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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5844 Download dir set to previous one new Bug Highest None Set
#5507 Perpetual "torrent metadata needed" for magnet URL torrents new Bug High None Set
#5662 Add a check for iconv and conditionally link it new Bug High None Set
#6133 Suspicious getMaxAtomCount() behavior new jordan Bug High None Set
#5028 GTK client has completely locked up during network outage. new jordan Bug Normal None Set
#5384 Add ability to rename torrents when adding it too. new jordan Enhancement Normal None Set
#5531 Unencrypted connection to webseeds new Bug Normal None Set
#5604 Suddenly getting this error: No data found! Ensure your drives are co... new Bug Normal None Set
#5773 heap overflow with some torrents, randomly resulting in segfault new Bug Normal None Set
#5833 UI often freezes when Torrent Inspector is open new livings124 Bug Normal None Set
#5892 Web interface on iPhone not contains "Settings Menu" button. new Enhancement Normal None Set
#5997 delete the downloaded file and readd the same torrent file, the task didn't begin again, new Bug Normal None Set
#6161 Immediately shutdown without sending event stopped new Bug Normal None Set
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