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#1157 Random port Enhancement Normal 1.32 Normal
#1276 encrypt the password to access web client interface using SHA-2 charles Enhancement Normal 1.33 Normal
#1522 Allow setting up & down limits from main window charles Enhancement Normal 1.40 Normal
#1679 Schedule Speed Limit mode based on days, not just time. livings124 Enhancement Normal 1.42 Normal
#1787 Add support for seeding ratio limiting in libtransmission charles Enhancement Normal 1.42 Normal
#1881 Displayed ratio should be truncated, not rounded livings124 Bug Normal 1.51 Minor
#1889 Option to specify if transfers honor the global bandwidth limits charles Enhancement Normal 1.51 Normal
#1943 Apply priority to torrents Enhancement Normal 1.51 Normal
#1950 Add off-peak hour bandwidth limiting to libtransmission, rpc Enhancement Normal 1.51 Normal
#2019 HiG: "When there is no interesting status to report, leave a status bar panel blank" charles Enhancement Normal 1.52 Minor
#1502 Details' Addresses should "sort -n" charles Enhancement Lowest 1.34 Trivial
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