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#240 All Torrents Removed on Launch livings124 Bug Highest Mac Client
#1582 isBuf( b )' failed Bug Highest Transmission
#2795 No Downloading or Uploading after update to 1.80, 1.81, 1.82 from 1.76 Bug Highest Transmission
#4070 Assertion failure happens soon after Transmission startup jordan Bug Highest Transmission
#4079 GTK+ Transmisson crashes when opening magnet link jordan Bug Highest GTK+ Client
#4152 Crash since 12255 jordan Bug Highest libtransmission
#64 rev. 264 fails to build somebody Defect High CLI
#98 typesetting error in transfers prefpane somebody Defect High Transmission
#242 Private Flag Not Respected somebody Bug High libtransmission
#255 Bugs discoveres by scan Bug High libtransmission
#277 Large DLs Still Stuck in the last 15% (Redownloading / Miscalculating / Etc.) somebody Bug High Transmission
#299 TR_FR_RUN undeclared. Bug High libtransmission
#1749 transmission-daemon: completion.c:330: tr_cpFileIsComplete: Assertion `tr_torBlockPiece( tor, lastBlock ) == file->lastPiece' failed. charles Bug High Daemon
#1831 Transmission does not favour upload limits Bug High Transmission
#1976 build problem with r8173: "erreur: ‘POSIX_FADV_SEQUENTIAL’ undeclared" charles Bug High libtransmission
#2377 Keep Leopard compatibility while using the 10.6 SDK livings124 Bug High Mac Client
#2455 Brothersoft Partnership Inquiry Enhancement High Transmission
#2542 Transmission freezes when using 'Move data file to...' livings124 Bug High Transmission
#2543 Inspector not working anymore kjg Bug High Web Client
#2583 Infinite loop in DHT code charles Bug High Transmission
#2742 Curl_hash_pick crash charles Bug High libtransmission
#2759 Excessive CPU Usage livings124 Bug High Transmission
#2761 Transmission's WebUI dies before loading everything Bug High Transmission
#3351 2.00+ (10851) Completing download causing crash. charles Bug High Mac Client
#3382 2.01+ (10919) Hangs after launch. charles Bug High libtransmission
#4091 FTBFS: make returns error for GTK+ client - build fails. jordan Bug High GTK+ Client
#4114 Crash on open r12148 in tau_sendto jordan Bug High libtransmission
#4153 Protect against non-monotonic time in libutp jch Bug High libtransmission
#4942 Preference and Message Windows are broken on SL 10.6.8 livings124 Bug High Mac Client
#5205 GTK+ client crashes in recent trunk jordan Bug High GTK+ Client
#6152 Linux special characters invalid in Windows Enhancement High Transmission
#1 Displaying file icon in table view causes large CPU increase somebody Defect Normal Transmission
#10 It would be easier to understand stalled than --:--:--. somebody Enhancement Normal CLI
#11 Crash on torrents using GBK encoding somebody Defect Normal Transmission
#14 Queuing Enhancement Normal Mac Client
#17 Please report How much of the connections are incoming ones. somebody Defect Normal Transmission
#29 Insert "KB/s" after "Limit Upload Rate" in Network Preferences somebody Defect Normal
#34 Traffic Encryption (Azereus/uTorrent compatible) Enhancement Normal libtransmission
#65 Transmission becomes unresponsive somebody Defect Normal Transmission
#68 Null Data somebody Defect Normal Transmission
#69 Very small text files frequently don't download. somebody Defect Normal Transmission
#76 status bar should be placed at bottom (next to shortcut icon) somebody Defect Normal Mac Client
#78 An e missing in "Where" in the inspector window. somebody Defect Normal Mac Client
#79 transmissioncli -s broken as of r284 somebody Defect Normal libtransmission
#83 Torrent Saving to custom folder somebody Enhancement Normal Transmission
#84 Advanced sorting somebody Enhancement Normal Transmission
#85 The right end of the "Paused" bar has been equipped with the wrong file when at 100%. somebody Defect Normal Mac Client
#86 Changing Inspector default tab somebody Enhancement Normal Mac Client
#90 "Torrent", "Download", "Transfer": inconsistent wording livings124 Defect Normal Transmission
#92 Crash when clicking on the Transfers icon in Preferences somebody Defect Normal Mac Client
#96 Inspector Typo somebody Defect Normal Transmission
#97 failure to handle tracker response 302 livings124 Defect Normal Transmission
#165 'smarter' NAT traversal detection Enhancement Normal libtransmission
#215 The debug warning messages generates two "Help" menus livings124 Defect Normal Mac Client
#228 File Selection And A One-File Torrent somebody Defect Normal Mac Client
#229 Auto-ban Bad Uploaders somebody Enhancement Normal Transmission
#230 [PATCH] build fixes for gcc 2.x charles Defect Normal GTK+ Client
#247 Queue not updated when (re-)checking a file livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#248 Advanced bar not yellow when checking livings124 Defect Normal Mac Client
#250 T asserts when downloading Bug Normal libtransmission
#251 Valid Download Starts at 0 Again somebody Bug Normal libtransmission
#256 Inspector: Total DL messes up on completion livings124 Bug Normal libtransmission
#258 NSLog(@"asdgas") in DragOverlayWindow.m livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#259 Improve queue for file selection livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client
#262 2388 breaks OS X compiling livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#272 Torrent.m :: update() function might be wrong livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#280 Can't compile Transmission. Broken from Rev 2552 somebody Bug Normal Transmission
#281 Global limit setting becomes individual setting for torrent when finishes livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#282 New osx toolbar icon "Create" livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#286 stress of tracker doesn't work due to tc->minInterval Bug Normal libtransmission
#287 Separate Up/Down limits for clients connect via LAN Enhancement Normal libtransmission
#288 build broken with older compilers charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#290 Crash when opening multiple .torrents simultaneously livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#291 add unistd.h to some files Bug Normal libtransmission
#293 make use of smaller piece sizes (32, 64 and 128 KB) for torrent creation Enhancement Normal libtransmission
#294 Too many upload slots Bug Normal libtransmission
#295 Use less memory for icons livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client
#297 If Transmission is set to ask where to save a file every time, it will not start download of a url dragged into transmission. livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#298 UPnP bugs joshe Bug Normal Transmission
#300 File checking is not able to be paused Enhancement Normal libtransmission
#301 When one file needs to be checked in a torrent, transmission will instead check all files Bug Normal libtransmission
#303 No Error Shown If Tracker Cannot be Reached somebody Enhancement Normal Transmission
#308 $REV in not set somebody Bug Normal libtransmission
#313 Change name in GTK desktop file somebody Enhancement Normal Transmission
#370 Upon completion of downloading, torrents are set to paused regardless of their ratio setting livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#388 Trac doesn't send email when ticket is updated somebody Enhancement Normal Website
#396 Add an option to preferences to un-badge complete-downloads somebody Enhancement Normal Mac Client
#402 Strange behavior in the program with a large amount of torrents (30+) livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#438 .90/.91 very high CPU usage somebody Bug Normal Transmission
#669 r4842 counts groups as transfers livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#672 Ability to rename torrents Enhancement Normal Transmission
#730 Seeding ETA Broken in nightly (r5092) livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#784 Massive amounts of failed data Bug Normal libtransmission
#832 XML entity references are displayed instead of some characters charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#833 "Last scrape/announce at" shows wrong time charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#837 Build fixes for non-Linux Bug Normal Transmission
#942 (gtk) should not inhibit Sleep/Suspend charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#1128 Avant Window Navigator Patch charles Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client
#1318 transmission eats all resources after incorrect JSON/RPC query charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1365 crash in g_markup_escape_text() Bug Normal GTK+ Client
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