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#4860 Torrent data corrupt when continuing after disk full error corruption new Bug Normal
#5114 Permission denied error if new torrents added and the default set directories are on a disconected Ext-HDD crash, mac, mountain lion, permission, error new livings124 Bug Normal
#5264 Web Client: alternative color for tracker error message web ui connection failed colour new Enhancement Normal
#5329 iOS web app gets no icon if web interface requires authentication iphone ios icon apple-touch-icon authentication reopened Bug Normal
#5516 SVN version of Transmission aborted when verifying torrent. SVN assertion abort verify reopened Bug Normal
#5545 Dual stack connection switches too fast. DualStack IPv6 Connection new Bug Normal
#5654 transmission-daemon does not exit if configuration directory does not exist or is not accessible configuration, daemon, exit new Bug Normal
#5778 "Verify Local Data" in contextual menu force, data verification, re-verification, patch-needed new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5793 Move data on completion. moving data, folder completion new Enhancement Normal
#5831 Queue Dictator feature, request, prioritization, queue new Enhancement Normal
#5849 Saving of ratio for all used torrents. saving ratio new jordan Enhancement Normal
#5983 Set location default for checkbox - If checked, move from previous location checkbox set location move from previous new Bug Normal
#6028 Use trackers that are hosted inside TOR network tor, onion, tracker new Enhancement Normal
#6085 transmission-remote should not accept out of order ranges. transmission-remote new Enhancement Normal
#6115 Util transmission-create ignores hidden directories and files with zero size hidden directory directories file zero length zero-length files transmission-create util utils .torrent new jordan Bug Normal
#6139 Polish translation of OS X client translation polish osx mac new livings124 Translation Normal
#6155 Ktorrent priority file order feature on Transmission ktorrent priority new Enhancement Normal
#6114 Priority settings are not working priority ui new livings124 Bug Low
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