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#5140 Upload Cap ignored. Speed reported by WebUI invalid upload,cap new Bug High
#5507 Perpetual "torrent metadata needed" for magnet URL torrents metadata, magnet new Bug High
#5541 Apple's Voiceover screen reader for the Blind doesn't fully work with Transmission Mac, Gui, Client, Voiceover, Accessibility, Blind new livings124 Enhancement High
#5662 Add a check for iconv and conditionally link it autoconf new Bug High
#6133 Suspicious getMaxAtomCount() behavior getMaxAtomCount new jordan Bug High
#327 Proposal of a new auto bad-block detection patch-needed hash sha1 new Enhancement Normal
#532 Collect unwanted, but received, blocks in a separate file patch assigned charles Enhancement Normal
#776 Option: Bind outgoing connections to local port patch-needed reopened charles Enhancement Normal
#1248 gnome session termination isn't handled properly patch-needed new charles Enhancement Normal
#1494 Web Interface should support max speed per torrent patch-needed feature-disparity new kjg Enhancement Normal
#1753 worker disk IO thread to ease the load in the libtransmission/libevent thread heavy work locking move assigned charles Enhancement Normal
#2175 support torrent tagging feature-disparity assigned charles Enhancement Normal
#2404 Web Client should support HTML5's registerContentHandler patch-needed reopened kjg Enhancement Normal
#2461 Add TEX support (BEP #28) bep patch-needed new charles Enhancement Normal
#2790 When opening a torrent that is already being downloaded, offer option to merge tracker lists .torrent management new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#2910 Treat peers with same IP address but different port as different peers net patch-needed assigned gvdl Bug Normal
#3076 Local peers speed limit local peer speed limit retracker reopened Enhancement Normal
#3212 Add "Message Log" support to Qt client feature-disparity patch assigned mike.dld Enhancement Normal
#3528 TR_PREFS_KEY_BIND_ADDRESS_IPV4 breaks IPv6-only trackers backport-2.1x backport-2.0x reopened charles Bug Normal
#3750 Add peer in Peers List or Fixed peer list add peer list local area new Enhancement Normal
#3780 "Announce Updating..." when a private network goes down announce,updating new saggy00 Bug Normal
#3811 More than one watch directory patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#3850 Better tracker list editing in Qt feature-parity new charles Enhancement Normal
#3872 Ability to add or remove webseed sources to or from a torrent http peers, patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#4018 Use octal notation for umask in settings.json umask patch assigned gvdl Enhancement Normal
#4034 Adding new torrents when an old one is verifying leaves them queued to verify even if the files they download don't exist patch-needed new Bug Normal
#4061 'Time Elapsed' Is Incorrect Inspector,Time, Elapsed, Wrong, Incorrect, rwb new rwb Bug Normal
#4262 Delete individual files delete individual files, patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#4348 Disable options dialog only for automatically added torrents feature-disparity assigned jordan Enhancement Normal
#4403 OS X Sandboxing Sandbox, security new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#4453 add option for seedIdleLimit in transmission-remote patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#4475 UPNP not working on NETGEAR MBRN3000 nat upnp reopened Bug Normal
#4476 Android patch for libtransmission android assigned jordan Enhancement Normal
#4518 mark appropriate fields in prefs as html5 number fields patch-needed assigned mike.dld Enhancement Normal
#4537 Improve "No Data Found" error message and recovery behavior No data found reopened jordan Enhancement Normal
#4679 remap port using UPnP or NAT-PMP when machine network connections change upnp nat-pmp networking new Enhancement Normal
#4716 Display wrong download speed Download speed new jordan Bug Normal
#4782 More detailed progressbars progressbar, detailed new jordan Enhancement Normal
#4787 Support for auto downloading/updating of multiple blocklists blocklist,update,url new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#4808 Make it possible to choose what files to download after getting magnet metadata patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#4812 Remember previously used trackers on torrent creation tracker url new jordan Enhancement Normal
#4938 Data destroyed (deleted) when moving! (Reproducible) delete destroy symlink trashed lost data new Bug Normal
#4946 Watch Folder subfolders determine completed torrent folder tree. watchfolder, different, folders, folder, tree new MegapipeLightbridge Enhancement Normal
#4974 Implement BEP 34: DNS Tracker Preferences BEP, DNS, tracker, announce new Enhancement Normal
#5006 Possibility to remove torrent data by using toolbar remove torrent data mobile client new Enhancement Normal
#5028 GTK client has completely locked up during network outage. GTK UI deadlock lockup network down new jordan Bug Normal
#5114 Permission denied error if new torrents added and the default set directories are on a disconected Ext-HDD crash, mac, mountain lion, permission, error new livings124 Bug Normal
#5125 Transmission on OS X: Download/Upload speeds increase indefinitely speed, download new jordan Bug Normal
#5161 Unable to save resume file: Too many open files too many open files new Bug Normal
#5237 Haiku support Haiku GUI new Enhancement Normal
#5264 Web Client: alternative color for tracker error message web ui connection failed colour new Enhancement Normal
#5300 Scrape error: Tracker gave HTTP response code 502 (Bad Gateway) scrap error, bad gateway, announcer.c new Bug Normal
#5305 Add support for -fPIE and -pie flags patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#5324 Clicking a magnet link does not bring transmission window to front focus, top level, magnet new jordan Enhancement Normal
#5329 iOS web app gets no icon if web interface requires authentication iphone ios icon apple-touch-icon authentication reopened Bug Normal
#5345 UDP dns request 'reported' on all interfaces even after binding transmission to a specific IP DNS UDP bind interface VPN leak new Bug Normal
#5347 Support changing paths via torrent-rename-path rename patch new jordan Enhancement Normal
#5361 When not uploading speed shows at a high value mac, osx new Bug Normal
#5384 Add ability to rename torrents when adding it too. rename torrent new jordan Enhancement Normal
#5386 please restart connections after system resume restart new Enhancement Normal
#5410 Add file renaming to transmission-remote (daemon) rename, remote, daemon, patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#5412 Add option to connect over SSL to Qt client patch new jordan Enhancement Normal
#5460 Missing "error filter" in web and other clients error, client, interface, filter new alimony Enhancement Normal
#5470 magnet control broken in web interface magnet, web interface, daemon new Bug Normal
#5504 Small feature to allow the return key to submit the add torrent form ui javascript web assigned jordan Enhancement Normal
#5516 SVN version of Transmission aborted when verifying torrent. SVN assertion abort verify reopened Bug Normal
#5528 magnet link with auto-assigned group loses group group, magnet link new livings124 Bug Normal
#5531 Unencrypted connection to webseeds webseeds, security, privacy new Bug Normal
#5545 Dual stack connection switches too fast. DualStack IPv6 Connection new Bug Normal
#5549 Add high-resolution graphics in web client web, retina new Enhancement Normal
#5586 Running a script when adding a torrent script torrent add reopened jordan Enhancement Normal
#5603 Write lo log file auth events (login, logout, login attempt) log auth new Enhancement Normal
#5608 File renaming in torrent properties properties, files, rename, mouse, click assigned mike.dld Enhancement Normal
#5623 Torrent properties window size should be saved as a preference properties,details new jordan Enhancement Normal
#5627 updating tracker list in bulk bulk, trackers, updating new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5654 transmission-daemon does not exit if configuration directory does not exist or is not accessible configuration, daemon, exit new Bug Normal
#5678 Transmission tries to update way too many torrents at startup startup, network new Bug Normal
#5742 Torrents pause when system is active, and resume when system is idle torrents active on idle new Enhancement Normal
#5747 Add Finder Tagging in the General Info tab of Inspector Window Tag, File Tagging, Finder, File Tags new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5749 Show Chart/Graph in Statistics Window (make it more visual & Statistics Window, Graph, Chart new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5760 Add a filter in Properties -> Files filter, search, files new Enhancement Normal
#5768 Mac wakes up from sleep mode Transmission won't download sleep mode downloading restart reboot new Bug Normal
#5773 heap overflow with some torrents, randomly resulting in segfault heap overflow, segfault, resume, loadProgress new Bug Normal
#5775 Error messages generated by torrents with backup trackers are suppressed tracker errors new Bug Normal
#5778 "Verify Local Data" in contextual menu force, data verification, re-verification, patch-needed new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5788 High CPU load if all transfers are visible (Mac OS X) cpu, high, mac, osx new livings124 Bug Normal
#5793 Move data on completion. moving data, folder completion new Enhancement Normal
#5831 Queue Dictator feature, request, prioritization, queue new Enhancement Normal
#5834 Adding a magnet link opens the "add window" although it shouldn't Magnet link new Bug Normal
#5835 PATCH: GTK Sort by Activity -- use activity date when sorting inactive torrents GTK, sort, activity, activityDate, patch new jordan Bug Normal
#5847 Progress bar for moving data. moving data new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5849 Saving of ratio for all used torrents. saving ratio new jordan Enhancement Normal
#5854 Transmission not sending 'stopped' event on graceful shutdown stopped, event, graceful shutdown new Bug Normal
#5855 Support reading DHT nodes from metainfo files (BEP-0005) dht, metainfo new jordan Enhancement Normal
#5890 "deleteLocalData" makes assumptions about filesystem; infinite-loops if wrong. Remove, Trash, NFS reopened jordan Bug Normal
#5903 Transmissio - static analysis code cppcheck leak warnings portability performance overhead nullptr new Bug Normal
#5923 Webseeds: patch to address multiple issues webseeds, patched new jordan Bug Normal
#5949 Web UI: allow drag'n'dropping torrent files into the browser patch assigned mike.dld Enhancement Normal
#5962 Rename single files in Web UI web ui rename reopened Enhancement Normal
#5968 Crashing After 'Remove When Finished Seeding' Activated seeding, crash new livings124 Bug Normal
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