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#2028 fixed transmission-remote's exit code should be nonzero on failure adurity gaa

It is a common practice to return non-zero exit code if command execution was failed.

Test 1:

$ transmission-remote torrenthost -n $user:$passwd -a /tmp/nonexistent-file torrenthost:9091 responded: "invalid or corrupt torrent file" $ echo $? 0

Expected results:

Exit code is non-zero

Actual results:

Exit code is zero

Test 2:

$ transmission-remote torrenthost -n $user:$passwd -a tmp/nonexistent-file responded: "success" $ echo $? 0


OK, exit code is zero

#3042 fixed Can't do context menu actions with multi entries in web interface albb0920 albb0920

As title. I upgrade my transmission these days and I found this problem in the latest version. When I multi-select entries and right click, every entries except the first one will become unselected. I tried comment out line 308 of transmission.js

tr.setSelectedTorrent( $('.t orrent')[0]._torrent, true );

and the problem is fixed. So I'm wondering this is a Bug or a feature. XD

#3736 duplicate adding multiple .torrent files and setting preferences to trash torrent file after loading... anicake anicake

setting the preferences to trashing the .torrent files after adding them to the queue works well only for a single .torrent file. if one has downloaded multiple .torrent files for the same torrent data:

  1. The trackers from all the files need to be added to the tracker list.
  2. All the .torrent files from which trackers have been added need to be trashed.
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