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#499 [0.94ß] Crash while checking somebody Bug Normal Transmission 0.93
#1739 1.50b[1,2] dump poorly-performing peers even when we don't have candidates to replace them charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.42+
#371 3272 crash during seeding somebody Bug Normal Transmission 0.82+
#863 5585 build fail (osx - libtransmission/transmission.c missing) charles Bug Normal Mac Client 1.11
#3071 Add bittorrent for MemUp LX Media John Clay Enhancement Low Website 1.92
#3247 Add blocklist support for the pipfilter file format charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.93
#1661 Adding group autosort does not work for certain groups livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.42+
#4993 Add Set Location on WebUI Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.61
#3930 "Add URL" - Auto-copy links from the clipboard [patch] jordan Enhancement Normal Qt Client 2.13
#2727 All my peers disappeared after upgrading from 1.80b3 to 1.80b4 livings124 Bug Normal Transmission Other
#4386 Allow Custom URL Prefix for Web Client When Used Behind Proxy Enhancement Normal Web Client 2.33
#314 An error in the option panel in italian translation livings124 Translation Low Mac Client 0.82+
#1042 Announce allowed: Never charles Bug Normal Transmission 1.22
#5925 (/Applications/ has no CFBundleVersion! This attribute is required. titer Bug High Mac Client 2.84+
#321 Automatic Release DMG Creation For OSX & Separate Development and Release Xcode Build Configs [Patch] somebody Enhancement Normal Transmission 0.82+
#285 Beachball when downloading to Samba Share somebody Bug Normal Transmission 0.82+
#878 Brazilian Portuguese Translations of Transmission 1.10 charles Translation Normal GTK+ Client 1.10
#1651 Build 7567 Hanging charles Bug Normal libtransmission 1.42+
#1689 build errors charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.42+
#3461 Build instructions for Qt Client on OS X charles Enhancement Normal Qt Client 2.03
#5591's trunk-mac builds are broken: "Xcode is too old to read this arch" John Clay Bug Normal Website 2.82
#5009 Change in Wiki page FileTooLarge Waldorf Enhancement Lowest Wiki 2.61
#1774 Clicking Help in Preferences page opens 404 page charles Bug Normal Website 1.42+
#1390 Clutch preferences show wrong speed limits Gimp Bug Normal Web Client 1.34
#1184 Clutch prefs dialog shuffle Gimp Enhancement Low Web Client 1.32
#5413 Compilation errors Bug Normal Transmission 2.80+
#3024 Complete system failure with 2+ torrents. Mac client livings124 Bug Normal Transmission 1.91
#640 console error when selecting torrent / OS X livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.02+
#606 Crash after opening torrent trough dialog v4568 livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.02+
#444 Crash during download, 0.91+ (3688)... somebody Bug Normal Transmission 0.95
#2428 Crash in TorrentTableView livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.75+
#5577 Crash on quit (Mac OS X) livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 2.82
#1293 Crash on startup due to passing uninitialized rectangle to [View initWithFrame:] (6793) livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.34
#3019 Crash when changing file priority. charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#1684 Crash when downloading a file that's got the same name as an existing directory Bug High Transmission 1.42
#2460 Crash when modifying a .torrent's trackers. charles Bug Normal libtransmission 1.75+
#1156 Crash when removing a torrent through web interface livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.32
#2722 crash when removing/modifying trackers charles Bug Normal libtransmission 1.76+
#3201 Crash when uploading a torrent file via web ui on a DNS-323 Bug Normal Transmission 1.93
#365 Crash while resizing columns of Peers tab in inspector somebody Bug Normal Mac Client 0.82+
#1286 "creation of (filename) torrent failed" Bug Normal Transmission 1.42
#1288 Daemon 1.34+ (6793) not responding via RPC at all on FreeBSD7.0 charles Bug Normal Daemon 1.34
#3196 Daemon hangs on ARM based NAS Bug Normal Daemon 1.93
#4007 daemon stops updating tracker with upload/download messages Bug Normal Transmission 2.20
#5490 daemon won't compile on Windows jordan Bug Normal libtransmission 2.82+
#1319 DEFLATE compression issue charles Bug Normal Daemon 1.34
#1050 Details view crashes Transmission (on Fedora Core 4, so not urgent) charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.22
#4029 Dht bootstrap nodes dodgy. John Clay Bug Normal Website 2.20
#366 Dialog box blocks scheduled Speed Limit livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 0.82
#375 Disk space error does not take already reserved space into account livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 0.82
#495 Don't color the availability bar red if paused (IRC) somebody Enhancement Normal Mac Client 0.95
#2572 Don't send empty dictionaries when PEXing charles Enhancement Normal libtransmission 1.76
#1040 Download text should match bar charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.22
#1338 EMSGSIZE and EPROTO not found on Windows charles Bug Normal libtransmission
#457 Entering locale specific float causes T to beep tiennou Bug Low Mac Client 0.95
#1640 error message should distinguish between wrong permissions and missing directories Gimp Enhancement Normal Web Client 1.42+
#2219 Extraneous .svn directories in release tarball Bug Normal Transmission 1.71
#4900 failed build with ccache Bug Normal Transmission 2.51
#4164 __FD_SETSIZE impact on open-file-limit and peer-limit-global jordan Enhancement Normal libtransmission 2.03
#329 Files greater than 4 GB are truncated when being written somebody Bug Normal Transmission 0.82+
#584 Filter Bar truncation livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.00
#990 Finish hooking up DSCP as a hidden preference on Mac client livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 1.21
#892 Focus Information Window when it pops up (Mac version) livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 1.11
#6166 Forum login broken Bug Normal Website 2.92
#2521 Garbled messages from trac titer Bug Low Wiki
#5694 Gatekeeper - Invalid Developer Certificate livings124 Bug Highest Mac Client 2.83
#761 gdk issue with composition on Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.06
#507 getaddrinfo: console warning charles Bug Normal libtransmission 0.95
#1328 Grammatical error in Dutch localization. livings124 Translation Low Mac Client 1.34
#4325 GTK+ client's docs are out-of-date John Clay Bug Low Website 2.31
#4653 GTK+ client translations are not up to date jordan Bug Normal GTK+ Client 2.42
#1607 GUI Freeze after few minutes Bug High Transmission 1.41
#465 Handle drag and drop properly livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 0.92
#1236 Hang on launch of r6651 Bug Normal Transmission 1.33
#392 help update somebody Bug Lowest Transmission 0.82+
#1127 help update Enhancement Normal Transmission 1.30+
#1463 HTTPS tracker doesn't work in 1.40 charles Bug High libtransmission 1.40
#5648 I am flagged as a spammer but I am not John Clay Bug Normal Website
#1125 If a torrent has 0% completed, the progressbar is 1 pixel long Gimp Bug Low Web Client 1.22
#4027 Ignore debian packaging autogenerated files, quilt working dir and small .gitignore fix jordan Enhancement Normal Utils 2.21
#4377 Incomplete Folder removed when sub-folder of Default Location Bug Normal Transmission 2.33
#1674 Inconsistency in init.d script in the wiki Waldorf Bug Normal Wiki 1.42
#1891 Incorrect Ratio (1,00) for all torrents on 1.51+ (Mac - 8025) Bug Normal Mac Client 1.51+
#2509 Inspector doesn't show tracker URL kjg Bug Normal Web Client 1.75+
#446 intltool version isn't detected correct somebody Bug High Transmission 0.91
#420 Issue when dragging files above main window somebody Bug Normal Mac Client 0.95
#1006 Lead Developers address incorrect, TRAC mail broken livings124 Bug Normal Transmission 1.21
#2174 Link to openSUSE binaries on website John Clay Enhancement Normal Website
#728 List all trackers in trackers tab livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client
#404 Localize folder names in the preferences dialog livings124 Enhancement Normal Mac Client 0.82+
#2533 Main window popup causes hang livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 1.76+
#5769 make binary prefix sizes optional Enhancement Normal Transmission 2.84
#1727 Missing component charles Bug High Wiki
#1638 Missing GTK online help charles Bug Normal GTK+ Client 1.42
#1470 Missing help-page for preferences charles Bug Low GTK+ Client 1.40
#335 missing include in peer-mgr.c in encryption branch Bug Normal libtransmission 0.82+
#4315 Missing uTP state in wiki - peer status text Waldorf Bug Lowest Wiki 2.31
#382 move data location without it existing livings124 Bug Normal Mac Client 0.82+
#2098 New 1.61 compatible complete and move script Waldorf Enhancement Normal Wiki 1.61
#1903 Nightly svn tarball is out of date. Labeled 8040 but builds 7894. charles Bug Normal Website 1.51+
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