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(edit) @6748   14 years livings124 Sparkle 1.5 requires signing of the update
(edit) @6747   14 years livings124 don't allow Sparkle to be set to automatically download updates (who …
(edit) @6746   14 years livings124 add Sparkle 1.5b6
(edit) @6745   14 years livings124 remove Sparkle 1.5b5
(edit) @6744   14 years charles (gtk) make the per-torrent speed limit gui controls' behavior match …
(edit) @6743   14 years charles (libT) #1269: check for the `downloaded' key in the announce repsonse. …
(edit) @6742   14 years charles (gtk) minor comment changes
(edit) @6741   14 years livings124 small alignment issue in the network tab
(edit) @6740   14 years livings124 update localizable strings
(edit) @6739   14 years titer Also delay the port check if port forwarding was just disabled
(edit) @6738   14 years livings124 remove an unused method; trivial type changes
(edit) @6737   14 years livings124 trivial changes
(edit) @6736   14 years livings124 add a link to trac to the Help menu
(edit) @6735   14 years livings124 update the help to point to the trac mainpage instead of timeline
(edit) @6734   14 years livings124 if delay is off, perform the port check probe without any timer; on …
(edit) @6733   14 years titer Do not delay port checking if port forwarding is disabled
(edit) @6732   14 years livings124 redo [6731] using the built-in stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet:
(edit) @6731   14 years livings124 [1235] allow the adding of trackers with leading and trailing whitespace
(edit) @6730   14 years charles (libT) calculate a piece's checksum on the stack, rather than the heap
(edit) @6729   14 years muks (win32) Don't use files in /tmp/ for test on win32
(edit) @6728   14 years muks (win32) Stack smash test fails with too much depth on win32
(edit) @6727   14 years muks (win32) Convert spaces to tabs in
(edit) @6726   14 years muks (win32) Add application icon as a resource
(edit) @6725   14 years muks (win32) Don't build the GTK+ client as a console application
(edit) @6724   14 years charles get rid of a pointless seek() call
(edit) @6723   14 years muks Include crypto.h for randint test
(edit) @6722   14 years muks Test val instead of i
(edit) @6721   14 years charles add a unit test to exercise tr_cryptoRandInt()
(edit) @6720   14 years charles (gtk) #1192: 1.3x's method of setting file priorities & download flags …
(edit) @6719   14 years charles (gtk) #1259: GLib-GObject-WARNING : value "-100" of type `gint' is …
(edit) @6718   14 years charles (gtk) *incomplete* fix for #1192. this actually breaks things in the …
(edit) @6717   14 years charles (libT) #1255: fails to parse announce URLs that have leading or …
(edit) @6716   14 years titer Fixes Mac build
(edit) @6715   14 years muks (win32) Fix the GTK+ client to build for win32
(edit) @6714   14 years muks (win32) There is no SIGHUP
(edit) @6713   14 years muks (win32) Don't build daemon on win32 yet
(edit) @6712   14 years muks (win32) Replace missing symbols with values
(edit) @6711   14 years muks (win32) Add getpagesize() and getregionsize() implementations
(edit) @6710   14 years muks (win32) Fix types and alignment in interlocked exchange
(edit) @6709   14 years muks (win32) Conditionally build shttpd win32 code
(edit) @6708   14 years muks (win32) Don't use dllimport/dllexport (part 3)
(edit) @6707   14 years muks (win32) Don't build minissdpc.c on win32
(edit) @6706   14 years muks (win32) Add includes for natpmp
(edit) @6705   14 years muks (win32) Don't use dllimport/dllexport (part 2)
(edit) @6704   14 years muks (win32) Fix case of included header filenames
(edit) @6703   14 years muks (win32) Rename rpc.[ch] to rpcimpl.[ch]
(edit) @6702   14 years muks (win32) Add mmap implementation
(edit) @6701   14 years muks (win32) Don't use dllimport/dllexport
(edit) @6700   14 years charles (libT) possible solution to the peer hammering problem reported by Switeck
(edit) @6699   14 years charles (libT) change benc's integral type from int to size_t, squashing a …
(edit) @6698   14 years charles (gtk) r6692 tweak: lower the spinbutton delay a little in the prefs dialog
(edit) @6697   14 years charles #1209: shttpd crash when setting port to one already in use
(edit) @6696   14 years charles pump the web connections more frequently when there are tasks pending. …
(edit) @6695   14 years charles #450: OpenSSL in FreeBSD basesystem doesn't have openssl.pc
(edit) @6694   14 years charles #1249: fix BSD "make install" issue
(edit) @6693   14 years charles (gtk) #1244: Crashing while scrolling up used port
(edit) @6692   14 years charles (gtk) unclutter the prefs dialog a bit
(edit) @6691   14 years muks Revert r6688 (this was no bug)
(edit) @6690   14 years Gimp #1252 - Extranious semi-colon
(edit) @6689   14 years muks Fix use of key
(edit) @6688   14 years muks Fix bug in schedule calculation
(edit) @6687   14 years charles (gtk) #989: add a checkbox to auto-update the blocklist once a week
(edit) @6686   14 years charles (gtk) #964: tweak the scheduler's prefs dialog a bit
(edit) @6685   14 years livings124 missed on mainRunLoop
(edit) @6684   14 years livings124 runs on Tiger again, although blocklist auto-update won't be reliable …
(edit) @6683   14 years livings124 if the blocklist downloader is running, don't allow the schedule to be …
(edit) @6682   14 years livings124 ability to auto-update the blocklist automatically weekly (mac)
(edit) @6681   14 years muks Apply changes in scheduled limits when they're updated during the schedule
(edit) @6680   14 years muks Change info messages on scheduled limits
(edit) @6679   14 years muks Correct the key name for scheduled upload limits Also, widget …
(edit) @6678   14 years muks Fix use of new Glib API which fails on older Glib build machines
(edit) @6677   14 years muks Add simple scheduled bandwidth control for the GTK client (bug #964) …
(edit) @6676   14 years livings124 "Last updated: never" if there's no blocklist
(edit) @6675   14 years livings124 add a field indicating when the blocklist was last updated
(edit) @6674   14 years livings124 this should've been part of the last commit
(edit) @6673   14 years livings124 make sure the blocklist sheet's initial text matches the current …
(edit) @6672   14 years livings124 add BlocklistDownloaderViewController?.[hm] to the makefile
(edit) @6671   14 years livings124 some more streamlining of the blocklist code
(edit) @6670   14 years livings124 blocklist xib needs to reference the new blocklist view class
(edit) @6669   14 years livings124 cancel blocklist download when quitting; cleanup
(edit) @6668   14 years livings124 some cleanup of the blocklist code, and store the date of the last …
(edit) @6667   14 years livings124 initial separation of blocklist downloader and the corresponding view
(edit) @6666   14 years livings124 turn on "Build independent targets in parallel"
(edit) @6665   14 years livings124 rename "Development" to "Debug"
(edit) @6664   14 years livings124 update a whole bunch of project build settings, especially for extra …
(edit) @6663   14 years charles better r6662
(edit) @6662   14 years charles (clutch) #1240: inspector's layout is broken
(edit) @6661   14 years livings124 better [6658]
(edit) @6660   14 years livings124 trunk: update the list of mac files to include in the tarball
(edit) @6658   14 years livings124 if the quick look window is in the middle of opening and the selection …
(edit) @6657   14 years livings124 update NEWS
(edit) @6656   14 years charles (clutch) fix variablename typo. this is from a patch in ticket #1172
(edit) @6655   14 years charles (cli) #1226: errors should print to stderr
(edit) @6654   14 years charles (daemon) #1234: Improve transmission-remote's help info to not confuse …
(edit) @6653   14 years charles fix a confusing extraneous line in the previous commit
(edit) @6652   14 years charles (libT) maybe fix the hangs reported by users in the recent nightlies.
(edit) @6651   14 years muks Fix coding style of last commit
(edit) @6650   14 years muks Return early if no URL is passed
(edit) @6649   14 years livings124 enable lazy bitfields
(edit) @6648   14 years charles (clutch) #1232: useless slash of inspector's Web UI "Tracker" field
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