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#2147 DHT announce status display charles Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.70
#3773 Settings for multi-selected torrents are unclear. mike.dld Bug Normal Qt Client 2.12
#4018 Use octal notation for umask in settings.json gvdl Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.20
#4329 transmission-daemon resets config path after SIGHUP mike.dld Bug Normal Daemon 2.31
#4348 Disable options dialog only for automatically added torrents jordan Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 2.32
#4856 Torrent is re-downloaded completely when verification was not finished jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.50
#4890 Populate the application menu in GNOME 3 jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.51
#5608 File renaming in torrent properties mike.dld Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.82
#5641 Transmission-gtk (show a notification when torrents are added not working) mike.dld Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.82
#5894 Content Security Policy for WebUI mike.dld Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.84
#4220 should preserve state of tree view in files tab jordan Enhancement Low GTK+ Client 2.22

Status: new (89 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#5844 Download dir set to previous one Bug Highest Transmission 2.84+
#6106 Some files are not accepted by transmission Bug Highest Transmission 2.92
#4785 Bad TOS values for "lowcost" and "lowdelay" socket TOS option jordan Bug High libtransmission 2.50
#5140 Upload Cap ignored. Speed reported by WebUI invalid Bug High Daemon 2.73
#5507 Perpetual "torrent metadata needed" for magnet URL torrents Bug High Transmission 2.82+
#5541 Apple's Voiceover screen reader for the Blind doesn't fully work with Transmission livings124 Enhancement High Mac Client 2.82
#5662 Add a check for iconv and conditionally link it Bug High Transmission 2.82
#5689 Torrents idle for minutes after being added Bug High Transmission 2.82
#5813 Building Prerequisites need an update Waldorf Bug High Wiki 2.84
#5826 automake zlib configuration check is broken in FreeBSD Bug High Transmission 2.84+
#6110 Potential Denial of Service in web.c jordan Bug High libtransmission 2.92
#6133 Suspicious getMaxAtomCount() behavior jordan Bug High libtransmission 2.92
#327 Proposal of a new auto bad-block detection Enhancement Normal libtransmission 0.80
#1494 Web Interface should support max speed per torrent kjg Enhancement Normal Web Client 1.40
#2236 transmission-remote over IPv6 charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.71
#2461 Add TEX support (BEP #28) charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.75
#2807 Req: "assign group to new transfers" based on torrent size livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 1.82
#2870 RPC doesn't throw errors Bug Normal Daemon 1.83
#3180 IPv6 Blocklist Support charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.92
#3612 move files after seeding completes Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.10
#3652 Allow editing tracker list in the webinterface kjg Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.11
#3685 Don't use a notification area icon in GNOME 3 charles Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 2.11
#3750 Add peer in Peers List or Fixed peer list Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.12
#3780 "Announce Updating..." when a private network goes down saggy00 Bug Normal Daemon 2.12
#3846 torrent check should also validate rename-partial-files jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.13
#4034 Adding new torrents when an old one is verifying leaves them queued to verify even if the files they download don't exist Bug Normal Transmission 2.21
#4059 Change "Move Torrent" to move directory location if it's a directory Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.20
#4061 'Time Elapsed' Is Incorrect rwb Bug Normal Transmission 2.21
#4144 Support for BEP 17 (Client-Side Support for Script Controlled HTTP Seeding) jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission
#4243 transmission-remote priority settings should behave same as rpc spec Enhancement Normal Daemon 2.22
#4262 Delete individual files Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.31
#4327 Could not connect to tracker when IPv6 binding have not a Global scope Bug Normal Transmission 2.31
#4403 OS X Sandboxing livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 2.33
#4409 add an implicit "-t" option when adding torrents from transmission-remote jordan Enhancement Normal Utils 2.33
#4453 add option for seedIdleLimit in transmission-remote Enhancement Normal CLI 2.33
#4487 make transmission.h match rpc-spec.txt jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.33
#4534 transmission appears not to present torrent list to gtk for use with gnome-orca jordan Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 2.33
#4558 Upload speed reported by tray icon is larger than expected Bug Normal Transmission 2.41
#4577 transmission-remote is not able to change torrent queue positions Enhancement Normal Daemon 2.41
#4617 Transmission doesn't queue just finished downloads jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.84+
#4629 Drag and drop tier organisation livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 2.42
#4634 Inspector: In addition to display the total amount of file & data of a torrent, also display how many files & data are selected (makes sense in multi file torrents) livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 2.42
#4670 HTTPS Support in Web Client Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.42
#4679 remap port using UPnP or NAT-PMP when machine network connections change Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42
#4691 Deleting local data doesn't work when disk is full jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.42
#4702 Port Check server misconfigured titer Bug Normal Website 2.42
#4715 [regression] Cannot run more than once instance of transmission-gtk or transmission-daemon on the same machine at the same time Bug Normal Transmission 2.42
#4716 Display wrong download speed jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.42
#4753 Transmission doesn't escape/replace illegal characters for file/directory names jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.42+
#4763 Remember filter status jordan Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 2.42
#4782 More detailed progressbars jordan Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 2.33
#4784 Make transmission-qt's Start All / Pause All buttons work on a global basis. jordan Enhancement Normal Qt Client 2.50
#4787 Support for auto downloading/updating of multiple blocklists livings124 Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.50
#4796 Setting seedRatioLimit to 3.6 sets it to 3.5999 Bug Normal Daemon 2.50
#4802 Message Log does not return to auto-scroll (lower) position after a filter search livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.50
#4808 Make it possible to choose what files to download after getting magnet metadata Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.42
#4812 Remember previously used trackers on torrent creation jordan Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 2.33
#4819 Stuck on "Announce is queued" after sleep on specific tracker Bug Normal Transmission 2.50
#4830 WebGUI Header not sticky on iPhone Bug Normal Web Client 2.42
#4834 Progress bar - different color when uploading only. jordan Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 2.50
#4860 Torrent data corrupt when continuing after disk full error Bug Normal Daemon 2.33
#4876 "Web Seeds" field is not displayed in the Web Client Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.51
#4938 Data destroyed (deleted) when moving! (Reproducible) Bug Normal Daemon 2.50
#4939 Access Growl from preferences livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 2.52
#4946 Watch Folder subfolders determine completed torrent folder tree. MegapipeLightbridge Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.52
#4962 Web client: display total seeding time with torrent details Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.60
#4971 Mismatch Torrent Title and associated bar Bug Normal Web Client 2.60
#4974 Implement BEP 34: DNS Tracker Preferences Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.60
#4982 adding torrent with data AND torrent done script moves data Bug Normal Transmission 2.52
#4995 Compile with --disable-nls still fails on intltoolize. Bug Normal Transmission 2.61
#5003 statusbar:filter does not reset results after deleting last filtered torrent Bug Normal Web Client 2.61
#5006 Possibility to remove torrent data by using toolbar Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.60
#5011 Possible to include preserved "Sort Transfer By" order state? Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.61
#5016 Protocol enhancement to support SSL/TLS on peer connections jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.61
#5019 Add function to prevent changing option from web/rpc Enhancement Normal Daemon 2.61
#5024 IPv6: Support UPnP WANIPv6FirewallControl (and NAT-PMP equalent?) Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.61
#5027 Disable temporary speed limits when idle Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.61
#5028 GTK client has completely locked up during network outage. jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.61+
#5071 port closed and traderden issue Bug Normal Transmission 2.71
#5092 Transmission sends a 'stopped' event when pausing a torrent queued (but not running) via RPC Bug Normal Transmission 2.71
#5114 Permission denied error if new torrents added and the default set directories are on a disconected Ext-HDD livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.73
#5115 Shared Settings mike.dld Bug Normal Qt Client 2.73
#5125 Transmission on OS X: Download/Upload speeds increase indefinitely jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.73
#5161 Unable to save resume file: Too many open files Bug Normal Daemon 2.73
#5187 NAT-PMP does not open UDP Port. Bug Normal Transmission 2.75
#5217 Add support for WebSocket protocol jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.76
#5222 makemeta should ensure filenames are encoded in UTF-8 jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.76
#5232 Centos 6.3 Build Error: "conflicting types for ‘UTP_Write’" jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.76
#5237 Haiku support Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.76
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