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(edit) @5648   14 years charles Added new Norwegian translation!
(edit) @5647   14 years charles #890: be smarter about noticing seeds from tracker & pex
(edit) @5646   14 years charles gtk/cli/daemon/remote/proxy: add command-line argument --config-dir / …
(edit) @5645   14 years charles minor code cleanup: remove dead code, const-correctness, etc
(edit) @5644   14 years charles use a binary search to slightly speed up finding the right location in …
(edit) @5643   14 years charles benc cleanup
(edit) @5642   14 years charles #886: libtransmission fails to compile on win32
(edit) @5641   14 years charles handle manditory/fallback ctor settings in the bencoded resume filfes
(edit) @5640   14 years charles #881: undo r5631
(edit) @5639   14 years charles benc API cleanup
(edit) @5638   14 years charles (gtk) #883: updated Swedish translation
(edit) @5637   14 years charles (gtk) fix potential invalid memory read on shutdown
(edit) @5636   14 years charles fix a couple more minor leaks
(edit) @5635   14 years charles fix minor memory leak in tr_initFull()
(edit) @5634   14 years charles fix minor memory leak in tr_close()
(edit) @5633   14 years livings124 the blocklist downloader should get the tr_handle from the prefs …
(edit) @5632   14 years charles (1) fix choke/unchoke error. (2) if a peer keeps trying to reconnect …
(edit) @5631   14 years charles #881: follow the transmission spec wrt extension handshake message timing
(edit) @5630   14 years livings124 experiment in improving calculation of the availability bar
(edit) @5629   14 years charles the last commit was too assertive
(edit) @5628   14 years livings124 improved sort by date in the message log
(edit) @5627   14 years charles more hacking on the bencoded resume files
(edit) @5626   14 years charles #879: fix segfault if tracker is freed immediately after starting a torrent
(edit) @5625   14 years charles (gtk) #878: updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
(edit) @5623   14 years charles maybe fix the losing-progress bug in the new bencoded resume. fix a …
(edit) @5622   14 years charles minor resume tweak
(edit) @5621   14 years charles add more debugging messages for loading progress from the bencoded …
(edit) @5620   14 years charles silence a couple of annoying dbg messages
(edit) @5619   14 years charles add more debug messages to resume's DND loader
(edit) @5618   14 years charles (gtk) new Thai translation!
(edit) @5617   14 years charles unbreak the mac build
(edit) @5616   14 years charles wrap the dead parts of fastresume.c in #if 0 blocks
(edit) @5615   14 years charles (gtk) silence minor warning on platforms that don't allow hibernation …
(edit) @5614   14 years charles get DND working in the benc resume files
(edit) @5613   14 years charles get tr_ctorSetMetainfoFromHash() working again.
(edit) @5612   14 years charles deliberately break the mac build for a couple of hours because the …
(edit) @5611   14 years charles 'resume' cleanup
(edit) @5610   14 years charles delete the old resume file after migrating to the new format
(edit) @5609   14 years livings124 when unchecking all files in the add dialog window, don't do finished …
(edit) @5608   14 years charles #394: resume files should use original name instead of hash name
(edit) @5607   14 years livings124 mac build compiles with last commit
(edit) @5606   14 years charles #872: crash in bitfield code when loading resume files
(edit) @5605   14 years charles (gtk) #307: inhibit/prevent hibernation when downloading
(edit) @5604   14 years charles (gtk) possible fix for #866: crash when adding a new torrent.
(edit) @5603   14 years charles #701: Run configure at the end of
(edit) @5602   14 years charles #870: follow PEX conventions agreed upon by Azureus and uTorrent
(edit) @5601   14 years charles #765: for every consecutive scrape failure, wait longer before trying …
(edit) @5600   14 years charles #848: UPnP users always have to wait for NAT-PMP to fail first
(edit) @5599   14 years livings124 string folding ftw
(edit) @5598   14 years livings124 fix availability status bar
(edit) @5597   14 years charles minor tr_torrentStat cleanup
(edit) @5596   14 years charles (gtk) #869: Minor HIG fixes for Exit/Remove/Delete? alerts
(edit) @5595   14 years charles (gtk) #868: Fix spacing and title for preferences dialog
(edit) @5594   14 years charles (gtk) updated Greek translation.
(edit) @5593   14 years charles (gtk) tweak the details strings again
(edit) @5592   14 years charles #864: crash on exit#864: crash on exit#864: crash on exit#864: crash …
(edit) @5591   14 years charles fix r5590 spelling error
(edit) @5590   14 years charles (gtk) #860: Nobody knows what the UI DEI etc. it the Details>Peers …
(edit) @5589   14 years charles svn propset svn:keywords for files that didn't have it set but did use $Id$
(edit) @5588   14 years charles #857: DSCP support for Transmission
(edit) @5587   14 years charles update a couple of the tr_stat fields based on feedback from BMW
(edit) @5586   14 years livings124 mac build compiles again
(edit) @5585   14 years charles tidy up some libtransmission filenames.
(edit) @5584   14 years charles (gtk) #826: gtk client's "--minimized" command-line argument doesn't work
(edit) @5583   14 years charles (gtk) #859: No way of opening target folder of torrent
(edit) @5582   14 years livings124 remove test code
(edit) @5581   14 years livings124 for determining table text color when selected, remove the Leopard …
(edit) @5580   14 years livings124 ipc fix for last commit
(edit) @5579   14 years charles #853: transmission-(daemon|gtk) segfault when querying status
(edit) @5578   14 years livings124 if a download finishes downloading and finishes seeding at the same …
(edit) @5577   14 years livings124 experiment with supporting custom user sounds on Leopard
(edit) @5576   14 years charles tweak an info message based on BMW's suggestion
(edit) @5575   14 years charles re-add the translation macro
(edit) @5574   14 years livings124 remove the ability to disable scraping - the demand for this feature …
(edit) @5573   14 years livings124 (1.1x) a little extra safety when determining space needed to download
(edit) @5570   14 years charles (gtk) updated Swedish translation.
(edit) @5569   14 years livings124 animate the blocklist download bar when first shown; update strings file
(edit) @5567   14 years livings124 (trunk), double clicking a blank part of the table will toggle the …
(edit) @5566   14 years livings124 when the progress string is showing info for selected, the percent …
(edit) @5565   14 years livings124 #851 extra adjustment of text placement when quitting
(edit) @5564   14 years livings124 on Tiger, show an appropriate image for the Peers pref tab
(edit) @5562   14 years livings124 new badge images
(edit) @5561   14 years livings124 remove dead code
(edit) @5560   14 years livings124 even more string folding!
(edit) @5559   14 years livings124 Capitalization Changes 2
(edit) @5558   14 years livings124 capitalization changes
(edit) @5557   14 years livings124 pass the appropriate tr_torrent object in the ipc controller
(edit) @5556   14 years livings124 fix incorrect eta value
(edit) @5555   14 years livings124 for now just show "remaining time unknown" for not available downloads
(edit) @5554   14 years livings124 trivial cleanup
(edit) @5553   14 years livings124 fix ratio display error reported by pea_
(edit) @5552   14 years livings124 fix marking the eta of torrents with peers as unavailable
(edit) @5551   14 years livings124 eta string folding
(edit) @5550   14 years livings124 try to clarify the "not all available" message
(edit) @5549   14 years charles (gtk) #850: download individual file's checkbox so far away from its title
(edit) @5548   14 years livings124 cleaner code for rounding file size, speed, and ratio
(edit) @5547   14 years charles remove a debugging printf
(edit) @5546   14 years charles (gtk) segmentation fault in Italian translation
(edit) @5544   14 years charles #846: also handle scrape-then-exit
(edit) @5543   14 years charles #846: transmissioncli attempts to bind to port even when not needed
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