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#6076 invalid No password asked leoheck

I am running the transmission on my WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 NAS. This is a very good feature which I installed it from the NAS interface. The transmission version is 1.06. Are there any other newer versions of it for this NAS?

Well, It is really nice but it don't ask for any credentials to access is page. This becomes dangerous when it is accessed from the internet. How can I change this? I don't know if this is a bug, but I didn't found any way to enable a login by default.

#6074 invalid Waiting to check existing data Grumpyboots

0k, I have been using Transmission for a very long time, like more than 5 years I think, and it is great. I have noticed that since last night or maybe the day before I have come across a glitch that is annoying me greatly and hindering my downloading.

Here is the order of operations that are causing the problem.

I use Automatic to download links to torrents, and it has been working flawlessly for the most part for 3 years now, now I'm not sure why, but i am noticing that as a torrent is being auto loaded into Transmission, instead of grabbing metadata and downloading, it just seems to grab the metadata and then sit there saying "Waiting to check existing data" of which there should be none being a fresh download. it just waits forever.

The only way I can get it to start is by Pausing, and then resuming. It then starts to find peers and everything seems happy. The download finishes up like it has for years past.

I don't ever update Transmission, I think that it must do it automagicly somehow. I am running 2.84 (14306).

I don't know if there is something that I can post, as there is no crash to speak of, just this hangup.

if there IS something that I can post, please just ask and I will post it, i'd like to see this fixed asap...

Any Ideas?

#6072 invalid Hungarian translation parameter problem jordan T-bond

There is a wrong parameter in one of the hungarian translation, at the 2175. line, which translates ,Downloading from %1 of %n connected peer(s)" to ,Letöltés %1 (a %2-bő‘l) partnertő‘l" The second parameter (%2) should be %n.
Also it would be much correct:
,Letöltés %1 partnertől (%n elérhető)"

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