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#430 Torrent 'recovery' after crash or version upgrade resumes at signicantly lower completion percentage. charles Bug Highest libtransmission 0.95
#437 port forwarding broken somebody Bug High Transmission 0.91
#389 config.status: error: po/Makefile is not ready. somebody Bug Normal GTK+ Client 0.82+
#431 Large file support broken under Linux (Gentoo) with fix charles Bug Normal libtransmission 0.95
#432 tr_close() needs to timeout after 5 seconds somebody Bug Normal Transmission 0.91
#435 Dates in Inspector unreadable Bug Normal GTK+ Client 0.91
#441 small memory leak 1 Bug Normal libtransmission 0.95
#442 small memory leak 2 Bug Normal libtransmission 0.95
#423 Leopard time machine livings124 Enhancement Lowest Mac Client 0.90
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