload *totals* instead of *rate* to …
(edit) @98   17 years titer Use the infinite symbol rather than "Inf."
(edit) @97   17 years joshe Minor change to improve drag-and-drop compatibility.
(edit) @96   17 years joshe Show seeders and leechers in properties window. Show ratio instead of …
(edit) @95   17 years titer BeOS fixes
(edit) @94   17 years titer Show ratio instead of the download rate once the download is complete. …
(edit) @93   17 years titer Cleaning and minor optims
(edit) @92   17 years titer Force rates to 0 when paused, and download rate to 0 when seeding. …
(edit) @91   17 years joshe Implement drag-and-drop to allow files to be dropped into the main …
(edit) @90   17 years titer Comments
(edit) @89   17 years joshe Rewrite error messages to be less unnecessarily verbose. Only allow …
(edit) @88   17 years joshe Fix a couple of warnings on netbsd 3.
(edit) @87   17 years titer Fixed no-limit upload
(edit) @86   17 years joshe Add internationalization support for the GTK GUI.
(edit) @85   17 years titer Hide toolbar button in a Panther-compatible way
(edit) @81   17 years joshe Fix a couple of positioning bugs with right-to-left languages.
(edit) @80   17 years titer Fixed memleak Don't count small messages in the download rate
(edit) @79   17 years titer Workarounded a race condition
(edit) @78   17 years titer Display the number of active torrents when quitting, not downloading …
(edit) @76   17 years titer Fixes a crash (quite amazing that it didn't crash more often, actually...)
(edit) @75   17 years titer Fixed a lame typo so the algorithm may actually work
(edit) @74   17 years titer Fixes crash when the user is always asked for the download location
(edit) @72   17 years joshe Validate that data read from prefs and state files is valid UTF-8.
(edit) @70   17 years joshe Rename a few files now that we're using subversion and it's easy.
(edit) @68   17 years joshe FreeBSD (and presumably NetBSD) also need -lm
(edit) @67   17 years titer Fixes a little memleak
(edit) @66   17 years titer Now needs -lm on Linux
(edit) @65   17 years titer New choking algorithm (still needs work, it's inefficient, untested …
(edit) @64   17 years titer Fixed the build
(edit) @63   17 years titer s/2005/2006/
(edit) @62   17 years titer Added a rate calculator for each peer Set up files for the choking …
(edit) @61   17 years titer Removed now unused tables and some now unused code
(edit) @60   17 years titer Rewrote rate control, background work for the download limit, the …
(edit) @59   17 years titer Moved the quit code to applicationWillTerminate:
(edit) @58   17 years titer Added check for update
(edit) @57   17 years titer Added preferences to configure badging
(edit) @56   17 years titer Show the file icon in the "Name" cell Changed 0.5-cvs to 0.5-svn
(edit) @55   17 years titer The quit dialog now displays the number of active torrents Disables …
(edit) @54   17 years titer Ignore requests for blocks we don't have, fixes the "readOrWrite ..." error
(edit) @53   17 years titer On OS X, check if the Universal SDK is installed or fail with an …
(edit) @52   17 years joshe Send stopped and started events to trackers when the listening port is …
(edit) @51   17 years joshe Merge many small usability improvements for the GTK frontend, as well …
(edit) @38   17 years titer Use setBool: and setInt: for setting defaults instead of first …
(edit) @37   17 years titer The simple bar turns gray when paused Added missing images for …
(edit) @36   17 years titer This adds badging
(edit) @35   17 years titer Forget to update the nibs in the last commit
(edit) @34   17 years titer Imports instead of include Category for NSString instead of using …
(edit) @32   17 years titer It didn't work the first time
(edit) @31   17 years titer Test mailing list
(edit) @30   17 years joshe Fix a crash that I introduced with the shared port code.
(edit) @29   17 years titer Yet another test
(edit) @28   17 years titer Other test
(edit) @27   17 years titer Test commit
(edit) @26   17 years root Update 2006-01-11
(edit) @25   17 years root Update 2006-01-04
(edit) @24   17 years root Update 2006-01-03
(edit) @23   17 years root Update 2005-12-29
(edit) @22   17 years root Update 2005-12-27
(edit) @21   17 years root Update 2005-12-26
(edit) @20   17 years root Update 2005-12-25
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