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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#530 Port mapping broken in 0.95 on Leopard!!! Bug High 0.95 Major
#553 cache errors keeping a torrent from starting Bug High 1.02+ Normal
#296 Multiple downloads in the same folder somebody Bug Normal 0.80 Normal
#311 overall statistics charles Enhancement Normal 0.80 Normal
#378 use {get,set}rlimit to deal with open file limits charles Bug Normal 1.02+ Normal
#456 small help update somebody Bug Normal 0.92 Normal
#534 libpthread compile error Bug Normal 0.95 Normal
#542 Certain .torrent files cannot be used with Transmission Bug Normal 0.96 Normal
#564 name of binary (transmission-cli) does not match manpage and source Bug Normal 0.96 Normal
#524 print version on the command line with --version or -v tiennou Enhancement Low 0.94 Trivial
#527 source tarball contains .svn directories Bug Lowest 0.95 Trivial
#528 some license issues Enhancement Lowest 0.95 Trivial

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#523 crashes with -h or --help , and similarly with random command options. tiennou Bug Normal 1.02+ Minor
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