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#5415 Add PCP support for port forwarding new jordan Enhancement Normal 3.00
#5504 Small feature to allow the return key to submit the add torrent form assigned jordan Enhancement Normal 3.00
#5505 Assertion failed: (!tr_peerIsSeed (&msgs->peer)), function tr_peerMsgsCalculateActive new jordan Bug Normal 3.00
#5582 Open button in toolbar should account for URLs reopened Enhancement Normal 3.00
#5682 Significantly increased memory usage over time on Windows new mike.dld Bug Normal 3.00
#5783 Dutch translation for 2.84+ mac version new livings124 Translation Normal 3.00
#5923 Webseeds: patch to address multiple issues new jordan Bug Normal 3.00
#5949 Web UI: allow drag'n'dropping torrent files into the browser assigned mike.dld Enhancement Normal 3.00
#6095 Completion notification is not shown if addition notification is not enabled (Qt) assigned mike.dld Bug Normal 3.00
#6061 Please update Sparkle Update URL reopened mike.dld Bug Normal 2.90
1 2 3 4 5
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