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#1887 Add .mode1v3 and .mode2v3 to the Subversion ignore list livings124 Bug Lowest Mac Client
#1957 [PATCH] Default to XDG Download directory for downloaded files charles Enhancement Lowest libtransmission
#2621 Incorrect percentage while retrieving torrent metadata - Mac Client livings124 Bug Lowest Mac Client
#2626 Wiki's PeerStatusText page doesn't list "H" as a DHT peer charles Bug Lowest Wiki
#3433 UI issue with #11013 livings124 Bug Lowest Mac Client
#4073 Suggest inclusion of <signal.h> in torrent.c jordan Enhancement Lowest libtransmission
#4133 Change Xcode requirements to Xcode 4.0 in building Transmission wiki. Waldorf Enhancement Lowest Wiki
#4423 Fix coding style of StatusBarController::updateWithDownload:upload: livings124 Enhancement Lowest Mac Client
#4459 Remove "Compact View" from the action menu jordan Enhancement Lowest Web Client
#5 Ratio+Limit Darvocet
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