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#879 wontfix [PATCH] fix segfault if tracker is freed immediately after starting a torrent charles 09BKyfYz0mi3WBjXLUV1VWo

I use libtransmission in another project of mine and I'd like to use torrentfiles not containing trackers (well, containing fake-trackers, as parsing a torrentfile without proper announce headers is not supported by libtransmission as far as I could see that when reading the source) and supply my own peers.

Doing this, I noticed that libtransmission segfaults (at least) when starting/stopping torrents because it doesn't check the ->tracker-pointer to be not NULL. I've attached a patch which adds these checks.

#887 wontfix Encryption Callback? 09BKyfYz0mi3WBjXLUV1VWo

As libtransmission does not support encryption for the data itself (as far as I could determine that by reading the source, if I'm wrong, please correct me), I'd like to handle the encryption by myself (using libtransmission in my own project) using a callback function.

Could you implement an appropriate callback-function which is called when a block arrives/is sent?

#896 fixed Minor bug: debugging output always goes to stderr charles 09BKyfYz0mi3WBjXLUV1VWo

See title, see attached patch - really minor.

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