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#6164 `prefetchCount` can become less than zero. new jordan Bug Normal None Set
#6165 "Open Torrent From File" window displays twice for each torrent new jordan Bug Normal None Set
#6167 Broken links on the Wiki new Waldorf Bug Normal None Set
#4565 Other network traffic slows down terribly or stops altogether reopened Bug High None Set
#4785 Bad TOS values for "lowcost" and "lowdelay" socket TOS option new jordan Bug High None Set
#5140 Upload Cap ignored. Speed reported by WebUI invalid new Bug High None Set
#5541 Apple's Voiceover screen reader for the Blind doesn't fully work with Transmission new livings124 Enhancement High None Set
#5813 Building Prerequisites need an update new Waldorf Bug High None Set
#6110 Potential Denial of Service in web.c new jordan Bug High None Set
#6106 Some files are not accepted by transmission new Bug Highest None Set
1 2 3 4 5
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