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#4262 Delete individual files delete individual files, patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#5161 Unable to save resume file: Too many open files too many open files new Bug Normal
#5306 Open File Limit - Unable to Change with CFLAGS - FD_SETSIZE fd_setsize, libcurl, open file limit reopened jordan Bug Normal
#5608 File renaming in torrent properties properties, files, rename, mouse, click assigned mike.dld Enhancement Normal
#5747 Add Finder Tagging in the General Info tab of Inspector Window Tag, File Tagging, Finder, File Tags new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5760 Add a filter in Properties -> Files filter, search, files new Enhancement Normal
#5980 Selecting the file when opening folder of a single file torrent open folder select file new jordan Enhancement Normal
#6115 Util transmission-create ignores hidden directories and files with zero size hidden directory directories file zero length zero-length files transmission-create util utils .torrent new jordan Bug Normal
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