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Ticket Summary Milestone Owner Type Priority Component
#4342 Unlimited slow fork of transmission-daemon until OOM Bug Normal Transmission
#4394 Insert custom fields in torrent Enhancement Normal Transmission
#4411 Project trunk-linux is currently disabled John Clay Bug Normal Website
#4426 Web Client broken in r12693 Bug Normal Web Client
#4436 odd behavior and display re web interface in r12712 Bug Normal Web Client
#4439 "Select All" and "Deselect All" only work sporadically Bug Normal Web Client
#4441 Turtle Mode Icon missing in r12723 Bug Normal Web Client
#4442 WebUI doesn't update after performing "Remove From List" - r12723 Bug Normal Web Client
#4443 progress bar colors for queued transfers jordan Enhancement Normal Web Client
#4444 'Show Transfers' missing Seeding category jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4446 some trackerless torrents with magnet link don't update the name jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4452 major Inspector > Files regression, and javascript errors in file-row.js jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4455 Action on N>1 torrents doesn't work properly in web interface jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4460 Weird behavior when using up/down keys jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4461 Wrong regular expression for HTTP user agent jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4462 Selecting rows on iPhone doesn't work Bug Normal Web Client
#4464 Adding a Torrent in WebUI not working in certain cases jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4481 Web UI no longer provides server's version info jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4482 Sections in Prefs window make no sense Bug Normal Web Client
#4483 prefs window can't be resized Bug Normal Web Client
#4486 Filter Bar no longer displays selected option jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4496 Freeze when having a huge torrent jordan Bug Normal Transmission
#4500 Download-complete script: $TR_TORRENT_NAME and $TR_TIME_LOCALTIME variables have no values Bug Normal Transmission
#4506 crash from memory corruption somewhere called from tr_handshakeDone() jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
#4508 Assertion failed: (!b->bits || ( b->true_count == countArray ( b ) )) Bug Normal libtransmission
#4515 load jquery via https jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4579 lock_icon.png does not display in inspector tab for encrypted peers jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4600 Missing .png files in WebUI Bug Normal Web Client
#4601 move Preferences button to Toolbar Enhancement Normal Web Client
#4606 Make selected (high-lighted) Torrents in WebUI more discernible jordan Enhancement Normal Web Client
#4618 IE8 not working with r13075 jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4724 Wiki init script incorrect Waldorf Bug Normal Wiki
#4731 regression: 'Select All / Deselect All' option missing in Inspector > Files jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4769 "Display notifications" not staying checked livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#4885 Better confirmation dialog when deleting torrents jordan Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client
#4919 libutp no longer compiles on macs Bug Normal Transmission
#4928 SVN nightly build Renaming convention pls use correct version Bug Normal Transmission
#4929 libminiupnp fails to compile on Mac OS. Bug Normal Mac Client
#4977 Rev 13388: gtk required jordan Bug Normal Transmission
#4987 character entities are not rendered jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#4992 Possible to add "Download to: " on torrent upload ? jordan Enhancement Normal Web Client
#5083 Torrent download listing disappeared, yet continue downloading Bug Normal Transmission
#5086 Web interface broken Bug Normal Web Client
#5150 improper escaping of dirnames with new json? jordan Bug Normal Transmission
#5171 Failed Update to 2.74 "The Update is Improperly Signed" livings124 Bug Normal Website
#5176 Deselecting all remaining files not working correctly jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
#5189 test memory allocation of benc jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission
#5197 compilation error, revision 13702 jordan Bug Normal Transmission
#5210 Filter bar on iOS is too short jordan Bug Normal Web Client
#5213 Incomplete update of jordan Bug Normal Qt Client
#5218 "Set Location..." does nothing jordan Bug Normal Qt Client
#5225 Remote option '-l' displays warning jordan Bug Normal Daemon
#5234 Typo changed 'lpd-enabled' to 'ldp-enabled' in RPC jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
#5241 Mac crash with VDKQueue livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#5252 File-renaming causes "QObject::startTimer: timers cannot be started from another thread" error jordan Bug Normal Qt Client
#5268 Transmission crash on shutdown, 2.76+ 13933, OSX 10.8.2 livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client
#5272 compilation error: "passing argument 1 of ‘quotactl’ makes pointer from integer" jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
#5276 regression in nightly: "assert (tr_sessionIsLocked (session))" jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
#5277 Queue operation stopped working jordan Bug Normal Qt Client
#5294 Crash in Transmission 14017, OSX 10.8.2, Assertion Failure jordan Bug Normal libtransmission
#5307 Error in jordan Bug Normal Qt Client
#5334 Status stays "Up & Down" in "transmission-remote -l" even when "Seeding" Bug Normal Daemon
#5360 1.77(+) / 1.80 transmission uses "300% cpu" while idle Bug Normal Transmission
#5373 GTK+ client sometimes reports weird webseeds counts. jordan Bug Normal Transmission
#5437 Build #5875 (Jul 22, 2013 11:01:04 PM) Crashes (webseeds are on) Bug Normal Transmission
#5727 Can we please have custom labels support for filtering torrents? Enhancement Normal Transmission
#5751 New minimum zlib version requirement breaks CentOS <7.0 jordan Bug Normal Transmission
#6153 Editing tracker list on added torrents Enhancement Normal Transmission
#6154 Auto verify data when a torrent finishes Enhancement Normal Transmission
#26 Ability to force a check. somebody Enhancement Low Transmission
#37 trunk is starting a new instance when started from webpage somebody Defect Low Transmission
#77 Window title + icon in Dock Menu livings124 Defect Low Mac Client
#91 The right end of the "Download" bar carries the wrong color when at 100%. somebody Defect Low Mac Client
#235 Beeps when DL folder not found livings124 Defect Low Mac Client
#309 transmissioncli setting output-file on makemeta somebody Enhancement Low CLI
#310 transmissioncli MANpage somebody Enhancement Low CLI
#346 LSMinimumSystemVersion (in [3194]) is not that reliable livings124 Bug Low Mac Client
#1642 daemon's command line options auth & no-auth are mixed up (in trunk only) charles Bug Low Daemon
#1643 leftover dependency on CTGradient charles Bug Low Mac Client
#2008 The priority chooser (for transfer) isn't properly aligned livings124 Bug Low Mac Client
#2075 Move 'Properties' back to the top listing when right-clicking on a torrent in the main window. charles Enhancement Low GTK+ Client
#2391 Priority arrows upside-down livings124 Bug Low Mac Client
#2463 Mac Client shows huge "next announce in" timer during verify (and other times?) charles Bug Low Transmission
#2550 Adding .part extensions to older torrents Enhancement Low Transmission
#2788 Proxy & VPN Support Enhancement Low Transmission
#3089 EditConfigFiles is lagging behind. geirha Bug Low Wiki
#3327 IntegrityError: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "session_attribute_pk" titer Bug Low Website
#3403 Exit Transmission-daemon nicely. charles Enhancement Low Daemon
#3875 Typo: missing gettext macro _ in recent commit jordan Bug Low libtransmission
#3937 inactive webseeds are listed as active jordan Bug Low Transmission
#4179 Incoming Tcp port check, v4 or v6? Enhancement Low Web Client
#4306 Bogus <b> and </b> in popup hints jordan Bug Low GTK+ Client
#4467 A simple python3 example script I wish to contribute Enhancement Low Transmission
#5262 not start without torrent(s) ? jordan Enhancement Low GTK+ Client
#5286 Files renamed in Mac Inspector are not re-sorted until app re-start livings124 Bug Low Mac Client
#5476 Changeset 14181 error rb07 Bug Low libtransmission
#80 Action button somebody Defect Lowest Mac Client
#89 Remove magnifying glass icon? somebody Enhancement Lowest Mac Client
#225 Spelling error in the polish version somebody Translation Lowest GTK+ Client
#1113 Improved "transmission-remote -l" charles Enhancement Lowest Daemon
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