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(edit) @4004   14 years charles rewrite the tracker code. this should improve and/or fix a number of …
(edit) @4003   15 years livings124 get compiling again
(edit) @4002   15 years charles make the peer stats a little easier to understand
(edit) @4001   15 years charles housekeeping. revert r3984 at tiennou's request
(edit) @4000   15 years charles remove dead code to roll the odometer to 4000!!1!
(edit) @3999   15 years charles Update news to reflect the day's bug fixes
(edit) @3997   15 years charles fix upload speed limit bug tracked down by makira_
(edit) @3996   15 years livings124 update strings file
(edit) @3995   15 years charles reimplement tr_buildPath() using struct evbuffer
(edit) @3994   15 years livings124 make stats window non-resizable
(edit) @3993   15 years charles add stats dialog to the gtk+ client
(edit) @3992   15 years livings124 show bytes in tooltip
(edit) @3991   15 years charles possible fix for Zeph's "too many open files" bug report.
(edit) @3990   15 years charles sloppy, sloppy. what should've been 1 commit has been 5.
(edit) @3989   15 years charles fix crash-on-exit introduced by stats code
(edit) @3988   15 years charles plug in the stats.filesAdded field
(edit) @3987   15 years charles fix stupid bug introduced in the last stats commit
(edit) @3986   15 years livings124 stats
(edit) @3985   15 years charles remove dead code
(edit) @3984   15 years charles move tr_getDefaultRoute() to natpmp.c because it's the only code that …
(edit) @3983   15 years charles stats
(edit) @3982   15 years charles more stats
(edit) @3981   15 years livings124 in stats, display sizes in mb's instead of bytes
(edit) @3980   15 years livings124 update help documentation
(edit) @3979   15 years livings124 in stats window, show time in minutes; increase stats window minimum width
(edit) @3978   15 years livings124 avoid divide-by-0 in stats
(edit) @3977   15 years livings124 get last commit building
(edit) @3976   15 years charles work on the stats a little bit.
(edit) @3975   15 years livings124 attempt to make per-torrent action menu a little faster
(edit) @3974   15 years charles commit tiennou's "transmissioncli -f" patch for ticket #322
(edit) @3973   15 years charles apply tiennou's "output directory" patch from ticket #502
(edit) @3971   15 years charles fix crash on startup reported by Gimp_
(edit) @3970   15 years charles disable SWIFT on private trackers, because they are typically …
(edit) @3969   15 years charles fix crash when loading fastresume files
(edit) @3968   15 years livings124 update trunk's appcast and version info
(edit) @3965   15 years charles update NEWS
(edit) @3963   15 years charles sync w/0.9x NEWS
(edit) @3961   15 years charles enable SWIFT in trunk
(edit) @3960   15 years charles fix peer-mgr.c shear between 0.9x and trunk
(edit) @3958   15 years charles fix clientIsSnubbedBy() to work correctly when we're a seed
(edit) @3956   15 years charles Include Transmission.xcodeproj in the tarball (#503)
(edit) @3955   15 years livings124 display file count in inspector next to total size, instead of under …
(edit) @3953   15 years livings124 fix Wyzo
(edit) @3952   15 years livings124 update strings file
(edit) @3951   15 years livings124 add Wyzo to clients list
(edit) @3950   15 years livings124 adjust inspector layout a tiny bit
(edit) @3948   15 years livings124 remove redundant code
(edit) @3947   15 years livings124 show remaining time for seeding torrents towards ratio
(edit) @3946   15 years livings124 sort by speed, then last activity
(edit) @3945   15 years livings124 get rid of 2 more unnecessary sort methods
(edit) @3944   15 years livings124 get rid of unneeded sort descriptors; hold queue order as an integer …
(edit) @3942   15 years charles fix bug in gtk client that caused torrent changes to show up too …
(edit) @3940   15 years livings124 have a smaller minimum width as well
(edit) @3939   15 years livings124 have a maximum width for the stats window
(edit) @3937   15 years charles fix oops from last commit
(edit) @3935   15 years charles fix another 0.94 prerelease crash report... this one from when …
(edit) @3934   15 years livings124 when sorting by last activity, if there was no activity use date
(edit) @3932   15 years charles fix libT crash reported in the forums
(edit) @3929   15 years charles fix LTEP PEX error reported by Adrian Ulrich in the BitTorrent? mailing list
(edit) @3928   15 years charles fix portmapping crash.
(edit) @3926   15 years charles Change the default port from 9090 to 51413 to get in compliance with …
(edit) @3924   15 years livings124 implement another ipc method
(edit) @3923   15 years livings124 get rid of an unnecessary width check
(edit) @3922   15 years livings124 get building again
(edit) @3921   15 years charles some progress on the overall statistics, though probably not visible …
(edit) @3920   15 years livings124 add option to sort by Last Activity
(edit) @3919   15 years livings124 allow file location to be changed if it does not yet exist
(edit) @3918   15 years charles fix ticket #451 (Files remain in use after removal)
(edit) @3915   15 years livings124 update clients list to identify test builds
(edit) @3914   15 years livings124 hr, not hours
(edit) @3913   15 years livings124 don't pluralize "time" if opened only once
(edit) @3912   15 years livings124 update stats window for session and total info
(edit) @3911   15 years charles tweak the script
(edit) @3909   15 years charles mirror the change in trunk
(edit) @3906   15 years charles tweak the peer limits a bit for faster uploading
(edit) @3904   15 years charles fix "manual update" crash reported by Gimp_ and BentMyWookie?
(edit) @3903   15 years livings124 don't display the not available bar for paused transfers
(edit) @3902   15 years livings124 move status from peer table column to tooltip
(edit) @3900   15 years charles now that libevent has a stable 1.4 release out with the features & …
(edit) @3896   15 years charles gtk+: disable the "status" column by default
(edit) @3895   15 years charles fix the crash reported by pea_, Gimp, and John_Clay [ref: …
(edit) @3894   15 years charles fix r3892 oops
(edit) @3893   15 years charles sync the struct name with the r3892
(edit) @3892   15 years charles add "this session" stats stubs for BentMyWookie?
(edit) @3891   15 years livings124 move code to generate time string to its own method
(edit) @3890   15 years livings124 include time running stat
(edit) @3889   15 years charles add "time running" to tr_global_stats
(edit) @3888   15 years livings124 make stats window a panel
(edit) @3887   15 years livings124 add Number Opened field to Stats window
(edit) @3886   15 years livings124 add stats window...right now the values mean nothing
(edit) @3885   15 years charles added tr_global_stats prototypes for BentMyWookie?
(edit) @3884   15 years charles remove more dead code. this scaffolding was to let libevent play nice …
(edit) @3883   15 years charles denis is right about r3880; we should respect umask
(edit) @3882   15 years charles oops, this was supposed to be in 3879
(edit) @3881   15 years charles add more asserts up the call chain to find the source of pea_ and …
(edit) @3880   15 years charles change TR_MKDIR_PERM from 0777 to 0755 change TR_CREAT_PERM from 0666 …
(edit) @3879   15 years charles *maybe* fix the crash reported by pea_ in the forums and by Gimp in …
(edit) @3878   15 years charles back to the "router death" issue: throttle how many connections T will …
(edit) @3877   15 years charles gtk: sync our "activity" tab with the mac's "purple crystal ball" tab
(edit) @3876   15 years charles fix choking bug that could penalize good peers.
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