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#5844 Download dir set to previous one new Bug Highest
#6106 Some files are not accepted by transmission new Bug Highest
#4565 Other network traffic slows down terribly or stops altogether speed reopened Bug High
#4785 Bad TOS values for "lowcost" and "lowdelay" socket TOS option new jordan Bug High
#5140 Upload Cap ignored. Speed reported by WebUI invalid upload,cap new Bug High
#5507 Perpetual "torrent metadata needed" for magnet URL torrents metadata, magnet new Bug High
#5541 Apple's Voiceover screen reader for the Blind doesn't fully work with Transmission Mac, Gui, Client, Voiceover, Accessibility, Blind new livings124 Enhancement High
#5662 Add a check for iconv and conditionally link it autoconf new Bug High
#5689 Torrents idle for minutes after being added idle new Bug High
#5813 Building Prerequisites need an update new Waldorf Bug High
#5826 automake zlib configuration check is broken in FreeBSD configure freebsd new Bug High
#6110 Potential Denial of Service in web.c new jordan Bug High
#6133 Suspicious getMaxAtomCount() behavior getMaxAtomCount new jordan Bug High
#327 Proposal of a new auto bad-block detection patch-needed hash sha1 new Enhancement Normal
#532 Collect unwanted, but received, blocks in a separate file patch assigned charles Enhancement Normal
#776 Option: Bind outgoing connections to local port patch-needed reopened charles Enhancement Normal
#1248 gnome session termination isn't handled properly patch-needed new charles Enhancement Normal
#1494 Web Interface should support max speed per torrent patch-needed feature-disparity new kjg Enhancement Normal
#1731 IPv6 does not work against dual-stacked trackers ipv6 new jhujhiti Bug Normal
#2084 Creation of Downloads folder even when I dont use it reopened Bug Normal
#2147 DHT announce status display dht assigned charles Enhancement Normal
#2175 support torrent tagging feature-disparity assigned charles Enhancement Normal
#2236 transmission-remote over IPv6 IPv6 new charles Enhancement Normal
#2404 Web Client should support HTML5's registerContentHandler patch-needed reopened kjg Enhancement Normal
#2461 Add TEX support (BEP #28) bep patch-needed new charles Enhancement Normal
#2535 `transmission-remote --find` does not work for newly added multi-file (directory) torrents reopened Bug Normal
#2790 When opening a torrent that is already being downloaded, offer option to merge tracker lists .torrent management new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#2807 Req: "assign group to new transfers" based on torrent size new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#2870 RPC doesn't throw errors new Bug Normal
#2910 Treat peers with same IP address but different port as different peers net patch-needed assigned gvdl Bug Normal
#2997 Auto-calculate upload slots per torrent assigned charles Enhancement Normal
#3076 Local peers speed limit local peer speed limit retracker reopened Enhancement Normal
#3155 Setting Upload Limit of individual torrrent to 0KB/s stops download reopened Bug Normal
#3180 IPv6 Blocklist Support blocklists, ipv6, DHT new charles Enhancement Normal
#3212 Add "Message Log" support to Qt client feature-disparity patch assigned mike.dld Enhancement Normal
#3215 optionally prefix each download directory with the torrent hash reopened Enhancement Normal
#3363 MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_SECOND should be replaced with a non-constant assigned charles Enhancement Normal
#3375 transmission-remote no longer operates properly when adding multiple torrents assigned charles Bug Normal
#3417 transmission-remote fails to delete torrent file after adding when --trash-torrent is enabled assigned charles Bug Normal
#3432 Let the daemon's log file be set in settings.json assigned charles Enhancement Normal
#3452 Port forwarding stopped working between 2.01 and 2.03 reopened Enhancement Normal
#3528 TR_PREFS_KEY_BIND_ADDRESS_IPV4 breaks IPv6-only trackers backport-2.1x backport-2.0x reopened charles Bug Normal
#3575 Web Client should allow viewing/changing bandwith priorities for torrents reopened fx Enhancement Normal
#3612 move files after seeding completes new Enhancement Normal
#3652 Allow editing tracker list in the webinterface new kjg Enhancement Normal
#3684 Incomplete torrents location mismatch assigned charles Bug Normal
#3685 Don't use a notification area icon in GNOME 3 incomplete new charles Enhancement Normal
#3750 Add peer in Peers List or Fixed peer list add peer list local area new Enhancement Normal
#3773 Settings for multi-selected torrents are unclear. assigned mike.dld Bug Normal
#3779 stop seeding after total time reopened livings124 Enhancement Normal
#3780 "Announce Updating..." when a private network goes down announce,updating new saggy00 Bug Normal
#3811 More than one watch directory patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#3846 torrent check should also validate rename-partial-files new jordan Enhancement Normal
#3850 Better tracker list editing in Qt feature-parity new charles Enhancement Normal
#3854 Start All after Pause All starts Finished torrents, setting "Seed regardless of ratio" is enforced new charles Bug Normal
#3872 Ability to add or remove webseed sources to or from a torrent http peers, patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#4014 409 error when opening "http://localhost:9091/transmission/web" without trailing "/" reopened jordan Bug Normal
#4018 Use octal notation for umask in settings.json umask patch assigned gvdl Enhancement Normal
#4034 Adding new torrents when an old one is verifying leaves them queued to verify even if the files they download don't exist patch-needed new Bug Normal
#4054 Retain Finder Labels when using "Move Data File to..." assigned jordan Bug Normal
#4059 Change "Move Torrent" to move directory location if it's a directory new Enhancement Normal
#4078 Better calculation of the bitfield length while still a magnet link reopened jordan Bug Normal
#4144 Support for BEP 17 (Client-Side Support for Script Controlled HTTP Seeding) new jordan Enhancement Normal
#4166 Set Location doesn't detect/remember the right choice assigned jordan Enhancement Normal
#4196 Should ignore one address of peer if reachable via both IPv4 and IPv6 assigned jordan Bug Normal
#4240 Reveal in Finder enhancements new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#4243 transmission-remote priority settings should behave same as rpc spec new Enhancement Normal
#4262 Delete individual files delete individual files, patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#4327 Could not connect to tracker when IPv6 binding have not a Global scope ipv6 new Bug Normal
#4329 transmission-daemon resets config path after SIGHUP sighup config assigned mike.dld Bug Normal
#4348 Disable options dialog only for automatically added torrents feature-disparity assigned jordan Enhancement Normal
#4403 OS X Sandboxing Sandbox, security new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#4409 add an implicit "-t" option when adding torrents from transmission-remote new jordan Enhancement Normal
#4453 add option for seedIdleLimit in transmission-remote patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#4475 UPNP not working on NETGEAR MBRN3000 nat upnp reopened Bug Normal
#4476 Android patch for libtransmission android assigned jordan Enhancement Normal
#4480 Bottom bar on iPhone looks bad reopened Bug Normal
#4487 make transmission.h match rpc-spec.txt rpc new jordan Enhancement Normal
#4518 mark appropriate fields in prefs as html5 number fields patch-needed assigned mike.dld Enhancement Normal
#4534 transmission appears not to present torrent list to gtk for use with gnome-orca new jordan Enhancement Normal
#4537 Improve "No Data Found" error message and recovery behavior No data found reopened jordan Enhancement Normal
#4545 Transmission needs to verify local data after "Set Location" reopened Bug Normal
#4558 Upload speed reported by tray icon is larger than expected new Bug Normal
#4577 transmission-remote is not able to change torrent queue positions new Enhancement Normal
#4617 Transmission doesn't queue just finished downloads new jordan Bug Normal
#4629 Drag and drop tier organisation new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#4634 Inspector: In addition to display the total amount of file & data of a torrent, also display how many files & data are selected (makes sense in multi file torrents) new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#4645 transmission-create should support web seeds assigned jordan Enhancement Normal
#4691 Deleting local data doesn't work when disk is full new jordan Bug Normal
#4702 Port Check server misconfigured new titer Bug Normal
#4715 [regression] Cannot run more than once instance of transmission-gtk or transmission-daemon on the same machine at the same time new Bug Normal
#4751 Animate group icon when torrent is demagnetized new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#4753 Transmission doesn't escape/replace illegal characters for file/directory names new jordan Bug Normal
#4763 Remember filter status new jordan Enhancement Normal
#4782 More detailed progressbars progressbar, detailed new jordan Enhancement Normal
#4784 Make transmission-qt's Start All / Pause All buttons work on a global basis. new jordan Enhancement Normal
#4787 Support for auto downloading/updating of multiple blocklists blocklist,update,url new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#4796 Setting seedRatioLimit to 3.6 sets it to 3.5999 new Bug Normal
#4802 Message Log does not return to auto-scroll (lower) position after a filter search new livings124 Bug Normal
#4805 No Search Option on Mobile Device new Enhancement Normal
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