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#1 fixed Displaying file icon in table view causes large CPU increase somebody mark+transmission@…

In builds from SVN prior to [56] I was seeing around 8% CPU usage with a dozen or so torrents downloading. After updating today I noticed that Transmission was sitting at around 25% CPU. After investigating with Shark I noticed that a large amount of time was being spent inside -[NSImage drawAtPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction:] inside -[NameCell drawWithFrame:inView:]. This appears to be due to the images being drawn are autoreleased and thus end up being reallocated the next time the UI is drawn. This defeats NSImage's built in caching mechanisms and leads to substantially slower redraws.

An experiment in having NameCell maintain a cache of NSImage's keyed off the file path resulted in the CPU usage dropping back closer to previous levels. I will submit a patch based on this once I have a chance to clean it up.

#2 fixed Swedish translation johan Johan

I'd chip in on this if i had some pointers on where to start.

#3 fixed DL's above 1000 KB/s (1mb/s) strips text somebody Johan

When downloading in speeds above 1000kb/s (ain't swedish broadband just swell) the s in KB/s gets stripped. Version is 0.7. Guess i should try the latest nightly before posting this but one i tried some week ago didn't work at all.

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