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Ticket Summary Milestone Owner Type Priority Component
#240 All Torrents Removed on Launch livings124 Bug Highest Mac Client
#242 Private Flag Not Respected somebody Bug High libtransmission
#247 Queue not updated when (re-)checking a file livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#250 T asserts when downloading Bug Normal libtransmission
#251 Valid Download Starts at 0 Again somebody Bug Normal libtransmission
#255 Bugs discoveres by scan Bug High libtransmission
#256 Inspector: Total DL messes up on completion livings124 Bug Normal libtransmission
#258 NSLog(@"asdgas") in DragOverlayWindow.m livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#262 2388 breaks OS X compiling livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#272 Torrent.m :: update() function might be wrong livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#277 Large DLs Still Stuck in the last 15% (Redownloading / Miscalculating / Etc.) somebody Bug High Transmission
#280 Can't compile Transmission. Broken from Rev 2552 somebody Bug Normal Transmission
#281 Global limit setting becomes individual setting for torrent when finishes livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#282 New osx toolbar icon "Create" livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#286 stress of tracker doesn't work due to tc->minInterval Bug Normal libtransmission
#288 build broken with older compilers charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#290 Crash when opening multiple .torrents simultaneously livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#291 add unistd.h to some files Bug Normal libtransmission
#294 Too many upload slots Bug Normal libtransmission
#297 If Transmission is set to ask where to save a file every time, it will not start download of a url dragged into transmission. livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#298 UPnP bugs joshe Bug Normal Transmission
#299 TR_FR_RUN undeclared. Bug High libtransmission
#301 When one file needs to be checked in a torrent, transmission will instead check all files Bug Normal libtransmission
#308 $REV in not set somebody Bug Normal libtransmission
#346 LSMinimumSystemVersion (in [3194]) is not that reliable livings124 Bug Low Mac Client
#370 Upon completion of downloading, torrents are set to paused regardless of their ratio setting livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#402 Strange behavior in the program with a large amount of torrents (30+) livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#438 .90/.91 very high CPU usage somebody Bug Normal Transmission
#669 r4842 counts groups as transfers livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#730 Seeding ETA Broken in nightly (r5092) livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#784 Massive amounts of failed data Bug Normal libtransmission
#832 XML entity references are displayed instead of some characters charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#833 "Last scrape/announce at" shows wrong time charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#837 Build fixes for non-Linux Bug Normal Transmission
#942 (gtk) should not inhibit Sleep/Suspend charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#1318 transmission eats all resources after incorrect JSON/RPC query charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1365 crash in g_markup_escape_text() Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#1445 Peer list seize the mouse cursor when trying to change column width charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#1542 SIGSEGV in tr_publisherPublish charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1545 1.41b1: speed temporarily jumps to 2x the upload limit charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1554 EPROTO (in peer-msgs.c) not defined on Windows charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1569 tr_sessionIsSpeedLimitEnabled() returns wrong value charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1581 resolve ambiguity between --enable-gtk and --disable-nls charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#1582 isBuf( b )' failed Bug Highest Transmission
#1589 Fix a forwarding bug introduced in r7352 random port livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#1593 Setting upload to 0 kills all download charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1594 Download link for 1.41b3 is broken... John Clay Bug Normal Transmission
#1598 peer-port not saved correctly charles Bug Normal CLI
#1601 single peer eats up all the bandwidth charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1611 news rss does not work any more Waldorf Bug Normal Wiki
#1622 connectivity problems in 1.41 beta 4 charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1625 segmentation fault when clicking on Edit> preferences on transmission 1.41~b5 on Ubuntu Intrepid charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#1632 bandwidth.c: 428: tr_bandwidthUsed: Assertion `tr_isBandwidth( b )' failed charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1633 embed predicate evaluation in a @try livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#1642 daemon's command line options auth & no-auth are mixed up (in trunk only) charles Bug Low Daemon
#1643 leftover dependency on CTGradient charles Bug Low Mac Client
#1667 Display getting cropped to the right on Tiger livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#1696 r7709 segfaults on start Bug Normal Transmission
#1738 incorrect test for IPv6 multicast addresses charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1741 "remove local data" sometimes leaves directories after clearing out the files charles Bug Normal Transmission
#1743 potential threading issue in 1.50b[1-3] charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1748 crash in event_queue_insert in thread1 charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1749 transmission-daemon: completion.c:330: tr_cpFileIsComplete: Assertion `tr_torBlockPiece( tor, lastBlock ) == file->lastPiece' failed. charles Bug High Daemon
#1782 1.50b4 assertion failure Bug Normal Transmission
#1786 Can't quit Bug Normal Transmission
#1795 Having IPv6 connectivity breaks IPv4 and NAT traversal jhujhiti Bug Normal libtransmission
#1797 crash when bad URL is passed to torrent-add charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1823 Ratio limit is only checked when peers are active charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1831 Transmission does not favour upload limits Bug High Transmission
#1859 OSX torrent popup menu seed threshold broken livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#1887 Add .mode1v3 and .mode2v3 to the Subversion ignore list livings124 Bug Lowest Mac Client
#1894 Crash when download finishes and seed ratio is already met charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1906 Huge ratio precision (too many decimal places) charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#1929 Unable to remove torrent VIA web UI. Gimp Bug Normal Web Client
#1939 Javascript error in 8073 Bug Normal Transmission
#1969 improve random port functionality livings124 Bug Normal libtransmission
#1976 build problem with r8173: "erreur: ‘POSIX_FADV_SEQUENTIAL’ undeclared" charles Bug High libtransmission
#1981 Setting ratio on the command-line doesn't work charles Bug Normal Daemon
#1983 Random port not working properly charles Bug Normal Daemon
#1990 i cant seed files over 2 GB again Bug Normal Transmission
#1996 Regression: Crash on shutdown when IPv6 is unavailable charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1997 rpc-spec is missing some updates charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#2008 The priority chooser (for transfer) isn't properly aligned livings124 Bug Low Mac Client
#2093 unneeded argument in torrent-set method charles Bug Normal Daemon
#2111 session-set causes crash on second attempt charles Bug Normal Daemon
#2120 Typo in DHT support: incorrect test when bootstrapping charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#2122 Crashes at session.c:691 - tr_sessionInitImpl: Controltest 'found' fails. Bug Normal libtransmission
#2123 After App restart remove all does not remove torrent file livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#2146 Incorrect maintenance of dhtAnnounceInProgress Bug Normal Transmission
#2286 Wrong display of the percentage downloaded in the Properties charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client
#2377 Keep Leopard compatibility while using the 10.6 SDK livings124 Bug High Mac Client
#2391 Priority arrows upside-down livings124 Bug Low Mac Client
#2394 transmission freezes Bug Normal Transmission
#2407 Crash: Assertion failed in libtransmission/fdlimit.c charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#2414 Upside-down doc icons in Inspector under Leopard livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#2416 crash in libevent's event_queue_insert() livings124 Bug Normal libtransmission
#2425 New torrents are verified after pause. charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#2452 Auto-group doesn't work (using tracker URL as criteria) livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#2463 Mac Client shows huge "next announce in" timer during verify (and other times?) charles Bug Low Transmission
#2464 Mac Client shows incorrect announce/scrape results for backup trackers charles Bug Normal libtransmission
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