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(edit) @5791   14 years livings124 update appcast
(edit) @5790   14 years livings124 update version to 1.20
(edit) @5789   14 years charles mac: remove it.lproj from
(edit) @5788   14 years charles #929: version.h should reflect SVN status#929: version.h should …
(edit) @5787   14 years livings124 update Russian localization
(edit) @5786   14 years livings124 make the "group = none" image an empty box
(edit) @5785   14 years livings124 update CTGradient to 1.8
(edit) @5784   14 years livings124 update Chinese localization
(edit) @5783   14 years charles undo the curl timeout option from earlier today
(edit) @5782   14 years charles (gtk) #927: "help" button in the preferences dialog
(edit) @5781   14 years charles #751: tear down some of the scaffolding used in tracking down this bug.
(edit) @5780   14 years livings124 remove the italian localization for the upcoming release
(edit) @5779   14 years charles #923: daemon should use tr_initFull()
(edit) @5778   14 years charles (gtk) Update translations from Launchpad. New Languages: Arabic, …
(edit) @5777   14 years charles raise the timeout interval that we tell curl to use
(edit) @5776   14 years charles #922: No need to check on gio, libnotify and dbus if gtk disabled.
(edit) @5775   14 years charles tell webcurl to timeout tracker requests after 30 seconds
(edit) @5774   14 years charles remove unused TIMEOUT_INTERVAL_SEC and STOP_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL_SEC
(edit) @5773   14 years livings124 update Spanish localization
(edit) @5772   14 years charles add a couple of benc utility functions
(edit) @5771   14 years charles (gtk) #826: ipc race condition when opening torrents via web browser
(edit) @5770   14 years charles tweak the URL for 1.20's list of bugs.
(edit) @5769   14 years livings124 add a new line at the bottom of the French strings
(edit) @5768   14 years livings124 update NEWS with link to the tickets
(edit) @5767   14 years livings124 update French localization
(edit) @5766   14 years charles use sendpkmsg()
(edit) @5765   14 years charles (gtk) #906: Making a new torrent folder scans the entire home directory
(edit) @5764   14 years charles remove occurrences of "if( 1 )"
(edit) @5763   14 years charles #917: Another minor speedup suggested by BentMyWookie?. He enjoys …
(edit) @5762   14 years charles #917: small speedup to r5759 suggested by BentMyWookie?
(edit) @5761   14 years charles include the version in the gtk online help's URL
(edit) @5760   14 years charles (gtk) link to the online manual from the Help menu
(edit) @5759   14 years charles #917: when seeding, drop peers that have everything you have (instead …
(edit) @5758   14 years charles silence r5755 compile warning
(edit) @5757   14 years charles fix cli compile issue reported & patched by mdomsch
(edit) @5756   14 years livings124 updated "remove" toolbar image
(edit) @5755   14 years charles #912: Resume file parsed twice on startup#912: Resume file parsed …
(edit) @5754   14 years charles #915: Does too many wake-ups when idle
(edit) @5753   14 years charles (gtk) #914: lockpath string should be freed conditionally
(edit) @5752   14 years livings124 updated toolbar info image
(edit) @5751   14 years livings124 fix a crash when sorting by tracker order; update NEWS
(edit) @5750   14 years charles #912: Resume file parsed twice on startup
(edit) @5749   14 years charles fix multitracker problem reported by BentMyWookie?
(edit) @5748   14 years charles when one of the trackers in a multitracker list is successful, bump it …
(edit) @5747   14 years charles add #include <limits.h> to pick up INT_MAX
(edit) @5746   14 years charles randomize the announce addresses within multitracker tiers
(edit) @5745   14 years livings124 remove unused variables
(edit) @5744   14 years livings124 update Dutch localization
(edit) @5743   14 years charles update to the miniupnpc-20080427 snapshot update to the …
(edit) @5742   14 years livings124 update "i" general info image in the inspector; trivial code changes
(edit) @5741   14 years livings124 update Traditional Chinese localization
(edit) @5740   14 years livings124 generate the inspector tab button images dynamically when …
(edit) @5739   14 years charles #909: not utf8izing the torrent name properly
(edit) @5738   14 years charles experimental speed tweaks: (1) increase the per-peer read buffer to …
(edit) @5737   14 years charles tweak the clients tests
(edit) @5736   14 years livings124 the display of our own client's peer-id has to be 100% accurate
(edit) @5735   14 years charles (gtk,daemon,cli) we don't need to statically link in all of libevnt, …
(edit) @5734   14 years livings124 #902 pasting a link into transmission will open the url
(edit) @5733   14 years livings124 remove os check from plist...the check isn't very reliable
(edit) @5732   14 years livings124 10.4.11 is now required
(edit) @5731   14 years livings124 remove the last script committed - Transmission now requires Mac OS X …
(edit) @5730   14 years livings124 add a script to the project file to allow libcurl to link under Tiger
(edit) @5729   14 years charles (gtk) fix crash reported by Lacrocivious
(edit) @5728   14 years livings124 for peer id's with 2 major digits, if the tens place is 0, don't show it
(edit) @5727   14 years livings124 minor adjustments to the client code, and keeping the code pg
(edit) @5726   14 years charles add a couple of debug messages to trac down why Lacrocivious' stats …
(edit) @5725   14 years charles add a few more peers, raided from KTorrent's list
(edit) @5724   14 years charles tweak the last commit: when parsing peer-ids we don't want locales to …
(edit) @5723   14 years charles #905: update peer_id client lists. add a dozen or so new clients from …
(edit) @5722   14 years livings124 update help documentation
(edit) @5721   14 years charles use basename() to parse argv0
(edit) @5720   14 years charles possible fix for #904: "crash on startup in tr_bitfieldHas"
(edit) @5719   14 years charles #903: "1.11: Not making use of Tier 2 tracker on Tier 1 error"
(edit) @5718   14 years livings124 even more string cleanup
(edit) @5717   14 years livings124 eliminate some more localized strings
(edit) @5716   14 years livings124 eliminate some localized strings
(edit) @5715   14 years charles don't use strlcat.
(edit) @5714   14 years charles fix another crash-on-shutdown in the new web code
(edit) @5713   14 years charles #884: fix after creating a torrent whose last file has 0 bytes
(edit) @5712   14 years charles fix one of the crash-on-shutdown bugs reported by Gimp_
(edit) @5711   14 years charles experiment to lower CPU for Gimp_
(edit) @5710   14 years livings124 disable the create button in the creator window when the tracker …
(edit) @5709   14 years charles curl_easy_getopt(CURLINFO_RESPONSE_CODE) needs a pointer to a long, …
(edit) @5708   14 years charles possibly fix the issue discusssed in …
(edit) @5707   14 years charles #899: Hangs when clicking verify data twice
(edit) @5706   14 years charles fix an assertion error: completion.c:113: failed assertion …
(edit) @5705   14 years charles steal some curl configuration options from rtorrent :)
(edit) @5704   14 years livings124 now that a blank url cannot be entered in the url sheet, no need to …
(edit) @5703   14 years livings124 the torrent url sheet will now disable the open button when there is …
(edit) @5702   14 years charles update NEWS
(edit) @5701   14 years charles #896: Minor bug: debugging output always goes to stderr
(edit) @5700   14 years charles add tr_webClose()
(edit) @5699   14 years charles (gtk) #898: crash on startup by passing uninitialized memory to g_free()
(edit) @5698   14 years charles (gtk) use libT's curl wrapper for port testing & getting the blocklist
(edit) @5697   14 years charles #895: tweak
(edit) @5696   14 years charles more hacking on the curl code, based on libcurl's "hiperfifo.c" sample code
(edit) @5695   14 years charles #895: don't scrape running torrents on startup
(edit) @5694   14 years charles lower the minimum requirement for libcurl
(edit) @5693   14 years livings124 don't check for speeds to badge that are disabled in prefs
(edit) @5692   14 years charles remove a debugging printf
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