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#532 Collect unwanted, but received, blocks in a separate file charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.03
#1753 worker disk IO thread to ease the load in the libtransmission/libevent thread charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.42
#2175 support torrent tagging charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.70
#2910 Treat peers with same IP address but different port as different peers gvdl Bug Normal libtransmission 1.83
#2997 Auto-calculate upload slots per torrent charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.91
#3363 MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_SECOND should be replaced with a non-constant charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.00
#3375 transmission-remote no longer operates properly when adding multiple torrents charles Bug Normal Daemon 2.00
#3417 transmission-remote fails to delete torrent file after adding when --trash-torrent is enabled charles Bug Normal Daemon 2.01
#3432 Let the daemon's log file be set in settings.json charles Enhancement Normal Daemon 2.01
#3684 Incomplete torrents location mismatch charles Bug Normal Daemon 2.11
#4054 Retain Finder Labels when using "Move Data File to..." jordan Bug Normal Mac Client 2.20
#4166 Set Location doesn't detect/remember the right choice jordan Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 2.05
#4196 Should ignore one address of peer if reachable via both IPv4 and IPv6 jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.22
#4476 Android patch for libtransmission jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.33
#4518 mark appropriate fields in prefs as html5 number fields mike.dld Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.33
#4645 transmission-create should support web seeds jordan Enhancement Normal Utils 2.42
#2721 When a magnet link has yet to receive its torrent data, adding a torrent file of it should add its data charles Enhancement Low Transmission 1.80
#2939 add and remove trackers without supplying the whole list in libT jordan Enhancement Low libtransmission 1.90
#3276 Make the RPC arguments' naming scheme internally consistent charles Enhancement Low Transmission 1.93
#4141 transmission-show --scrape option not working with udp trackers jordan Bug Low Utils 2.30
#4651 An option to change numwant jordan Enhancement Low libtransmission 2.42
#5462 Use CommonCrypto instead of OpenSSL in libtransmission on OS X mike.dld Enhancement Low libtransmission 2.82

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1248 gnome session termination isn't handled properly charles Enhancement Normal GTK+ Client 1.33
#1731 IPv6 does not work against dual-stacked trackers jhujhiti Bug Normal libtransmission 1.50
#2790 When opening a torrent that is already being downloaded, offer option to merge tracker lists livings124 Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.80
#3811 More than one watch directory Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.12
#3850 Better tracker list editing in Qt charles Enhancement Normal Qt Client 2.11
#3854 Start All after Pause All starts Finished torrents, setting "Seed regardless of ratio" is enforced charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.13
#3872 Ability to add or remove webseed sources to or from a torrent Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.13
#4805 No Search Option on Mobile Device Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.42
#5401 Growl 3.0 support livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 2.80
#5596 Don't include hash in shared torrent file's name livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.82+
#5627 updating tracker list in bulk livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 2.84+
#5683 Execution of custom script to modify the torrent *before* it is loaded. Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.82
#5752 seed-queue-size setting sometimes is not respected Bug Normal Transmission 2.83+
#5975 port forward to bind-address Bug Normal Daemon 2.84+
#1691 support super-seeding "Suggest Piece" (BEP #6) apetresc Enhancement Low libtransmission 1.42
#4146 Make announcer / web code more modular jordan Enhancement Low libtransmission 2.22
#5313 RPC priotity setting ignores non-existing files Bug Low Daemon 2.77
#4734 Open the remote access port with NAT-PMP/UPnP Enhancement Lowest Transmission
#5403 Instantaneously update the Growl/Notification Center button in prefs when Growl is launched or quit livings124 Enhancement Lowest Mac Client 2.80
#5965 Mass adding of trackers Enhancement Lowest Transmission 2.84

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#4822 Transition to ARC livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 2.50
#4688 Lion: Number badge when dragging rows livings124 Enhancement Low Mac Client 2.42
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