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(edit) @5122   14 years charles (gtk) make the filename naming scheme a little more consistent.
(edit) @5121   14 years livings124 have all dates include the day of the week
(edit) @5120   14 years livings124 use system-defined time format in the inspector
(edit) @5119   14 years charles (gtk) io.c --> tr-io.c
(edit) @5118   14 years livings124 format time string using unsigned values
(edit) @5117   14 years livings124 temp code for testing time output
(edit) @5116   14 years livings124 fix mac build compiling
(edit) @5114   14 years charles Fix a typo in transmissioncli, --create -> --create-from
(edit) @5113   14 years charles (gtk) rename io.h' as tr-io.h' to fix mingw conflicts. fix minor …
(edit) @5112   14 years charles added tr_sha1_to_hex()
(edit) @5111   14 years livings124 add image for tracker tab
(edit) @5110   14 years livings124 get mac build building again
(edit) @5109   14 years charles tweak which folder to open in the notify window
(edit) @5108   14 years charles patch from SoftwareElves? to get libevent building again on osx
(edit) @5107   14 years charles fix minor compiler warning.
(edit) @5105   14 years charles tear out the "fast peer" code from refillPulse() altogether
(edit) @5104   14 years charles disable some fastpeer code that's too expensive.
(edit) @5103   14 years charles (gtk) remove the custom colors from the progress renderer
(edit) @5102   14 years charles (gtk) add prefs to toggle libnotify notification
(edit) @5101   14 years charles (gtk) use G_GNUC_PRINTF where appropriate.
(edit) @5100   14 years charles (gtk) added optional libnotify support to gtk client. (wereHamster, …
(edit) @5099   14 years livings124 dead code removal
(edit) @5098   14 years charles (gtk) minor tweak
(edit) @5097   14 years charles (gtk) experimental: use native gtk progress bars
(edit) @5096   14 years charles Update 1.06 NEWS
(edit) @5094   14 years charles update to miniupnpc-1.0
(edit) @5092   14 years livings124 update strings file
(edit) @5091   14 years livings124 remove unused field from the tracker inspector tab; merge code for …
(edit) @5090   14 years livings124 improvements on the tracker inspector tab
(edit) @5089   14 years charles flesh out the possible values for the new tracker fields in tr_stat
(edit) @5088   14 years livings124 initial inclusion of the "tracker" tab
(edit) @5087   15 years charles update to miniupnp-20080217
(edit) @5086   15 years charles libT: add tracker information to tr_stat. gtk: add `tracker' tab to …
(edit) @5085   15 years charles #714: libT creates invalid torrent files when given makemeta is given …
(edit) @5082   15 years charles (gtk) #685: Use XDG user dir to set download directory
(edit) @5081   15 years charles remove unnecessary #includes
(edit) @5080   15 years livings124 fix typos in last commit
(edit) @5079   15 years livings124 add Amazon S3 to clients list
(edit) @5078   15 years livings124 update strings file
(edit) @5077   15 years livings124 ensure the right table columns are removed on Tiger
(edit) @5076   15 years livings124 get rid of an unnecessary method
(edit) @5075   15 years livings124 ensure correct object value is given to the table on Tiger
(edit) @5074   15 years charles (gtk) #712: regression in Details (Peers) dialog in svn version
(edit) @5073   15 years charles (gtk) #312: Attention notification when using "Open with"
(edit) @5072   15 years livings124 small height adjustment
(edit) @5071   15 years livings124 show "X" image for "no group" row
(edit) @5070   15 years livings124 fix type-select with groups
(edit) @5069   15 years livings124 first go at getting the app to work nicely with Tiger again
(edit) @5068   15 years charles (gtk) use tr_torrentDelete() when user hits `cancel' in the "open …
(edit) @5067   15 years livings124 remove cache file when removing a transfer
(edit) @5066   15 years charles (gtk) #544: remove fast-resume cache when appropriate
(edit) @5065   15 years charles cleanup #includes for errno & strerror
(edit) @5064   15 years charles (gtk) add ability to delete downloaded files when deleting a torrent
(edit) @5063   15 years livings124 ensure up and down group arrows are colored correctly
(edit) @5062   15 years livings124 line up group row speeds with status bar speeds
(edit) @5061   15 years livings124 more group row adjustments
(edit) @5060   15 years livings124 remove testing code
(edit) @5059   15 years livings124 add color and adjust size of group row
(edit) @5058   15 years livings124 better group arrow images
(edit) @5057   15 years livings124 size adjustment of group speeds
(edit) @5056   15 years livings124 speeds in group rows - Tiger support is currently broken
(edit) @5055   15 years livings124 update libevent mac headers for strtoll()
(edit) @5054   15 years charles (gtk) fix double-free under certain circumstances in the new 'open' dialog
(edit) @5052   15 years charles #713: handle leading spaces in the announce url more gracefully
(edit) @5051   15 years charles fix some minor broken autoconf defines
(edit) @5050   15 years charles (gtk) #703: fix right-to-left locale issues in the details dialog
(edit) @5049   15 years livings124 in minimal mode, show eta for seeding
(edit) @5048   15 years charles (gtk) #703: better handling of rtl locales
(edit) @5046   15 years charles fix bug that could cause some pieces to be unnecessarily rechecked the …
(edit) @5045   15 years charles make the code a little easier to read. make tr_ioFileTest()'s return …
(edit) @5044   15 years charles fix TrTorrent? reference count error
(edit) @5043   15 years livings124 update project file for last commit
(edit) @5042   15 years charles modify "verify local data" to not lose the blocks in incomplete pieces
(edit) @5041   15 years charles ensure tr_info.creator and tr_info.comment are initialized, even if …
(edit) @5040   15 years livings124 fix binding on "seeding complete" sound button
(edit) @5039   15 years livings124 update clients list
(edit) @5037   15 years charles possible fix for
(edit) @5036   15 years charles code cleanup
(edit) @5035   15 years livings124 fix inspector display error caused by the last commit allowing null …
(edit) @5034   15 years charles #706: save a little more memory by doing the same for tr_info.comment …
(edit) @5033   15 years charles (gtk) fix main window formatting error for torrents whose local data's …
(edit) @5031   15 years charles #706: reduce memory by 25% by cutting tr_file struct
(edit) @5030   15 years livings124 hopefully fix a crash with the open window
(edit) @5028   15 years charles #690: get multitracker torrents working with the evhttp code
(edit) @5026   15 years charles (gtk) fix minor memory leak reported by valgrind
(edit) @5025   15 years charles (gtk) have "active" filter key off of (tr_stat.peersSendingToUs + …
(edit) @5024   15 years charles (gtk) minor hig tweaks to the preferences dialog -- spacing, capitalization
(edit) @5023   15 years livings124 add Net Transport to clients list
(edit) @5022   15 years charles (gtk) same Lacrocivous-inspired tweaks, in the multifile open dialog
(edit) @5021   15 years charles (gtk) more open dialog tweaks based on feedback from Lacrocivious
(edit) @5020   15 years charles (gtk) add some safety assertions
(edit) @5019   15 years charles (gtk) fix weak unref cycle, also from r5015
(edit) @5018   15 years charles (gtk) prefs dialog shuffling, suggested by Lacrocivious
(edit) @5017   15 years charles (gtk) fix minor r5015 oops on setting the default destination …
(edit) @5016   15 years charles (gtk) bring the prefs dialog's hotkeys up-to-date with r5015
(edit) @5015   15 years charles (gtk) new "add torrent" popup to let users choose which files to …
(edit) @5014   15 years charles add tr_ctor{Set,Get}DeleteSource?()
(edit) @5013   15 years charles fix a possible crash on shutdown
(edit) @5011   15 years charles fix a possible crash when deleting a torrent.
(edit) @5009   15 years charles (gtk) update FileList? to allow it to switch which torrent's files are …
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