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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#532 Collect unwanted, but received, blocks in a separate file charles Enhancement Normal 1.03 Normal
#1753 worker disk IO thread to ease the load in the libtransmission/libevent thread charles Enhancement Normal 1.42 Normal
#2175 support torrent tagging charles Enhancement Normal 1.70 Normal
#2910 Treat peers with same IP address but different port as different peers gvdl Bug Normal 1.83 Minor
#2997 Auto-calculate upload slots per torrent charles Enhancement Normal 1.91 Normal
#3363 MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_SECOND should be replaced with a non-constant charles Enhancement Normal 2.00 Normal
#4196 Should ignore one address of peer if reachable via both IPv4 and IPv6 jordan Bug Normal 2.22 Minor
#4476 Android patch for libtransmission jordan Enhancement Normal 2.33 Normal
#2939 add and remove trackers without supplying the whole list in libT jordan Enhancement Low 1.90 Trivial
#4651 An option to change numwant jordan Enhancement Low 2.42 Normal
#5462 Use CommonCrypto instead of OpenSSL in libtransmission on OS X mike.dld Enhancement Low 2.82 Normal

Status: closed (33 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#172 Fix pool memory leak titer Defect High Other Major
#193 reading scrape answer segfault titer Defect High Other Normal
#270 Transmission crashes with Rev 2489 Bug High 0.80 Major
#21 Does not communicate well with mainline and ABC somebody Defect Normal 0.5 Normal
#33 Ban peers who repeatedly send bad data to us somebody Enhancement Normal 0.5 Major
#46 "Remove" from t-gtk doesn't send event somebody Defect Normal 0.5 Normal
#71 Client not respecting trackers minimum anounce, Ignoring for X seconds titer Defect Normal Major
#106 support multiscraping to reduce tracker overhead charles Enhancement Normal 0.6 Normal
#123 Patch to manage torrents in the right places on AmigaOS4 Defect Normal 0.72 Normal
#124 avoid parallel file checking somebody Enhancement Normal 0.6 Normal
#151 send trackerid in announce somebody Enhancement Normal 0.6 Normal
#158 shareaza peerid somebody Enhancement Normal 0.6 Minor
#161 ratecontrol.c causes segment violation titer Defect Normal Other Critical
#168 multitracker support somebody Enhancement Normal 0.6 Normal
#170 [PATCH] scrape at a regular interval to get seeders and leechers joshe Defect Normal Other Normal
#171 HTTP_STATUS_FAIL fine grannularity when scraping somebody Enhancement Normal Other Normal
#175 trunk rev. 1242+ fails to build somebody Defect Normal Other Normal
#186 "Remove downloaded file..." doesn't remove the file somebody Defect Normal 0.6 Major
#190 T crashes when turning the "Automatically map port" option on and off fast. somebody Defect Normal 0.6 Normal
#246 Piece ???? hash FAILED charles Bug Normal 0.80 Normal
#266 Building Transmission from svn in Zeta 1.21 gives an error that don't exist in 0.72 Bug Normal 0.80 Blocker
#302 Remember Excess Peers. Currently if T has an excess of peers from PEX or the tracker, it forgets them Enhancement Normal 0.80 Normal
#1213 Port no longer mapped after wake from sleep charles Bug Normal 1.32 Normal
#1769 Tracker pane shows "In progress" too often for ipv6 connections jhujhiti Bug Normal 1.50 Normal
#1770 IPv6 torrent doesn't start at first scrape -- only later. jhujhiti Bug Normal 1.50 Normal
#1830 RPC performance is very slow charles Enhancement Normal 1.50 Normal
#2253 Use less memory when uploading by pruning overly-long write buffers charles Enhancement Normal 1.72 Normal
#3703 libtransmission as a shared object charles Enhancement Normal 2.11 Normal
#4005 Support torrents whose piece size is not a power of 2 jordan Enhancement Normal 2.20 Normal
#254 ignores non-writable existing files somebody Defect Low 0.80 Minor
#1121 Open the remote access port with NAT-PMP/UPnP charles Enhancement Low 1.22 Minor
#1794 tr_normalizeV4Mapped() should no longer be necessary jhujhiti Enhancement Lowest 1.50 Normal
#1836 Incorrect webseed status after torrent is completed, using transmission-remote -t X -i charles Bug Lowest 1.50 Trivial

Status: new (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#1731 IPv6 does not work against dual-stacked trackers jhujhiti Bug Normal 1.50 Normal
#1691 support super-seeding "Suggest Piece" (BEP #6) apetresc Enhancement Low 1.42 Normal
#4146 Make announcer / web code more modular jordan Enhancement Low 2.22 Normal
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