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#4785 Bad TOS values for "lowcost" and "lowdelay" socket TOS option new jordan Bug High None Set
#4784 Make transmission-qt's Start All / Pause All buttons work on a global basis. new jordan Enhancement Normal None Set
#4787 Support for auto downloading/updating of multiple blocklists new livings124 Enhancement Normal None Set
#4796 Setting seedRatioLimit to 3.6 sets it to 3.5999 new Bug Normal None Set
#4802 Message Log does not return to auto-scroll (lower) position after a filter search new livings124 Bug Normal None Set
#4819 Stuck on "Announce is queued" after sleep on specific tracker new Bug Normal None Set
#4822 Transition to ARC reopened livings124 Enhancement Normal Sometime
#4834 Progress bar - different color when uploading only. new jordan Enhancement Normal None Set
#4856 Torrent is re-downloaded completely when verification was not finished assigned jordan Bug Normal None Set
#4938 Data destroyed (deleted) when moving! (Reproducible) new Bug Normal None Set
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