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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2147 DHT announce status display charles Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.70
#3773 Settings for multi-selected torrents are unclear. mike.dld Bug Normal Qt Client 2.12
#4018 Use octal notation for umask in settings.json gvdl Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.20
#4329 transmission-daemon resets config path after SIGHUP mike.dld Bug Normal Daemon 2.31
#4348 Disable options dialog only for automatically added torrents jordan Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 2.32
#4856 Torrent is re-downloaded completely when verification was not finished jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.50
#4890 Populate the application menu in GNOME 3 jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.51
#5608 File renaming in torrent properties mike.dld Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.82
#5641 Transmission-gtk (show a notification when torrents are added not working) mike.dld Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.82
#5894 Content Security Policy for WebUI mike.dld Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.84
#4220 should preserve state of tree view in files tab jordan Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 2.22

Status: closed (89 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1361 transmission deletes downloaded torrents Gimp Bug Highest Web Client 1.34
#1440 webUI disconnecting clients every 1-2 minutes Gimp Bug Highest Web Client 1.34
#1548 Peers "flap" after r7186 charles Bug Highest Transmission 1.41
#1604 Transmission GUI & Subprocess crashes jhujhiti Bug Highest Transmission 1.41
#1635 Transmission-daemon crash on ubuntu 8.10 charles Bug Highest Daemon 1.42
#1818 Concurrent bug for bandwidth allocation charles Bug Highest libtransmission 1.42
#1875 Transmission 1.50 corrupt Disk Structure Bug Highest Transmission 1.50
#2351 Option to remove "ALL" when deleting a torrent Bug Highest Transmission 1.73
#2367 No connections under 10.6, but those in the house running 10.5 can connect. livings124 Bug Highest Mac Client 1.74
#2382 Undable to connect to any peers Bug Highest Transmission 1.52+
#2399 Transmission never closes correctly - It freezes at close. Bug Highest Transmission 1.74
#2423 4xx tracker error for all torrents on snow leopard 10.6 Bug Highest Transmission 1.75
#2541 Blocks the whole mac, no response instead mouse (rare!) Bug Highest Transmission 1.76
#2843 1.83 Crashes on launch Bug Highest Transmission 1.83
#2961 Transmission Mac Crushed, Programm shut down Bug Highest Transmission 1.90
#3044 Downloaded torrents disappearing Bug Highest Transmission 1.91
#3123 Bug in r1558 (po/ Bug Highest Transmission 1.92
#3223 "tracker did not respond" error on CentOS 5.5 i386 with libcurl 7.15.5 Bug Highest Daemon 1.93+
#3288 Can't resume downloads from where it was stopped in session before. Screpach Bug Highest Mac Client 1.93+
#3325 rechokeUploads is all wrong charles Bug Highest libtransmission 2.00
#3458 implement queue for linux Enhancement Highest Transmission 2.03
#3484 Kernel Panics Bug Highest Transmission 2.03
#3736 adding multiple .torrent files and setting preferences to trash torrent file after loading... anicake Bug Highest Transmission 2.11
#4046 Upload speed flies mankind Bug Highest Transmission 2.20
#4062 Proxy error Bug Highest Transmission 2.20
#4230 general protection fault at OpenWRT x86 trunk kernel Bug Highest Transmission 2.22
#4811 double help menu livings124 Bug Highest Mac Client 2.50
#5074 limiting download and upload speed doesn't work at all... Bug Highest Transmission 2.71
#5353 Error: Invalid Argument Bug Highest Transmission 2.77+
#5363 Configured proxy is not being used, local IP exposed Bug Highest Transmission 2.77
#5396 Not showing active torrents in web client and transmission-remote-gtk Bug Highest Transmission 2.80
#5397 Not show active torrents both in web and transmission-remote-gtk Bug Highest Transmission 2.80
#5419 Torrent queue going backwards Bug Highest Transmission 2.80
#5475 All files I download are damaged Jesse and Chad Reis Bug Highest Transmission 2.82
#5482 when I run the init.d script, the settings.json setting will recover to default setting Bug Highest Transmission 2.82
#5550 segfault in Curl_client_write jordan Bug Highest libtransmission 2.82
#5694 Gatekeeper - Invalid Developer Certificate livings124 Bug Highest Mac Client 2.83
#5703 Readding a torrent will crash Transmission Bug Highest Daemon 2.83
#5807 RPC torrent-get function returns invalid JSON jordan Bug Highest libtransmission 2.84
#5957 Huge Memory Leak - Possibly Sort by activity Bug Highest Transmission 2.83+
#5960 Transmission (Not Responding) jordan Bug Highest Qt Client 2.84+
#202 Over Downloading somebody Defect High Transmission 0.80
#315 Progress bar is completely corrupted livings124 Bug High Mac Client 0.82+
#317 Transmission aborts when downloading Bug High libtransmission 0.82+
#344 "error connecting" somebody Bug High Transmission 0.82+
#446 intltool version isn't detected correct somebody Bug High Transmission 0.91
#567 localize livings124 Translation High Mac Client 0.96
#842 transfer speeds dropping to 0 Bug High libtransmission 1.11
#1173 charset bug Bug High Transmission 1.30
#1239 Global Upload Rate Often Broken Bug High Transmission 1.33
#1260 Port won't open in Mac client Bug High Transmission 1.33
#1268 transmission-daemon leaks memory charles Bug High Daemon 1.22
#1303 transmission-gtk crash charles Bug High GTK+ Client 1.34
#1348 Crash When Setting Web Interface Port to 80 charles Bug High GTK+ Client 1.34
#1376 maximum transfer limit ignored after tracker error livings124 Bug High Mac Client 1.34
#1433 High overhead Bug High Transmission 1.34
#1463 HTTPS tracker doesn't work in 1.40 charles Bug High libtransmission 1.40
#1512 unicode characters aren't recognized charles Bug High libtransmission 1.40
#1528 Transmission segfaults when accessing the web interface (headless build, ARM) Bug High Transmission 1.51
#1534 Transmission notices when users delete downloaded files manually smmalis Bug High Transmission 1.40
#1553 Transmission not support dht network Enhancement High Transmission 1.40
#1572 Transmission stores filenames on target fs in wrong encoding charles Bug High libtransmission 1.41
#1607 GUI Freeze after few minutes Bug High Transmission 1.41
#1609 Port mapping doesn't work when a all traffic is already forwarded to my ip Bug High Transmission 1.41
#1650 Don't trash downloads when client crashes Bug High Transmission 1.42
#1657 macos v7620 crash at peerIO Bug High Transmission 1.42+
#1669 Inordinately high CPU use with bandwidth throttling enabled Bug High Transmission 1.42
#1684 Crash when downloading a file that's got the same name as an existing directory Bug High Transmission 1.42
#1692 Troubles with trackers without scrape features Bug High Transmission 1.42
#1698 RunTime Check failture charles Bug High libtransmission 1.42+
#1717 All traffic chokes on Transmission client charles Bug High libtransmission 1.42+
#1725 Missing component Waldorf Bug High Wiki 1.42
#1726 Missing versions Waldorf Bug High Wiki 1.42
#1727 Missing component charles Bug High Wiki
#1801 Macbook shuts down on low battery with transmission's "prevent from sleep" option on livings124 Bug High Mac Client 1.42+
#1910 Kernel Panic in Snow Leopard livings124 Bug High Mac Client 1.51
#1926 Segmentation fault on OpenBSD amd64 current "Mar 6 19:35:53 MSK 2009" charles Bug High Daemon 1.51
#1945 can not make ./configure on headless NAS Bug High Transmission 1.51
#1984 Torrent added from webui did not start autmatically (from url) Gimp Bug High Web Client 1.51+
#2020 "Verifying Local Data" takes up all available ram and doesn't release it after. Bug High Transmission 1.52
#2055 high cpu usage in web client Gimp Bug High Web Client 1.60
#2058 To distinguish easily complete and incomplete files Enhancement High Transmission 1.60
#2060 transmission-daemon not remember session Bug High Daemon 1.60
#2074 Random freeze, crash on exit Bug High Transmission 1.61
#2081 Daemon collapsed? Bug High Daemon 1.61
#2215 Transmission segfaults on loading/adding torrents Bug High Transmission 1.71
#2289 Beach-balling and unresponiveness Bug High Transmission 1.72
#2290 Using "Remove All Files" on Multiple files results in Crashing livings124 Bug High Mac Client 1.72
#2310 No korean language support for directory name Bug High Transmission 1.73
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