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#327 Proposal of a new auto bad-block detection patch-needed hash sha1 new Enhancement Normal
#776 Option: Bind outgoing connections to local port patch-needed reopened charles Enhancement Normal
#1248 gnome session termination isn't handled properly patch-needed new charles Enhancement Normal
#1494 Web Interface should support max speed per torrent patch-needed feature-disparity new kjg Enhancement Normal
#2404 Web Client should support HTML5's registerContentHandler patch-needed reopened kjg Enhancement Normal
#2461 Add TEX support (BEP #28) bep patch-needed new charles Enhancement Normal
#2910 Treat peers with same IP address but different port as different peers net patch-needed assigned gvdl Bug Normal
#3811 More than one watch directory patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#3872 Ability to add or remove webseed sources to or from a torrent http peers, patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#4034 Adding new torrents when an old one is verifying leaves them queued to verify even if the files they download don't exist patch-needed new Bug Normal
#4262 Delete individual files delete individual files, patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#4453 add option for seedIdleLimit in transmission-remote patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#4518 mark appropriate fields in prefs as html5 number fields patch-needed assigned mike.dld Enhancement Normal
#4808 Make it possible to choose what files to download after getting magnet metadata patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#5305 Add support for -fPIE and -pie flags patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#5410 Add file renaming to transmission-remote (daemon) rename, remote, daemon, patch-needed new Enhancement Normal
#5778 "Verify Local Data" in contextual menu force, data verification, re-verification, patch-needed new livings124 Enhancement Normal
#2313 interface binding patch-needed new charles Enhancement Low
#3607 Download to specific dir depending on watch dir. watch, multiple, folders, patch-needed new Enhancement Low
#4747 Make file/bandwidth size calculation configurable whether base-10 or base-2 is used patch-needed new Enhancement Lowest
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