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#757 Group specific location settings livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.06 Normal
#1202 While verifying, content of main window scrolls without user interaction livings124 Bug Normal 1.32 Normal
#1233 Verifying torrents causes "Inactive Memory" to grow livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.33 Normal
#1326 Filtering files list livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.34 Minor
#1395 Bonjour Web Interface Advertising livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.34 Normal
#1529 move Groups management to the preferences livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.40 Normal
#1536 Speed Limit Rollover information livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.40 Normal
#1575 Auto-select a group for new torrents according to criteria for each group livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.40 Normal
#1626 Group Rules: NSPredicateEditor allows more criteria, compound nesting mode. Enhancement Normal 1.41 Normal
#1668 Groups: filter torrents by evalutating a multivalue property livings124 Bug Normal 1.42+ Normal
#1921 Selected collapsed groups do not pause/resume together livings124 Bug Normal 1.51 Normal
#1415 Torrent list scrolls to top when clicking on a torrent's pause/resume icon livings124 Bug Low 1.40 Trivial
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