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#1483 New feature: a directory to store incomplete downloads charles Enhancement Normal 1.40 Normal
#2096 Magnet links - Extension for Peers to Send Metadata Files (BEP #9) charles Enhancement High 1.61 Normal
#2110 Allow adding torrent files with no trackers charles Enhancement Normal 1.70 Normal
#2421 Build fails on Mac OS X if special characters are in project path livings124 Defect Low 1.75 Minor
#2478 add first-time user dialog to follow suggestions from the draft "Informed P2P User Act" charles Enhancement Normal 1.75 Minor
#2490 gtk, qt clients' Details dialog doesn't show ETA anymore charles Enhancement Normal 1.75 Normal
#2576 IPv6 support for the DHT (BEP-32) jch Enhancement High 1.76 Normal
#2579 Make a logging message more informative charles Enhancement Normal 1.76 Normal
#2585 Enabling DHT causes a high CPU load charles Bug High 1.75 Major
#2592 The "swarm speed" field should be removed because it's not used for anything and is inherently inaccurate livings124 Bug Normal 1.76 Normal
#2625 Ability to create a magnet link charles Enhancement Normal 1.76 Normal
#2629 Associate Transmission with magnet links charles Enhancement Low 1.76 Trivial
#2657 dht-0.12 is out charles Enhancement Normal 1.76 Trivial
#2674 Do not put the .svn directories to released tar file charles Bug Normal 1.76 Minor
#2715 scheduled speed limit doesn't recognize 8am to 2am as a limit Bug Normal 1.76 Normal
#2749 Source code needs to be compiled with -D_REENTRANT charles Defect Normal 1.70 Normal
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