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#6079 fixed XCode Project does not handle spaces in paths mike.dld oarfish

When I check out the source to my second hard drive (named Macintosh HD), I cannot compile with XCode. I get errors such as these

        export variant=normal
    /bin/sh -c /Users/Rasmus/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Transmission-cnqpcruvepjokqeqcpoczdlkyrin/Build/Intermediates/

Detected OS [Darwin] version [14.5.0]
cat: /Volumes/Macintosh: No such file or directory
cat: HD/Users/Rasmus/Downloads/Sources/Transmission/third-party/miniupnp/VERSION: No such file or directory

Apparently because somewhere, Variables are not properly quoted. I tried to find the offending substitutions in the target miniupnp, but quoting the $(SRCROOT) var did not help.

I am surprised that this problem exists given that Macintosh HD is (used to?) be the standard name for the primary drive.

#6078 fixed Clicking on notification only sets the highlight of the torrent, does not display it. mike.dld CyberSkull

Clicking on a notification in OS X only sets the highlight of the torrent in question instead of directly displaying it. It does not open the window to show the torrent or scroll to it.

Clicking on the notification should do the following:

  1. Open the main Transmission window.
  2. Highlight the torrent in question.
  3. Scroll to the torrent (if not in view).
#6077 fixed missing blocklist-update in transmission-remote man mike.dld senzie

Subject. blocklist-url setting was very confusing, until I found this page

Problem is in ubuntu official package for 14.4, at least.

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