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(edit) @2462   14 years charles set default torrent ul/dl speed limits from global ul/dl speed. as a …
(edit) @2461   14 years charles build errors reported by SoftwareElves?
(edit) @2460   14 years charles cleaner sizer code in the main window
(edit) @2459   14 years charles * add code to refresh the torrent list, and a timer to call it. * …
(edit) @2458   14 years livings124 adjust the about window a little
(edit) @2457   14 years livings124 new about window and updated credits file, inspired by adium's
(edit) @2456   14 years charles xmission: load torrents on startup and populate the torrent list.
(edit) @2455   14 years charles new utility function for app startup: tr_loadTorrents()
(edit) @2454   14 years charles put information messages in tr_inf(), not fprintf()
(edit) @2453   14 years charles when closing torrents, don't try to re-stop torrents that are already …
(edit) @2452   14 years charles fix looooong-standing bug that choked tracker connections
(edit) @2451   14 years livings124 update help a little
(edit) @2450   14 years livings124 fix some exceptions based on forgetting to raname some methods
(edit) @2449   14 years livings124 merge upload and download speed methods
(edit) @2448   14 years livings124 warnings--
(edit) @2447   14 years livings124 get quick pausing when moving working
(edit) @2446   14 years livings124 get compiling with new speed code
(edit) @2445   14 years charles when building the tooltip, ensure the string is zero-terminated
(edit) @2444   14 years charles finish splitting the rate control from one state into two states as …
(edit) @2443   14 years charles more work on speed control
(edit) @2442   14 years livings124 get the mac build compiling again
(edit) @2441   14 years charles more work on the speed limits as hammered out w/BentMyWookie
(edit) @2440   14 years livings124 simplify the download finished/restarting code
(edit) @2439   14 years charles portability for wx 2.6 and for both unicode and ascii builds of wxWidgets
(edit) @2438   14 years livings124 when checking remaining space, factor in preallocated space (but for …
(edit) @2437   14 years charles make the torrent list columns configurable.
(edit) @2436   14 years charles start filling out the main window layout
(edit) @2435   14 years charles finish changing from xpm to png
(edit) @2434   14 years charles update the configure script's directory list
(edit) @2433   14 years charles rename "xpm" subdir as "images"
(edit) @2432   14 years charles wx: change from xpm to png to avoid jaggy edges in the icons
(edit) @2431   14 years charles first baby steps of wx client. currently just a window with menus and …
(edit) @2430   14 years charles simplify xml.c and utils.c's dependencies
(edit) @2429   14 years charles de-inline some big functions.
(edit) @2428   14 years charles remove the TR_HTONL macro
(edit) @2427   14 years charles remove TR_NTOHL macro
(edit) @2426   14 years joshe Clean up unused cflags. Add the right include directory to build the …
(edit) @2425   14 years joshe Include stdio.h a couple places where it could be needed.
(edit) @2424   14 years livings124 small string change
(edit) @2423   14 years charles add extra state change checks
(edit) @2422   14 years charles on second glance, there are even more issues that keep us from working …
(edit) @2421   14 years joshe Check for socket and dns library in a better way.
(edit) @2420   14 years charles Transmission won't be as pretty and shiny for gtk+ 2.4 users, but it …
(edit) @2419   14 years joshe Run xcodebuild from the right directory.
(edit) @2418   14 years joshe A couple autoconf fixes for osx.
(edit) @2417   14 years joshe Add compat code for if daemon() function isn't available.
(edit) @2416   14 years joshe Conditionally define a couple of macros that may be missing. Remove a …
(edit) @2415   14 years joshe Apparently "sun" is a bad choice for a variable name on solaris.
(edit) @2414   14 years livings124 get mac build compiling again
(edit) @2413   14 years joshe bzero -> memset
(edit) @2412   14 years joshe Build on solaris.
(edit) @2411   14 years charles almost done reverting.
(edit) @2410   14 years charles revert to the old makefile
(edit) @2409   14 years charles more backpedaling
(edit) @2408   14 years charles until we have some way of auto-generating tarballs, automake is going …
(edit) @2407   14 years charles fun
(edit) @2406   14 years charles wheee
(edit) @2405   14 years charles add these for the same reason
(edit) @2404   14 years charles update configure and aclocal.m4 to make it easier to use the automake …
(edit) @2403   14 years charles required files
(edit) @2402   14 years charles include, not version.h, in "make dist"
(edit) @2401   14 years charles add
(edit) @2400   14 years charles part one of moving the build environment over to automake/autoconf. …
(edit) @2399   14 years charles sync with r2397
(edit) @2398   14 years joshe Don't build asprintf compat code on osx.
(edit) @2397   14 years charles remove unused variable
(edit) @2396   14 years joshe Replace nice readable bitshifts with ugly hex constants to avoid the …
(edit) @2395   14 years joshe I'm an idiot.
(edit) @2394   14 years joshe Fix cli so that it can exit.
(edit) @2393   14 years joshe Minor compatibility fix for awk.
(edit) @2392   14 years joshe Replace bzero() with memset(). Define AF_LOCAL and SUN_LEN for systems …
(edit) @2391   14 years joshe Include trcompat.h for asprintf() Don't mix function and non function …
(edit) @2390   14 years joshe Add asprintf implementation for systems which lack it.
(edit) @2389   14 years charles remove debugging statements that accidentally got checked in r2388
(edit) @2388   14 years charles fold per-torrent ul/dl speed cap settings into libtransmission. …
(edit) @2387   14 years charles maybe fix ticket #256. or maybe not. I'd need the osx client to …
(edit) @2386   14 years livings124 set another ipc method
(edit) @2385   14 years livings124 add basic add torrent ability for ipc
(edit) @2384   14 years livings124 when it's time to change, you have to rearrange
(edit) @2383   14 years livings124 images for priorities, courtesy of BigBossman?
(edit) @2382   14 years joshe Display torrent error correctly.
(edit) @2381   14 years charles test fix tr_getDone() for BentMyWookie?
(edit) @2380   14 years charles update the gtk client's translatable strings
(edit) @2379   14 years charles r2377 cleanup
(edit) @2378   14 years livings124 identify dev builds of transmission correctly in the peers list
(edit) @2377   14 years charles fix overlap bug in file-selection where files adjacent to a "do not …
(edit) @2376   14 years charles add "don't ask me this again" checkbox to "really quit Transmission?" …
(edit) @2375   14 years joshe Iterate correctly when removing all torrents.
(edit) @2374   14 years charles re-randomize peer_id each time we start a torrent. (ticket #257)
(edit) @2373   14 years livings124 get rid of random NSLog()
(edit) @2372   14 years joshe Add getright peer id.
(edit) @2371   14 years charles tyop fix
(edit) @2370   14 years livings124 get compiling
(edit) @2369   14 years charles disambiguate some of the tr_stat_t variables' names
(edit) @2368   14 years livings124 increase priority selector width, and show the file table's top bar
(edit) @2367   14 years livings124 adjust priority colors, and show a priority color for folders
(edit) @2366   14 years livings124 make fStat const
(edit) @2365   14 years charles get UPNP working again. huge thanks to BigBossman? and persept for …
(edit) @2364   14 years livings124 add a second file completion method for single files
(edit) @2363   14 years livings124 get the mac os build building again
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