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#1545 1.41b1: speed temporarily jumps to 2x the upload limit charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1782 1.50b4 assertion failure Bug Normal Transmission
#5360 1.77(+) / 1.80 transmission uses "300% cpu" while idle Bug Normal Transmission
#2655 1.80b1 crash in peer-mgr.c's getPeersToClose() charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#3351 2.00+ (10851) Completing download causing crash. charles Bug High Mac Client
#3382 2.01+ (10919) Hangs after launch. charles Bug High libtransmission
#262 2388 breaks OS X compiling livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#438 .90/.91 very high CPU usage somebody Bug Normal Transmission
#26 Ability to force a check. somebody Enhancement Low Transmission
#672 Ability to rename torrents Enhancement Normal Transmission
#80 Action button somebody Defect Lowest Mac Client
#4455 Action on N>1 torrents doesn't work properly in web interface jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#3410 Add abbility to download files over HTTP (and maybe also FTP) Enhancement Normal Transmission
#396 Add an option to preferences to un-badge complete-downloads somebody Enhancement Normal Mac Client
#3443 Add a note to wiki about building only from svn on OS X Enhancement Normal Wiki
#2471 added/removed trackers aren't applied until restart charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#4464 Adding a Torrent in WebUI not working in certain cases jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#2494 Adding a tracker changes announce status from time to "queued." charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#2550 Adding .part extensions to older torrents Enhancement Low Transmission
#1887 Add .mode1v3 and .mode2v3 to the Subversion ignore list livings124 Bug Lowest Mac Client
#4255 add rss support Enhancement Normal Transmission
#291 add unistd.h to some files Bug Normal libtransmission
#4064 Add uTP codetip to torrent peers details jordan Enhancement Normal Qt Client
#248 Advanced bar not yellow when checking livings124 Defect Normal Mac Client
#84 Advanced sorting somebody Enhancement Normal Transmission
#2123 After App restart remove all does not remove torrent file livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#4084 after reaching seed state, no new peers are acquired jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
#3924 after upgrade, transmission web interface does not work jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#240 All Torrents Removed on Launch livings124 Bug Highest Mac Client
#2682 All trackers are stuck at "Announce is queued" livings124 Bug Normal libtransmission
#2641 A magnetic-induced crash because of malformed url charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#78 An e missing in "Where" in the inspector window. somebody Defect Normal Mac Client
#2530 Announce attempt to invalid tracker occurs too often. charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#2669 Apply IPV6_V6ONLY to the IPv6 DHT socket charles Bug Normal Transmission
#4467 A simple python3 example script I wish to contribute Enhancement Low Transmission
#4106 Assert in buildHandshakeMessage, r12131 jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
#4508 Assertion failed: (!b->bits || ( b->true_count == countArray ( b ) )) Bug Normal libtransmission
#3173 Assertion failed: (io->socket >= 0), function event_enable Bug Normal Transmission
#3932 Assertion failed: (tab != NULL), function tr_torrentAvailability jordan Bug Normal Mac Client
#4070 Assertion failure happens soon after Transmission startup jordan Bug Highest Transmission
#2755 assert( session->fdInfo != NULL ) in tr_fdTorrentClose() is failing charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#229 Auto-ban Bad Uploaders somebody Enhancement Normal Transmission
#3939 doesn't work correctly on systems where /bin/sh doesn't point to bash er13 Bug Normal Transmission
#2452 Auto-group doesn't work (using tracker URL as criteria) livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#6154 Auto verify data when a torrent finishes Enhancement Normal Transmission
#4204 Availability is the same as the amount downloaded when there are no seeders jordan Bug Normal Transmission
#1128 Avant Window Navigator Patch charles Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client
#1632 bandwidth.c: 428: tr_bandwidthUsed: Assertion `tr_isBandwidth( b )' failed charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#3861 beachballs when downloading 4 torrents + verifying local data + adding a new torrent charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#235 Beeps when DL folder not found livings124 Defect Low Mac Client
#4885 Better confirmation dialog when deleting torrents jordan Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client
#4306 Bogus <b> and </b> in popup hints jordan Bug Low GTK+ Client
#2455 Brothersoft Partnership Inquiry Enhancement High Transmission
#255 Bugs discoveres by scan Bug High libtransmission
#5437 Build #5875 (Jul 22, 2013 11:01:04 PM) Crashes (webseeds are on) Bug Normal Transmission
#288 build broken with older compilers charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#837 Build fixes for non-Linux Bug Normal Transmission
#1976 build problem with r8173: "erreur: ‘POSIX_FADV_SEQUENTIAL’ undeclared" charles Bug High libtransmission
#3249 C99-ism in libtransmission/tr-lpd.c charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#3402 cache-size parameter not retained in settings.json after a restart charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#280 Can't compile Transmission. Broken from Rev 2552 somebody Bug Normal Transmission
#1786 Can't quit Bug Normal Transmission
#5727 Can we please have custom labels support for filtering torrents? Enhancement Normal Transmission
#313 Change name in GTK desktop file somebody Enhancement Normal Transmission
#2837 Change Recently Added Part File Extension (example) aaa.avi.part TO aaa.part.avi Enhancement Normal Transmission
#5476 Changeset 14181 error rb07 Bug Low libtransmission
#4133 Change Xcode requirements to Xcode 4.0 in building Transmission wiki. Waldorf Enhancement Lowest Wiki
#86 Changing Inspector default tab somebody Enhancement Normal Mac Client
#4987 character entities are not rendered jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#2617 "Click dock icon to open main window" doesn't work when something's dragged over/onto the main application window livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#2479 Client crash on load livings124 Bug Normal libtransmission
#5272 compilation error: "passing argument 1 of ‘quotactl’ makes pointer from integer" jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
#5197 compilation error, revision 13702 jordan Bug Normal Transmission
#1622 connectivity problems in 1.41 beta 4 charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#2407 Crash: Assertion failed in libtransmission/fdlimit.c charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#2122 Crashes at session.c:691 - tr_sessionInitImpl: Controltest 'found' fails. Bug Normal libtransmission
#4506 crash from memory corruption somewhere called from tr_handshakeDone() jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
#1748 crash in event_queue_insert in thread1 charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1365 crash in g_markup_escape_text() Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#2665 Crash in GTK's torrent properties dialog's periodic_refresh() charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#4173 Crashing with r12315 in Debian Bug Normal Daemon
#2416 crash in libevent's event_queue_insert() livings124 Bug Normal libtransmission
#3192 Crash in most recent nightlies... charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#5294 Crash in Transmission 14017, OSX 10.8.2, Assertion Failure jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
#2673 crash in tr_torrentGetMetadataPiece charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#4114 Crash on open r12148 in tau_sendto jordan Bug High libtransmission
#4165 Crash on startup introduced in r12262 livings124 Bug Normal libtransmission
#11 Crash on torrents using GBK encoding somebody Defect Normal Transmission
#4152 Crash since 12255 jordan Bug Highest libtransmission
#1797 crash when bad URL is passed to torrent-add charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#92 Crash when clicking on the Transfers icon in Preferences somebody Defect Normal Mac Client
#1894 Crash when download finishes and seed ratio is already met charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#290 Crash when opening multiple .torrents simultaneously livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#4161 Crash when pasting a tier with multiple trackers to a torrent r12252 livings124 Bug Normal Transmission
#4238 Crash while retrieving torrent metadata, uTP? r12426 Bug Normal Transmission
#2742 Curl_hash_pick crash charles Bug High libtransmission
#1412 Curses interface charles Enhancement Normal Daemon
#1642 daemon's command line options auth & no-auth are mixed up (in trunk only) charles Bug Low Daemon
#3220 daemon should delete .torrent files from watchdir after adding them Enhancement Normal Transmission
#5176 Deselecting all remaining files not working correctly jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
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