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(edit) @5959   14 years charles svn propset
(edit) @5958   14 years charles fix svn id property
(edit) @5957   14 years charles remove more dead code
(edit) @5956   14 years charles (libT) remove dead code
(edit) @5955   14 years charles (gtk) silence console warning when starting a second transmission session
(edit) @5954   14 years charles #972 (partial) Transmission fails to compile with Sun Studio due to …
(edit) @5953   14 years charles #971: transmission can't create torrent with empty "Announce URL"
(edit) @5952   14 years charles cleanups by Triskelios
(edit) @5951   14 years charles (rpc) better debugging messages in transmission-remote
(edit) @5950   14 years livings124 handle removing with rpc
(edit) @5949   14 years charles possible fix for r5932/r5933 error reported by John_Clay.
(edit) @5948   14 years charles (gtk) dead code removal: MC_HASH
(edit) @5947   14 years charles remove dead code
(edit) @5946   14 years livings124 simplify the drawing of group colors for transfers
(edit) @5945   14 years livings124 allow transfers to be dragged when status fields are hit; trivial …
(edit) @5944   14 years livings124 improvement for showing the pieces bar for transfers with few pieces …
(edit) @5943   14 years livings124 no need to have the bitmap as an instance variable since it is no …
(edit) @5942   14 years livings124 trivial efficiency
(edit) @5941   14 years livings124 dead code removal
(edit) @5940   14 years livings124 simplify the pieces bar by not drawing the gradient over it
(edit) @5939   14 years livings124 small potential speedup for the pieces bar
(edit) @5938   14 years livings124 support for adding a transfer through rpc
(edit) @5937   14 years livings124 prepare Torrent.[mh] for rpc
(edit) @5936   14 years livings124 rearrange the "transfers" pref pane
(edit) @5935   14 years livings124 Option to only show the add window when manually adding transfers
(edit) @5934   14 years charles dead code removal.
(edit) @5933   14 years charles (libT) shave a few bytes from tr_info and tr_torrent's memory footprints.
(edit) @5932   14 years charles (libT) (1) shave a few bytes from tr_peer and tr_ratecontrol's …
(edit) @5931   14 years livings124 a little work with rpc
(edit) @5930   14 years charles (gtk) #970: The help dialog's link to should be …
(edit) @5929   14 years livings124 attempt to fix "0 times" stats bug
(edit) @5928   14 years charles (gtk) #942: Option to inhibit / allow hibernation (gtk) #943: Option …
(edit) @5927   14 years charles (rpc) 1. fix #968: 'transmission-remote -r' deletes all 2. fix error …
(edit) @5926   14 years livings124 potential fix for users that have "0 times" opened in stats window
(edit) @5925   14 years livings124 even more efficiency when drawing custom row colors
(edit) @5924   14 years charles remove unused functions tr_torrentSetActiveCallback() and …
(edit) @5923   14 years livings124 don't draw the white rows - this is already performed before hand
(edit) @5922   14 years charles * change tr_stat.activityDate's and tr_stat.startedDate's type to …
(edit) @5921   14 years livings124 missed these files in the last commit
(edit) @5920   14 years livings124 manually draw the alternating row colors in the tracker table as well
(edit) @5919   14 years livings124 use the clipRect as the visible rect
(edit) @5918   14 years livings124 manually draw the alternating row colors - this allows the rows below …
(edit) @5917   14 years charles shave 16 bytes off sizeof(tr_peerIo)
(edit) @5916   14 years charles possible fix for the stats error reported in …
(edit) @5915   14 years livings124 keep strings consistent
(edit) @5914   14 years livings124 for users that have "times open" displayed as 0, display "n/a" instead
(edit) @5913   14 years charles sine we now have two public ports (peer and rpc), rename "publicPort" …
(edit) @5912   14 years charles add `hashString' to torrent-stat's response
(edit) @5911   14 years charles more cleanup work: (1) kill the pointless "tr_tracker_stat" struct. …
(edit) @5910   14 years livings124 streamline FileListNode?.m, moving asserts to more appropriate locations
(edit) @5909   14 years charles set the $Id:$ properties for these files
(edit) @5908   14 years charles (libt) more janitorial work on cleaning up tr_session*() and …
(edit) @5907   14 years livings124 fix errors with the new file structure code when displaying …
(edit) @5906   14 years charles (rpc) remove TR_RPC_TORRENT_CLOSING. formalize "torrent-list"'s …
(edit) @5905   14 years livings124 move new files into the macosx directory
(edit) @5904   14 years livings124 use a custom class instead of a dictionary for holding a torrent's …
(edit) @5903   14 years charles #963: use branch numbers for help, such as 1.2x, instead of #963: use …
(edit) @5902   14 years charles make tr_stat identical in transmission.h and rpc-spec.txt.
(edit) @5901   14 years charles (rpc) make our generated JSON more human-readable.
(edit) @5900   14 years charles more janitorial cleanup on the "tr_session*" namespace. Today's …
(edit) @5899   14 years charles tr_base64_decode() now decodes both data with, and without, newlines. …
(edit) @5898   14 years livings124 quicklook window expands from the icon instead of the whole table row
(edit) @5897   14 years livings124 (trunk) update to 1.21
(edit) @5891   14 years charles #934: remove invalid tracker addresses
(edit) @5888   14 years livings124 build shttpd statically
(edit) @5886   14 years livings124 fix infinite loop when quicklooking a collapsed group
(edit) @5885   14 years livings124 enable/disable the quicklook menu item/toolbar item
(edit) @5884   14 years livings124 when showing quicklook window, leave previous window as key
(edit) @5880   14 years charles rename tr_torrentClose() as tr_torrentFree() and make it private. …
(edit) @5879   14 years livings124 only "suck" in and out when quicklook-ing when the window is visible
(edit) @5878   14 years livings124 add quick look menu item
(edit) @5877   14 years livings124 warnings--
(edit) @5876   14 years livings124 make the quicklook toolbar item off by default
(edit) @5875   14 years livings124 add a QuickLook? button to the toolbar
(edit) @5874   14 years livings124 only allow QuickLook? of folders or finished downloads; update NEWS
(edit) @5873   14 years livings124 add QuickLook? to the main window (keeping it in the info window as well)
(edit) @5872   14 years livings124 move quick look into its own class, making it a singleton object to …
(edit) @5871   14 years charles (rpc) ensure "doc/rpc-spec.txt" is added to the tarball
(edit) @5870   14 years livings124 update Mac project file
(edit) @5869   14 years charles (rpc) refresh our snapshot of Jean Gressmann's JSON parser
(edit) @5868   14 years charles (#954) rpc: add "torrent-remove" method. rename tr_torrentDelete() as …
(edit) @5867   14 years livings124 update quicklook when switch tabs to the file tab
(edit) @5866   14 years livings124 only update quicklook window when changing transfer/file
(edit) @5865   14 years livings124 update the quicklook window when the selected transfer changes
(edit) @5864   14 years livings124 allow quicklook of transfers through the inspector; add a quicklook …
(edit) @5863   14 years livings124 remove quicklook animation when the table disappears
(edit) @5862   14 years livings124 #958 QuickLook? from within the Inspector - thanks Waldorf!
(edit) @5861   14 years charles fix up the man pages a bit
(edit) @5860   14 years charles (1) RPC "add-torrent" now lets clients embed base64-encoded metainfo …
(edit) @5859   14 years charles fix 20-byte memory leak every time we stopped a torrent. :/
(edit) @5858   14 years livings124 a little progress on setting up the rpc callback (no new actual …
(edit) @5857   14 years charles tweak the daemon & remote console messages a little
(edit) @5856   14 years charles sync man page with the transmission-remote rewrite
(edit) @5855   14 years charles * better RPC handling of requests submitted via http POST * plug a …
(edit) @5854   14 years charles minor tweaks.
(edit) @5853   14 years charles updated daemon manpage
(edit) @5852   14 years charles possible fix for the crash in …
(edit) @5851   14 years livings124 more ipc code removal
(edit) @5850   14 years charles fix a substitution bug for openssl in the spec file
(edit) @5849   14 years livings124 update project for new rpc code (part 2)
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