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#5541 Apple's Voiceover screen reader for the Blind doesn't fully work with Transmission Mac, Gui, Client, Voiceover, Accessibility, Blind new livings124 Enhancement High
#1753 worker disk IO thread to ease the load in the libtransmission/libevent thread heavy work locking move assigned charles Enhancement Normal
#3685 Don't use a notification area icon in GNOME 3 incomplete new charles Enhancement Normal
#3780 "Announce Updating..." when a private network goes down announce,updating new saggy00 Bug Normal
#4061 'Time Elapsed' Is Incorrect Inspector,Time, Elapsed, Wrong, Incorrect, rwb new rwb Bug Normal
#4262 Delete individual files delete individual files, patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#4679 remap port using UPnP or NAT-PMP when machine network connections change upnp nat-pmp networking new Enhancement Normal
#4938 Data destroyed (deleted) when moving! (Reproducible) delete destroy symlink trashed lost data new Bug Normal
#5019 Add function to prevent changing option from web/rpc limiting,multi-user new Enhancement Normal
#5114 Permission denied error if new torrents added and the default set directories are on a disconected Ext-HDD crash, mac, mountain lion, permission, error new livings124 Bug Normal
#5345 UDP dns request 'reported' on all interfaces even after binding transmission to a specific IP DNS UDP bind interface VPN leak new Bug Normal
#5385 Add grouping option to libtransmission/web interface grouping assigned jordan Enhancement Normal
#5460 Missing "error filter" in web and other clients error, client, interface, filter new alimony Enhancement Normal
#5470 magnet control broken in web interface magnet, web interface, daemon new Bug Normal
#5528 magnet link with auto-assigned group loses group group, magnet link new livings124 Bug Normal
#5549 Add high-resolution graphics in web client web, retina new Enhancement Normal
#5627 updating tracker list in bulk bulk, trackers, updating new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5747 Add Finder Tagging in the General Info tab of Inspector Window Tag, File Tagging, Finder, File Tags new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5749 Show Chart/Graph in Statistics Window (make it more visual & Statistics Window, Graph, Chart new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5768 Mac wakes up from sleep mode Transmission won't download sleep mode downloading restart reboot new Bug Normal
#5793 Move data on completion. moving data, folder completion new Enhancement Normal
#5834 Adding a magnet link opens the "add window" although it shouldn't Magnet link new Bug Normal
#5847 Progress bar for moving data. moving data new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#5849 Saving of ratio for all used torrents. saving ratio new jordan Enhancement Normal
#5855 Support reading DHT nodes from metainfo files (BEP-0005) dht, metainfo new jordan Enhancement Normal
#5892 Web interface on iPhone not contains "Settings Menu" button. iphone Settings Menu button new Enhancement Normal
#5903 Transmissio - static analysis code cppcheck leak warnings portability performance overhead nullptr new Bug Normal
#5968 Crashing After 'Remove When Finished Seeding' Activated seeding, crash new livings124 Bug Normal
#5975 port forward to bind-address port forward bind-address new Bug Normal
#5998 Multiple Integer Overflows CVE-2015-7308, integer overflow, buffer overflow, infinite loop new jordan Bug Normal
#6034 Time Remaining not available in torrent inspector time remaining new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#6125 Inspector filter ignores folders folder, filter, inspector new livings124 Bug Normal
#6134 missing download link on website for windows build website,windows new Bug Normal
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