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(edit) @2846   15 years charles $Id$
(edit) @2845   15 years livings124 rearrange project a bit
(edit) @2844   15 years livings124 set properties on a whole bunch of mac files
(edit) @2843   15 years charles update to exclude third-party. add $Id:$ to the new files …
(edit) @2842   15 years livings124 add missing license info
(edit) @2841   15 years livings124 tidy up the filter bar code a little
(edit) @2840   15 years livings124 remove some warnings
(edit) @2838   15 years charles add the content-length header. I'm not getting any tracker errors …
(edit) @2837   15 years charles * more work on the tracker... getting closer. * oops! make sure …
(edit) @2836   15 years charles push event_del() through the libevent pipe too.
(edit) @2835   15 years charles better error reporting in the new tracker code
(edit) @2834   15 years livings124 disable top-level file items when applicable
(edit) @2833   15 years livings124 dynamically show the files for file selection in the top-level action menu
(edit) @2832   15 years livings124 move scrape info in inspector a bit more to the left to allow display …
(edit) @2831   15 years livings124 get mac version building again
(edit) @2830   15 years charles before the first scrape, set leechers/seeders/downloads to -1 to …
(edit) @2829   15 years charles do all the libevent enqueuing from a single thread.
(edit) @2828   15 years livings124 attempt to fix stuck overlay window
(edit) @2827   15 years livings124 clean code up a little
(edit) @2826   15 years livings124 add ratio settings to the individual torrent menu
(edit) @2825   15 years livings124 add preset limits to torrent action menu speed limits
(edit) @2824   15 years livings124 preliminary support for setting speed limits through the action menu
(edit) @2822   15 years livings124 update credits
(edit) @2821   15 years charles don't cache the connection; these are one-shot requests
(edit) @2820   15 years charles this seems to fix the double-start bug reported by joshe
(edit) @2819   15 years charles try backing out from -Os to -O3 and seeing if that changes anything
(edit) @2818   15 years joshe Shut down ipc server on fatal signal, not just torrent client.
(edit) @2817   15 years charles fix tr_init()
(edit) @2816   15 years charles shut down the libevent thread gracefully on shutdown
(edit) @2815   15 years charles whee
(edit) @2814   15 years charles fix shutdown error in the new tracker code, reported by joshe
(edit) @2813   15 years charles make the build quieter
(edit) @2812   15 years livings124 don't resize the inspector unnecessarily
(edit) @2811   15 years livings124 again by popular demand, allow peers and files tabs to be resized …
(edit) @2810   15 years livings124 allow folders of files to be enabled/disabled from the action button
(edit) @2809   15 years joshe Add new libevent files to xcode project.
(edit) @2808   15 years joshe Fix osx build.
(edit) @2807   15 years joshe Properly protect pidfile creation and deletion with the lockfile.
(edit) @2806   15 years charles fix crash-on-startup bug reported by Lacrocivious
(edit) @2805   15 years charles the new tracker code seems to be working, so now it's time for me to …
(edit) @2804   15 years charles no need for `verbose' mode, and no need to include paths that don't exist
(edit) @2803   15 years joshe I'm an idiot. Base 2 is not the same thing as base 16.
(edit) @2802   15 years joshe Catch up with renaming.
(edit) @2801   15 years charles move to the old mk folder
(edit) @2800   15 years charles Add $(LIBEVENT_CPPFLAGS) to daemon's
(edit) @2799   15 years charles Add pkg.m4 for PKG_CHECK_MODULES in case the platform doesn't have …
(edit) @2798   15 years joshe Fix on osx (and maybe elsewhere too).
(edit) @2797   15 years charles Remove "make install" from the SVN instructions -- it's a bad idea to …
(edit) @2796   15 years charles More autoconf work. Added instructions on building Transmission to …
(edit) @2795   15 years joshe Doc update.
(edit) @2794   15 years livings124 store only a single icon in the Torrent class instead of 2
(edit) @2793   15 years livings124 keep one image for the table view instead of one for regular and one …
(edit) @2792   15 years livings124 streamline and improve action button placement code in TorrentTableView?
(edit) @2791   15 years livings124 flip advanced bar overlay
(edit) @2790   15 years livings124 draw the progress bar straight onto the cell instead of using an image
(edit) @2789   15 years livings124 use colors and rects instead of images for creating the pieces view
(edit) @2788   15 years livings124 get About copyright info from the localized string file instead of the nib
(edit) @2787   15 years livings124 by popular demand, add option to sort by tracker
(edit) @2786   15 years livings124 use #defines for filter and sort
(edit) @2785   15 years charles more autoconf hacking
(edit) @2784   15 years joshe Unbreak daemon.
(edit) @2783   15 years joshe Fix -p option to be optional. Someone pass the dunce cap over this way.
(edit) @2782   15 years livings124 get rid of an unneeded warning
(edit) @2781   15 years joshe Save client name from azureus or extended handshake, overriding name …
(edit) @2780   15 years joshe Rework utf-8 string concat function a little and make it more widely …
(edit) @2777   15 years livings124 (trunk) add updated Russian localization
(edit) @2776   15 years livings124 (trunk) remove Russian localization
(edit) @2775   15 years livings124 (trunk) fix a problem when adding multiple torrents with "always ask" …
(edit) @2773   15 years joshe Move protocol extension docs to new doc directory to make them easier …
(edit) @2772   15 years joshe Implement proposed extension to indicate which of azrueus or extended …
(edit) @2771   15 years charles the second call to autoreconf is redundant
(edit) @2770   15 years charles try to get playing nice on Darwin
(edit) @2769   15 years joshe Use macros instead of magic numbers when creating and parsing …
(edit) @2768   15 years charles ensure that libevent is built as a static library, not a shared one
(edit) @2767   15 years livings124 optimize libevent when compiling
(edit) @2766   15 years livings124 get file tab working again
(edit) @2765   15 years charles avoid a race condition between msg_init and the libevent thread's …
(edit) @2764   15 years livings124 missed this in the last commit
(edit) @2763   15 years livings124 get mac version building again
(edit) @2762   15 years charles more work on getting our autoconf setup to play nice with libevent
(edit) @2761   15 years livings124 rearrange some of the file viewer code
(edit) @2760   15 years livings124 (trunk) when automatically opening a newly created torrent file, don't …
(edit) @2757   15 years charles get some pieces of the new tracker code into svn…
(edit) @2756   15 years charles use http:// rather than https:// for the libevent link
(edit) @2755   15 years charles use optimization level -Os in autoconf too
(edit) @2754   15 years charles (trunk) revert yesterday's tracker changes.
(edit) @2752   15 years livings124 use optimization level -Os
(edit) @2751   15 years charles remove the static build of libevent
(edit) @2750   15 years charles more hacking on making libevent build, and on making T pick it up in …
(edit) @2749   15 years charles get libevent building and playing nice with all the other apps
(edit) @2748   15 years charles added libevent to svn:externals
(edit) @2747   15 years charles add populate and cleanup utils for tr_tracker_info_t, since bencode …
(edit) @2746   15 years charles make list less error-prone by changing the API s.t. we're guaranteed …
(edit) @2745   15 years charles minor wx work
(edit) @2744   15 years livings124 various negligible cleanup
(edit) @2743   15 years joshe Add a pidfile command-line argument.
(edit) @2742   15 years livings124 small adjustments to TorrentCell?
(edit) @2741   15 years livings124 a little extra drawing so that there are no gaps in the progress bar
(edit) @2740   15 years livings124 when checking/unchecking files update the table right away
(edit) @2739   15 years charles forgot to check this one in. thanks to nickshanks, webaake, et al
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