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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4409 add an implicit "-t" option when adding torrents from transmission-remote new jordan Enhancement Normal None Set
#5691 The GUI-trouble with German localization new livings124 Bug Normal None Set
#5935 Sort torrents by amount of data uploaded new Enhancement Normal None Set
#6000 Double clicking on torrent should open folder. new jordan Enhancement Normal None Set
#6049 session.h (trivial) remove trailing enum comma new Bug Normal None Set
#6131 Recognize -FD peer_id as FDM new Enhancement Normal None Set
#2939 add and remove trackers without supplying the whole list in libT assigned jordan Enhancement Low Sometime
#5287 Local peer discovery opens two connections on dual-stack networks new Bug Low None Set
#5391 Seeders - new jordan Bug Low None Set
#4747 Make file/bandwidth size calculation configurable whether base-10 or base-2 is used new Enhancement Lowest None Set
#5403 Instantaneously update the Growl/Notification Center button in prefs when Growl is launched or quit new livings124 Enhancement Lowest Sometime
#5965 Mass adding of trackers new Enhancement Lowest Sometime
#6096 Enable torcache in the web client new Enhancement Lowest None Set
#6113 transmission-cli man page for -new wrong new Bug Lowest None Set
#6158 QT contextMenu "Sort Torrents By" does not include "Sort By Queue" new jordan Enhancement Lowest None Set
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