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#1731 IPv6 does not work against dual-stacked trackers ipv6 new jhujhiti Bug Normal
#2236 transmission-remote over IPv6 IPv6 new charles Enhancement Normal
#3180 IPv6 Blocklist Support blocklists, ipv6, DHT new charles Enhancement Normal
#4327 Could not connect to tracker when IPv6 binding have not a Global scope ipv6 new Bug Normal
#5024 IPv6: Support UPnP WANIPv6FirewallControl (and NAT-PMP equalent?) ipv6 upnp new Enhancement Normal
#5287 Local peer discovery opens two connections on dual-stack networks IPv4, IPv6, dual-stack, LPD new Bug Low
#5545 Dual stack connection switches too fast. DualStack IPv6 Connection new Bug Normal
#5979 tr_globalIPv6 returns an RFC 4941 temporary address if one exists IPv6 new jordan Bug Normal
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