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(edit) @9179   12 years charles (trunk) remove tr_stats fields: downloaders, leechers, seeders, …
(edit) @9178   12 years charles (trunk qt) #2417: Qt client closes when clicking X rather than close …
(edit) @9177   12 years charles (trunk, libT) #2379: infinite ratio shows as nan, invalid json
(edit) @9176   12 years charles (trunk libT) remove some debug printfs
(edit) @9175   12 years charles (trunk qt) #2418: Cannot open a torrent in kde4 with right clicking
(edit) @9174   12 years livings124 begin the reorganization of the inspector tracker tab - a lot still …
(edit) @9173   12 years charles (trunk) copy-by-value changes to tr_tracker_stat
(edit) @9172   12 years charles (trunk gtk) implement 'edit trackers' window in gtk client
(edit) @9171   12 years livings124 fix mac build - tracker info tab info is not fully available for now
(edit) @9170   12 years charles (trunk) #1699: Announce to multiple trackers at once #2424: Tracker …
(edit) @9169   12 years charles (trunk) #2445: Use automake's "quieter builds" rule when available
(edit) @9168   12 years livings124 set the favicon timeout to 30 seconds from 10 seconds
(edit) @9167   12 years charles (trunk third-party) get miniupnpc building again. the breakage has …
(edit) @9166   12 years livings124 update miniupnp to 20090921
(edit) @9163   12 years livings124 #2439 changing sort order to queue will automatically re-sort - and …
(edit) @9162   12 years livings124 update libevent config files
(edit) @9161   12 years livings124 add a 10-second timeout to the favicon request
(edit) @9160   12 years livings124 update NEWS
(edit) @9159   12 years charles (trunk libT) #2416: possible fix for 'crash in event_queue_insert' on …
(edit) @9158   12 years livings124 ...and actually add that image
(edit) @9157   12 years livings124 add a placeholder favicon for trackers
(edit) @9156   12 years livings124 better use of the cache object for tracker favicons, so if an icon is …
(edit) @9155   12 years livings124 allow multiple selection in the tracker table again
(edit) @9154   12 years livings124 fix manually adding trackers
(edit) @9153   12 years livings124 #2436 on 10.6 let's try showing favicons in the info panel's tracker table
(edit) @9152   12 years livings124 remove unneeded check for user-added tier
(edit) @9151   12 years livings124 use NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains() for searching for sounds
(edit) @9150   12 years livings124 #2433 In Group preferences, "...where all criteria are met", not …
(edit) @9149   12 years charles update to dht 0.9
(edit) @9148   12 years charles (trunk gtk) gah, I'm so stupid. I go to the trouble of writing a …
(edit) @9147   12 years livings124 rename SUPPORT_FOLDER to TRANSFER_PLIST
(edit) @9146   12 years livings124 #2428 fix a crash in TorrentTableView? when drawing alternative rows
(edit) @9145   12 years charles (trunk third-party) #2302: upgrade libdht to newer version
(edit) @9143   12 years charles (trunk gtk) #2427: crash on quit when the Preferences window is open
(edit) @9142   12 years kjg (trunk) forgot to add this image to the makefile
(edit) @9141   12 years livings124 when creating a torrent with a single piece, remove "each" from "X …
(edit) @9140   12 years livings124 in the off chance this ocurs, "1 byte" instead of "1 bytes"
(edit) @9139   12 years livings124 remove unneeded group column resize code
(edit) @9138   12 years livings124 use NSRectFillListWithColors on the pieces grid
(edit) @9137   12 years charles (trunk libT) #2420 - Transmission should follow PEX conventions
(edit) @9136   12 years livings124 #2421 Build fails on Mac OS X if special characters are in project path
(edit) @9135   12 years livings124 fix some flickering with the table row color drawing
(edit) @9134   12 years livings124 remove unnecessary alloca
(edit) @9133   12 years livings124 same for torrent table, and fix a code placement issue
(edit) @9132   12 years livings124 use NSRectFillList() to fill the tracker table's alternating row
(edit) @9131   12 years charles (trunk libT) use tr_torrentName() instead of tor->
(edit) @9130   12 years charles (trunk gtk) rewrite the 'create torrent' dialog
(edit) @9129   12 years charles add a way to tell the hig workarea which widget(s) to stretch …
(edit) @9128   12 years charles when creating a new torrent and a tracker announce URL can't be …
(edit) @9127   12 years livings124 remove a warning
(edit) @9126   12 years livings124 show a warning whenever removing any tracker, regardless of if it's …
(edit) @9125   12 years livings124 remove distinction between built-in trackers and custom-added …
(edit) @9124   12 years livings124 use 10.6's localizedStandardCompare: when sorting by name
(edit) @9123   12 years livings124 #2414 Upside-down dock icons in Inspector under Leopard
(edit) @9122   12 years charles (trunk) silence manpage warnings reported by lintian and recorded at …
(edit) @9121   12 years livings124 on 10.6 avoid some wizardry to work around a 10.5 bug when switching a …
(edit) @9120   12 years livings124 replace a deprecated method
(edit) @9119   12 years charles (trunk web) #2411: double-clicking torrent should open/close inspector
(edit) @9118   12 years charles (trunk qt) fix DHT build issue reported and patched by DimStar?
(edit) @9116   12 years livings124 (trunk) update to 1.75; transfer NEWS and appcast from 1.7x branch
(edit) @9107   12 years charles (trunk gtk) increase the temporary buffer size to avoid string truncations
(edit) @9106   12 years livings124 another warning gone
(edit) @9105   12 years livings124 one less warning
(edit) @9104   12 years livings124 remove comment
(edit) @9102   12 years livings124 (trunk) make sure the creator window size/placement is saved correctly
(edit) @9100   12 years livings124 (trunk) hopefull fix #2354 - end editing of the tracker table before …
(edit) @9099   12 years charles (trunk T) possible fix for gtk crash reported by Michael Stoykov
(edit) @9098   12 years charles (trunk gtk) fix clang build issue reported by Tronic
(edit) @9096   12 years livings124 last commit would break 10.5-compatibility if it weren't already broken
(edit) @9095   12 years livings124 the quick look window shouldn't zoom onto a missing window when quitting
(edit) @9094   12 years charles (trunk gtk) add a Donate item to the Help menu
(edit) @9091   12 years livings124 #2396 move donation menu item to the main Transmission menu; remove …
(edit) @9089   12 years charles (trunk libT) fix a couple of compiler warnings from the last commit.
(edit) @9087   12 years charles (trunk libT) fix oops
(edit) @9085   12 years charles (trunk libT) #2395: caching too many peers between sessions makes …
(edit) @9084   12 years livings124 add missing #include
(edit) @9083   12 years livings124 another 10.6 check
(edit) @9082   12 years charles (trunk, libT) #2390: when you add a new torrent while one is verifying …
(edit) @9080   12 years charles (trunk libT) a test commit -- possible fseek fix for Rabbitbunny
(edit) @9074   12 years charles fix r9073 oops; I committed a few debugging changes by accident too
(edit) @9073   12 years charles delete the obsolete zsh bindings
(edit) @9071   12 years charles (trunk gtk) #2389: Sort by Time Left broken in the GTK client
(edit) @9069   12 years charles (trunk libT) sync the announce/scrape timeout intervals in trunk with …
(edit) @9068   12 years charles (trunk gtk) #2387: transmission doesn't start; gives message 'err: Did …
(edit) @9066   12 years charles add better logging to track down tr_ioRead() error messages reported …
(edit) @9065   12 years charles decide at runtime, rather than compile time, whether to use …
(edit) @9059   12 years charles (trunk libT) make tr_ptrArrayErase() private
(edit) @9057   12 years livings124 make sure the "move data" context option actually works
(edit) @9056   12 years livings124 #2371 move "Move Data File To..." to the contextual menu, and add …
(edit) @9055   12 years livings124 disable QuickLook? button/menu item on 10.6
(edit) @9054   12 years livings124 add some 10.6 checks for quick look
(edit) @9053   12 years livings124 #2337 Include Mac OS X 10.5's libcurl and libcrypto in our repo to …
(edit) @9052   12 years charles (trunk, libT) sibling to r9027, remove more unused code
(edit) @9050   12 years livings124 only use integral numbers for the height of the pieces bar
(edit) @9048   12 years livings124 seems that drawing non-integer bound rects isn't kosher after all
(edit) @9047   12 years charles (trunk libT) disable the sorted ptrArray assertions in non-mac release …
(edit) @9046   12 years livings124 whoops
(edit) @9045   12 years livings124 Simplify the progress bar drawing code using NSDivideRect(). This also …
(edit) @9044   12 years charles (trunk libT) #2383: Faster verification for local data with small …
(edit) @9043   12 years charles fix another 'make distcheck' error in the macox/ directory
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