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#2001 move option for a folder should only move the torrent's file livings124 Bug Normal 1.52 Normal
#2369 QuickLook on 10.6 livings124 Bug Normal 1.74 Normal
#2371 Reserve Action Menu for items in the inspector ("Move Data File To..." goes to context menu) livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.74 Minor
#2436 Display favicons for trackers in tracker info tab livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.75 Minor
#2458 Command-C to copy addresses in tracker inspector tab livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.75 Normal
#2470 Pasting an address (or list of addresses) into the tracker list should add those trackers livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.75 Normal
#2624 Message Log's level filter should act as an actual filter, and all messages should be stored livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.76 Normal
#2686 Do not cache torrents added by url livings124 Bug Normal 1.76 Minor
#2100 Crash when deleting multiple (active) torrents livings124 Bug Low 1.61 Normal
#2370 reveal in Finder for multiple items livings124 Bug Low 1.74 Minor
#2398 Check if save path exists before generating torrent file livings124 Bug Low 1.74 Normal
#2504 Tracker errors on multi-tracker torrents cause queue jumping livings124 Bug Low 1.75 Minor
#2566 Torrents appear twice on the interface livings124 Bug Low 1.76 Minor
#2594 Make all inspector fields selectable livings124 Enhancement Low 1.76 Minor
#2662 On some localizations, "Quitting" badged on the dock is cut off livings124 Bug Low 1.76 Minor
#2680 "Group Name" cleared after choosing "Custom location" livings124 Bug Low 1.76 Minor
#2689 Priority doesn't gray out on 100% when the file is of size 0 livings124 Bug Low 1.76 Normal
#2396 Move Donation Submenu livings124 Enhancement Lowest 1.74 Trivial
#2503 When sorting by state, separate queued transfers from paused transfers livings124 Enhancement Lowest 1.75 Minor
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