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(edit) @7404   13 years charles updated email address
(edit) @7402   13 years charles (trunk libT) probable fix for the "greedy peer" bug
(edit) @7401   13 years charles try to make hudson-t happy
(edit) @7400   13 years charles (trunk cli) #1598: peer-port not saved correctly
(edit) @7399   13 years charles put the consts back in to make jhjhiti happy
(edit) @7398   13 years charles 15:11 < jhujhiti> charles_: there are no bugs
(edit) @7397   13 years charles (trunk libT) add ipv6 support by jhujhiti. I think this is the …
(edit) @7396   13 years charles (trunk gtk) fix PEX option bug, again reported by Rolcol
(edit) @7394   13 years charles (trunk gtk) clean up some more preferences options
(edit) @7393   13 years charles (trunk) fix gtk bug of not remembering users' settings for per-torrent …
(edit) @7392   13 years charles (trunk libT) fix type error reported by JhuJhiti?
(edit) @7391   13 years charles (trunk gtk) fix bug that didn't save the settings when the user …
(edit) @7390   13 years charles (trunk gtk) fix prefs oopsie reported by RolCol?
(edit) @7389   13 years livings124 ensure auto-grouping will never be used on Tiger
(edit) @7388   13 years livings124 skip bad rules instead of asserting - this might help down the road if …
(edit) @7387   13 years livings124 add some asserts
(edit) @7386   13 years livings124 slight improvement for the auto-group code
(edit) @7385   13 years charles (trunk libT) more semantic cleanup: tr_handle->tr_session, …
(edit) @7383   13 years livings124 (trunk) undo the last commit
(edit) @7382   13 years livings124 (1.4x) update appcast
(edit) @7381   13 years livings124 (trunk) update appcast; set date of NEWS
(edit) @7379   13 years livings124 (trunk) update version numbers for 1.41
(edit) @7377   13 years charles (trunk) sync with 1.4x NEWS
(edit) @7374   13 years charles (trunk daemon) added --dump option to dump the settings to stderr and exit.
(edit) @7373   13 years charles (trunk libT) #1595: Always search in PACKAGE_DATA_DIR when serving Web …
(edit) @7371   13 years livings124 simplify the "randomize port" text
(edit) @7370   13 years livings124 #1559 Simplify tr_sessionInitFull - Mac client
(edit) @7369   13 years charles (trunk libT) remove unneeded key
(edit) @7368   13 years charles (trunk libT) semantic cleanup: int -> tr_bool
(edit) @7367   13 years charles (trunk) #1559: Simplify tr_sessionInitFull
(edit) @7366   13 years charles (trunk libT) #1593: Setting upload to 0 kills all download
(edit) @7364   13 years livings124 merge the group location selection code
(edit) @7363   13 years livings124 disable the group location matching when adding a just-created torrent
(edit) @7362   13 years livings124 add an all/any button to the group rules sheet
(edit) @7361   13 years charles (trunk libT) remove a couple of redundant and/or unused fields from …
(edit) @7360   13 years charles (trunk libT) make tr_bencDictMerge() support limited nested merges
(edit) @7359   13 years charles (trunk libT) #1559 (partial): add tr_bencDictMerge() + unit tests. …
(edit) @7358   13 years livings124 #1589 Fix a forwarding bug introduced in r7352 random port
(edit) @7357   13 years charles (libT) add some documentation about the three separate peer structs …
(edit) @7356   13 years charles (trunk gtk) #1588: bandwidth scheduler should display timestamps …
(edit) @7353   13 years charles (trunk libT) fix bug which caused libtransmission to hold onto …
(edit) @7352   13 years livings124 #1157 ability to pick a random port in libtransmission; mac preference …
(edit) @7351   13 years charles (trunk libT) back out the changes for #1580; closing that ticket as invalid
(edit) @7348   13 years charles (rpc) #1584: include version in session-get response
(edit) @7347   13 years charles (trunk) #1581: resolve ambiguity between --enable-gtk and --disable-nls
(edit) @7345   13 years charles (trunk daemon) #1583: daemon ignores IP address whitelist
(edit) @7343   13 years charles (trunk libT) #1580: use a 65K read buffer for the hash check, even for …
(edit) @7342   13 years charles (trunk libT) make the upnp description a little easier to …
(edit) @7340   13 years charles (trunk libT) fix minor r7266 oops that could keep us from …
(edit) @7338   13 years charles (trunk libT) #1580: increase the read buffer for the "verify local …
(edit) @7337   13 years charles (trunk libT) fix r7336 oops reported by RolCol?, m1b, and KyleK
(edit) @7336   13 years charles (trunk libT) experimental code to try & fix the "one torrent / one …
(edit) @7335   13 years charles (trunk libT) better fix for the previous commit
(edit) @7334   13 years charles (trunk libT) fix blocklist.c build error on cygwin by adding #include …
(edit) @7333   13 years charles (trunk libT) fix INET6_ADDRSTRLEN build error on cygwin, reported by …
(edit) @7331   13 years charles (daemon) #1510: kysucix's patch to give an option to delete local data …
(edit) @7329   13 years charles (trunk libT) if an individual torrent's speed limit is set, don't pay …
(edit) @7327   13 years livings124 revert last change - it didn't load the values properly
(edit) @7326   13 years livings124 load the rules table before showing the group rules sheet
(edit) @7325   13 years livings124 update the localizable strings file
(edit) @7324   13 years livings124 add a description to the groups rules sheet
(edit) @7323   13 years charles (trunk libT) #1565: give the peer requests a higher send priority. …
(edit) @7320   13 years charles (libT) #1577: honor the peer's BEP 10 reqq key, if they provide it.
(edit) @7319   13 years livings124 layout adjustment of info text in the preferences window
(edit) @7318   13 years livings124 auto-group considers all trackers
(edit) @7317   13 years livings124 make sure the group info is updated when adding/removing groups
(edit) @7316   13 years livings124 missed adding the new GroupsRules? xib
(edit) @7315   13 years livings124 #1575 Auto-select a group for new torrents according to criteria for …
(edit) @7314   13 years livings124 missed one
(edit) @7313   13 years livings124 use the short username for the Bonjour web ui name
(edit) @7312   13 years livings124 disable the file filter for single-file transfers; update NEWS
(edit) @7311   13 years livings124 small alignment changes to the file filter
(edit) @7310   13 years livings124 add a search field to filter the file table in the inspector
(edit) @7309   13 years livings124 better string comparison of filter text
(edit) @7308   13 years livings124 add support to filter file list (not yet implemented in the interface)
(edit) @7307   13 years livings124 store a flat (non-nested) list of files for each transfer
(edit) @7306   13 years livings124 simplify the code for moving rows in the groups table and fix a bug …
(edit) @7305   13 years livings124 grammar fix
(edit) @7304   13 years charles (trunk) #1571: updated the README file
(edit) @7302   13 years charles (trunk libT) #1569: tr_sessionIsSpeedLimitEnabled() returns wrong value
(edit) @7299   13 years charles (clutch) #1567: Web interface uses wrong boolean type in JSON messages
(edit) @7298   13 years livings124 #1570 Streamlined macosx/
(edit) @7297   13 years livings124 remove a poorly placed semicolon
(edit) @7296   13 years livings124 add an option to disable Bonjour broadcasting of the web ui link
(edit) @7295   13 years charles (libT) fix a minor memory leak.
(edit) @7293   13 years charles #1566: dpkg-buildpackage fails if make has not been run
(edit) @7292   13 years livings124 kill some unneeded logging
(edit) @7291   13 years livings124 missed one
(edit) @7290   13 years livings124 #1395 - patch from Waldorf: Bonjour support for Web Interface
(edit) @7289   13 years charles (libT) minor cleanup: using tr_bool, fixing up bad code indentation, …
(edit) @7274   13 years charles (libT) #1562: 1.40 sends unnecessary `cancel' messages when choked
(edit) @7272   13 years charles (gtk) undo r7271 damage: I checked in an extra file I didn't intend to.
(edit) @7271   13 years charles (gtk) #1560: tr_strlsize() type conflict
(edit) @7268   13 years charles update news
(edit) @7266   13 years charles (libT) #1557: handshake peer-id doesn't match the peer-id sent in the …
(edit) @7265   13 years charles (libT) #1545: 1.41b1: speed temporarily jumps to 2x the upload limit
(edit) @7264   13 years charles add "downloaders" to the spec; it's already in trunk
(edit) @7263   13 years charles (gtk) #1555: I can't add more trackers to torrent
(edit) @7261   13 years charles (gtk) #1544: case insensitivity search does not work with non-ascii …
(edit) @7259   13 years charles (gtk) #1477: Launchpad translations need comment for strings with …
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