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#5385 Add grouping option to libtransmission/web interface assigned jordan Enhancement Normal 3.00
#5399 Can't rename files if the torrent's stopped because a filename is too long new Bug Normal None Set
#5401 Growl 3.0 support new livings124 Enhancement Normal Sometime
#5410 Add file renaming to transmission-remote (daemon) new Enhancement Normal None Set
#5411 RPC "torrent-rename-path" does not allow renaming folders to / (or removing folders). new jordan Enhancement Normal None Set
#5412 Add option to connect over SSL to Qt client new jordan Enhancement Normal None Set
#5415 Add PCP support for port forwarding new jordan Enhancement Normal 3.00
#5391 Seeders - new jordan Bug Low None Set
#5408 Increased priority to "nearly finished" torrents? new Enhancement Low None Set
#5403 Instantaneously update the Growl/Notification Center button in prefs when Growl is launched or quit new livings124 Enhancement Lowest Sometime
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