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#5507 Perpetual "torrent metadata needed" for magnet URL torrents metadata, magnet new Bug High
#4537 Improve "No Data Found" error message and recovery behavior No data found reopened jordan Enhancement Normal
#4938 Data destroyed (deleted) when moving! (Reproducible) delete destroy symlink trashed lost data new Bug Normal
#5006 Possibility to remove torrent data by using toolbar remove torrent data mobile client new Enhancement Normal
#5778 "Verify Local Data" in contextual menu force, data verification, re-verification, patch-needed new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5793 Move data on completion. moving data, folder completion new Enhancement Normal
#5847 Progress bar for moving data. moving data new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5359 torrents gone after rename to new directory..??how?? data loss new Bug Low
#5940 Automatically Retrieve Metadata / Download Metadata Only download only metadata new Enhancement Low
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