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(edit) @3582   15 years livings124 make main window textured on Leopard
(edit) @3580   15 years charles improve the "can't connect to tracker" error message.
(edit) @3578   15 years joshe Add IPC messages to set and retrieve the encryption mode. Implement …
(edit) @3577   15 years joshe Don't trip assertion when the daemon gets a fatal signal after a quit …
(edit) @3576   15 years joshe Whoops. Start the exit timer on the right libevent instance. This …
(edit) @3575   15 years charles integral sign correctness in makemeta
(edit) @3572   15 years charles Quick & dirty fix to crasher ticket #415.
(edit) @3570   15 years charles Fix issue #413 "Starting a Torrent when one is checking make it queue …
(edit) @3568   15 years charles Fix 0.90 cache bug that could cause "verify local files" to fail.
(edit) @3565   15 years joshe Fix misnumbered IPC constants.
(edit) @3564   15 years joshe Fix openbsd build.
(edit) @3563   15 years livings124 fix mistake in [3560]
(edit) @3562   15 years charles tell that it lives in macosx/ now.
(edit) @3560   15 years livings124 filtering by a search string for tracker now checks all trackers in …
(edit) @3558   15 years charles remove the old make system, move to macosx/
(edit) @3556   15 years livings124 trunk: Ensure only a single "?" is used for appending arguments to the …
(edit) @3554   15 years charles The OpenBSD build fix caused a Darwin build error. :) Thanks to pea …
(edit) @3552   15 years charles fix OpenBSD build error.
(edit) @3550   15 years charles Fix 0.90 socket connection leak.
(edit) @3549   15 years charles set the lowest "maximum upload" and "maximum download" speed to 0
(edit) @3547   15 years charles ensure that "make install" installs the man pages.
(edit) @3544   15 years charles bundle the mk/ directory along for mac users
(edit) @3542   15 years charles don't package .svn and .deps directories underneath macosx/
(edit) @3540   15 years livings124 trunk: because of the crashing caused by soundNamed: with some sounds, …
(edit) @3539   15 years charles use BUILT_SOURCES for version.h to ensure it gets built first
(edit) @3536   15 years charles don't require the user to have svn installed when building from tarball
(edit) @3535   15 years livings124 display all trackers in the announce list in the inspector's tooltip
(edit) @3533   15 years charles fix two separate version.h errors
(edit) @3532   15 years livings124 add context menu item for "Update Tracker"
(edit) @3530   15 years charles users don't need to run autogen from the tarball
(edit) @3528   15 years charles get "make distcheck" working again
(edit) @3526   15 years livings124 trunk: fix small memory leak when generating sounds menu
(edit) @3524   15 years livings124 trunk: update mac makefile
(edit) @3523   15 years charles trying to get "make distcheck" to work right
(edit) @3522   15 years livings124 trunk: Add Dutch Sparkle localization and update news for news/authors …
(edit) @3520   15 years livings124 add missing localized string
(edit) @3519   15 years livings124 trunk: update version to 0.90+
(edit) @3513   15 years livings124 updated readme
(edit) @3512   15 years livings124 eliminate old releases from appcast
(edit) @3511   15 years livings124 update appcast and release_builder
(edit) @3510   15 years livings124 ready for 0.90
(edit) @3509   15 years charles initial checkin of gtk i18n changelog
(edit) @3508   15 years charles rewind this morning's changes.
(edit) @3507   15 years charles fix r3506 bug that prevented incoming peers from connecting
(edit) @3506   15 years charles maybe fix incoming handshakes with peers that don't send their peer_id …
(edit) @3505   15 years charles Update the credits
(edit) @3504   15 years livings124 fix notification to update info
(edit) @3503   15 years livings124 updated icon from AR
(edit) @3502   15 years charles fix a nasty error with fallback unencrypted peer connections.
(edit) @3501   15 years charles dead code removal.
(edit) @3500   15 years charles tweak the logging a bit.
(edit) @3499   15 years charles fix some memory leaks reported by valgrind.
(edit) @3498   15 years livings124 add Korean localization part 4
(edit) @3497   15 years livings124 add 0.9 Korean localization part 3
(edit) @3496   15 years livings124 add 0.9 Korean localization part 2
(edit) @3495   15 years livings124 add 0.9 Korean localization
(edit) @3494   15 years livings124 small change to help and French localization
(edit) @3493   15 years charles Add gtk+ German translation by Michael Färber
(edit) @3492   15 years charles fix ul/dl speed wart reported by BentMyWookie?
(edit) @3491   15 years livings124 update to News
(edit) @3490   15 years livings124 make the long application support folder path a constant
(edit) @3489   15 years livings124 set some menu titles without regard to what it is already set to (this …
(edit) @3488   15 years livings124 update queue image to have orange continue button
(edit) @3487   15 years livings124 updated help images from John_Clay
(edit) @3486   15 years charles remove dead code (TR_STATUS_ACTIVE, TR_STATUS_INACTIVE)
(edit) @3485   15 years livings124 eliminate the redundant isPaused, instead using !isActive
(edit) @3484   15 years charles Dead code removal (TR_STATUS_STOPPING)
(edit) @3483   15 years livings124 remove "Stopping" status, and update all string files accordingly
(edit) @3482   15 years charles try to better sync up the tr_stat fields, as requested by BentMyWookie?
(edit) @3481   15 years charles don't let po/ stop configure when "./ …
(edit) @3480   15 years charles Tweak the first torrent's recheck state as requested by BentMyWookie?
(edit) @3479   15 years charles Add support for the MSE Tracker Extension (suggested by barry_u and …
(edit) @3478   15 years livings124 another switch
(edit) @3477   15 years livings124 use given control view
(edit) @3476   15 years livings124 another if-to-switch
(edit) @3475   15 years livings124 simplify how the file outline accesses the torrent
(edit) @3474   15 years charles updated gtk+ Spanish translation by Vicente Carro
(edit) @3473   15 years charles dead code removal.
(edit) @3472   15 years livings124 remove reference to advanced progress bar from help
(edit) @3471   15 years livings124 update documentation with new nightlies url
(edit) @3470   15 years charles have gtk+ use the batch form of setFilePriorities(). remove …
(edit) @3469   15 years charles * don't fire the "status changed" event if the status changes while a …
(edit) @3468   15 years charles tyop fix
(edit) @3467   15 years charles sending SIGHUP in the cli will now ask the tracker for more peers. …
(edit) @3466   15 years charles fix crash in the gtk client if the user hit create' in the create …
(edit) @3465   15 years charles make a trivial change for pea
(edit) @3464   15 years livings124 trivial code cleanup
(edit) @3463   15 years charles roll back the clients changes because of the 0.90 freeze
(edit) @3462   15 years charles merge the, T, and libtorrent client lists. T knows …
(edit) @3461   15 years charles (gtk) better sort-by-progress in the main window's torrent list
(edit) @3460   15 years charles (gtk) Fix ticket #292 reported by mtolman
(edit) @3459   15 years charles when seeding, instead of giving the the ratio as N/A, give …
(edit) @3458   15 years charles possibly fix r3457 crash reported by chrissturm
(edit) @3457   15 years charles fix overflow error that caused timers with intervals larger than 35 …
(edit) @3456   15 years charles remove fprintf that snuck in. (Reported by Gimp)
(edit) @3455   15 years charles added debugging messages to the tracker cleanup. better error …
(edit) @3454   15 years livings124 fix small memory leak
(edit) @3453   15 years livings124 generate the info tab button images when needed, add backend support …
(edit) @3452   15 years livings124 small name change and other trivial adjustments
(edit) @3451   15 years charles huge tracker cleanup for the "no response from tracker" issue
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